Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


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As a result of having art that reminds us of You, our devotion of purpose is always increasing.  Moreover, we are learning how to remain consciously one with Your Perfect Peace, detached from all the joys and sorrows of  life in the temporary worlds of illusion.





As our lower consciousness is purified and raised by fixing our mind on You, we realize that the power of Your association is the foundation of excellent health, the source of good nutrition, the fire of good  digestion, the energy of circulation, and the strength of immunity from spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical disease. 




In fact, all virtues come forth naturally, they are already here, it is the nature of the self.  It manifests as our lower consciousness is purified and cleared of all clouds of ignorance.



You are the Eternal, infinite witness of all phenomenon, including the phenomenon of witnessing.  Our art helps to mold our lives in  such a way that we always think of You.This is part of the total process of lower consciousness purification.  It raises and restores to this life the light that we are before the very foundation being.  Thank You for showing us how to worship You, the Highest, Most Powerful, the Root and Ground of all being, through our art. 


By worshiping You through our art our consciousness is purified and our life is gradually infused with more love and devotion for You.    Serving You with ever increasing love and devotion in all we do, allows us to see that You are the only Truth, all else is illusion. Moreover, we see that all living beings reside in You.  So, through serving and loving You, we serve and love all.

     Our art helps control our thoughts and focus our minds on You.  May this art continue to sober us up to our eternal position of  infinite bliss and knowledge.  We are all one in You.



  All praise to You,You are the One, the greatest simplicity.  You are Supreme Consciousness, The Fountainhead of all consciousness.  Thank you for teaching us how to fix our mind on You, and thus clean impurities from our lower levels of consciousness.



  You are the unity and stability, the salvation, which pervades and transcends the diversity and turmoil of the material world. Thank You for teaching us how to use art to help us keep our mind fixed on You.  As a result of the purification that returns as a result of thinking of You, we are realizing You.          



You are The One Complete Whole, pervading and transcending all sentient beings.  Our art helps us to realize our complete wholeness in the eternality of  You. 


Our art gives us a small glimpse into Your infinite beauty and boundless blessings in the midst of the temporary worlds of illusion.  Thank You for teaching us our real needs, how to  really take care of our selves, and how bring forth our greatest Self, Supreme Awareness.




Surrendering everything to You gradually merges individual consciousness with universal consciousness, universal consciousness with cosmic consciousness, and cosmic consciousness with You,  Divine Consciousness,  The Source of all consciousness.


 Thank You for teaching us how to unfold a clean heart and a righteous spirit by using our arts to aid us in concentrating on You.  The more we concentrate on You, our consciousness is purified and we realize we are that, and that is This.



     Thank You for teaching us the art of fixing our  mind on You, The Eternally Pure and Boundless One.  This scientific process of fixing the mind on You, cleans the lower consciousness of  anger, lust, and greed.  Gradually we are more able to control our actions and become consciously still/quiet.  Thus again we are consciousnessly one with You, who are beyond the mind and all concepts of self and selflessness.