Everlasting Omnipresent Peace




Art should by all means be a medicine which heals us of the sickness of our unconscious attachment to ego as the self, lack of self-confidence,  and all else that  does not really exist. 

 Our art is an instrument, a pedagogical tool.  It restores our individual and collective memory, and our self-confidence as it helps us wake up to our eternal consciousness with You, the strongest foundation, the only reality.   



All praise and Glory to You, Divinity of all the worlds. Thank You for Your  association through our Spiritual Art.  

   When all we think, feel, will, say and do through our art reminds us of You, we are in the process of cultivating our consciousness from that of a brute back into our original Divine Nature.


 The greater our association with You, especially through our arts, the more we are delivered from wickedness and we realize our Divinity, a natural state of  unlimited love, compassion and forgiveness.


Our art helps us think of You.  The more we think of You, we become devoted to You and reawaken to our most Righteous state of Pure Awareness. The greater our devotion to You, the more we worship You in total surrender of all we think, feel, will, say, and do.



All, especially that which is good, beautiful, and enjoyable in art, and life in general, should be surrendered to You and help us remember You.  This purifies our consciousness into its original state of Eternal, Pure, Knowingness.



Our art helps us fix our mind on You, The Eternal, Supreme Awareness of all. By fixing the mind on You, through our arts, we are purifying our consciousness, reuniting our finite awareness with You who always are Infinite Awareness. 



 Thank You for showing us how to prioritize our life by first and foremost always thinking of You, through our art and any other means.  In this way, we overcome ignorance of Self.

  This spiritual practice of using art to remind us of You, purifies our consciousness and empowers us to turn from our propensity for wickedness (that which moves ourselves and others into unconsciousness of You), to instead do good (that which moves ourselves and others into greater consciousness of You), and continue to purify our consciousness.

 To the extent or art helps us purify our consciousness, the greater is the realization of our eternal, internal and external, relationship of oneness with the power of Your Love.


   You are the Source of Eternal life, infinite power, and complete, unshakable, stability, three of the infinite virtues of Pure Consciousness. Our art should help us remember and realize this fact.


Our art must restore us to a knowledge of our history, our culture, and all which develops our most intelligent, righteous, compassionate, forgiving, kind, loving and productive self, You.

    We are inspired by You, The Most Pure, The Supremely Perfect, The greatest purpose and The Most Extraordinary Objective.