Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                              Art Gallery  10





You, the most humble, courageous and strong, are beyond all states of being.  Our true blessings are with You.  To the  extent our lower consciousness is sobered, purified and raised by meditating on You, we are realizing the Omnipresence of Your Perfect Peace and our most intimate, eternal, relationship with it.



You are the Divine Principle within and beyond this consciousness and that of all sentient beings. Although perfectly Still, Quiet, You are Most Effective. You motivate, pervade and transcend the major ignorances of self that the lower consciousness struggles to eradicate by fixing the mind  on You.


  As a result of always thinking of You, we are realizing  the importance of remaining consciously one with Your Perfect Peace in all the vicissitudes of life.  Thus, we are of liberating our lower consciousness from the contaminating, entangling influences of the illusory energy.



You, The Supreme Intelligence of all, are the Source of all monarchs, paupers, and virtues too. The sages say what You want them to.  Beyond uncreated, created, and any other dualities, You are the Most Selfless, beyond all traces of ego and vanity.

  There is never a time when You are not here.  Beyond all illusions such as young, old, time, space, thinking, feeling, willing, doing, and all the temporary worlds of sufferings and joys, You exist in the eternality of now.




You are the indestructible to whom all our art, prayers, studies, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation is offered.  You, the Source of the I, beyond whom there is no other I, are within and beyond all thoughts and worlds.  You pervade and transcend all.


 You are our ancestor, mother, father, friend, sibling, greatest guide and teacher. When we engage the mind in art that helps us think of You, we gradually transcend Your illusory energy, the almost inescapable network of suffering that is also known as the illusory worlds.



The illusory worlds are places of  spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical suffering where the hallucination of repeated birth and death are taking place.  Always thinking of You is the strong comforter and deliverer from the temporary worlds of suffering.



Art that helps us Meditate on You, lifts us out of the otherwise inescapable ocean of illusion which is filled with the suffering of birth, growth, issuance of by products, old age, disease, death, and rebirth.   



You are the source of the Universe who pervades and transcends the most miserly, and the biggest heart.  Gradually, by constant practice with  patience and determination, we enter Your perfect Peace which is our own Ground of Being.



Thank You for showing us practical, sober, ways of relaxing and worshiping You by fixing our mind on You.  In this way we attune our lower, intoxicated awareness with the sobriety of Your grace and mercy. Gradually, we overcome egoistic pride and other disorders of consciousness.



Thank You for helping us remember You.  This purifies our consciousness and empowers us to be a force of unity.  Additionally, we unfold our natural the capacity for recognizing, respecting, and being a real blessing to all sentient beings.