Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


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Most Merciful, Completely Generous One, You are the Eternal, Divine Presence which pervades and transcends all. It is through union with You that we achieve our true potential. All praise to You.  Please accept our most humble attempts at meditating on You.

 The more we purify our lower consciousness by fixing the mind on You the less we are inclined to do to others that which we do not want done to ourselves.  Moreover, the more the lower consciousness is purified and sobered up, there is no place within our consciousness for enmity or revenge.





The more lower levels of consciousness are cleared of illusion by meditating on You as the Ever present consciousness of Now.  The result of this spiritual practice is living life in true inner Joy and contentment, our original nature.



This presence, this True Self is ever free from envy, anger, Lust, or greed.  This Self is of the nature of Love, Peace, infinite happiness and fulfillment.  Every so-called is other is actually one in this Eternal Reality known as the Self.


 It is purification of existence that leads the lower consciousness out of the temporary, illusory life of ignorance and suffering, into our original position of union with You.




Meditating on You as the Eternal, Omnipresent Silence peals away the cataracts of illusory identification from our lower levels of consciousness. 

You are our One and only Supreme Being.  Gradually, through our spiritual practice, we are seeing You as the all pervasive substratum of all consciousness.

   Purification of lower consciousness emancipates it from the sin and bondage of Maya, the ignorant illusory worlds with their concomitant suffering.   

        In the illusory worlds, birth, death, and rebirth, all of which are more or less suffering, are due to material contamination.  Purification of lower consciousness reestablishes lower consciousness in the Self, Your Eternal Spiritual Kingdom, here and now.

We are living in the realization that You are in us and all of us have our origin in You. Thank You for revealing to us this ancient method of worshiping You. It is helping us remember who we are.

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   We are the soul, the indweller, who pervades and transcends the body,   w longing to be reunited with You, its Origin.  Thank You for continuously awaking and enlightening our discernment.