Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                             Art Gallery 14



Supreme Awareness of the Universe,  You are the Source of Good Character,  Infinite beauty,  boundless Blessings, and Enlightenment of consciousness. Our art which revolves around being conscious of You, helps us realize some of Your infinite virtues. Through ever more of Your association, ignorance is destroyed and we realize You, The Source of  all strength, salvation and liberation. 




You are the Divine Leader within all consciousness. All we need is within You, the Heart, The Centerless Center, and The Source of Infinite Freedom.  You are The Infinite Pure Consciousness the fountainhead of all virtues. Our art helps us shed ignorance from our lower consciousness and live in conscious union with You, our Most Virtuous Supreme Being.


You are Mother, Father, all Siblings, and all Relations.  You are Supreme Awareness, The witnesser of the Absolute indivisibility of being,   and The foundation of all consciousness.  Thank you for teaching us the art of remembering You through our Arts.

   You are The Knower of all awareness. By meditating on You through our art, we find we always were and always are here, in Your Infinite, Omnipresent, Love.



  You, The Eternal Witness of Existence, consciousness, and nothing, know what we are going to think before we think it.  Constantly remembering You restores us to our original sanity, our Divine Consciousness.   

 The more we practice the art of meditating on You, and You alone as the Supreme Witness of all witnesses and witnessing, the more we recover from our sin-sick state of "I am somebody" consciousness to " I am no body. I am eternal state of blissful being." 


You are Supreme consciousness, Ultimate Awareness, The Super Soul.  You are the Source of the "I".  After careful investigation of  Who is this "I"?  and who is the I of all Is, and eyes.  We see in the final analysis "I" is You, the nondual "Am" consciousness, awareness. Beyond the duality of "I  Am",   You are the immovable eye within, behind and beyond all eyes, inner and outer.  Verily, You are the Super-Soul.  All are soul, in quality one with You.

 As Infinite, Omniscient Awareness, You know us infinitely better than we know ourselves.  Our art must be as clear as sunshine and as sweet as the sound of silence.  It should remind us and awaken us to the fact that You are our Supreme Spirit, existing in and of Your Self.




Thank You for continuing to awaken our divine discrimination through art that is centered in You.  Thank You for leading us in Righteousness to reach You, our Supreme Truth. 

  You are most ancient, the source of our ancestors' knowledge, intelligence and memory.  The arts of our ancestors are very clear as to their methods of  helping us attain these ever higher  levels of consciousness.  Always thinking of You is chief of these methods.


Thank You for enlightening our intelligence and leading us on the Right path to realize You.  One of the tools we are utilizing to realize You is our spiritual arts of which You are the Center, the Heart.