Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


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 Our art is an integral part of our culture. It helps to purify our consciousness, peal away the illusions and thus realize the Most Confident Self who is always above all illusions.  This is where we always are in reality, pure spirit, flowing out from You through the Pineal gland, full of unlimited bliss and knowledge.

“My goal is to live the truly religious life, and express it in my music. If you live it, when you play there's no problem because the music is part of the whole thing. To be a musician is really something. It goes very, very deep. My music is the spiritual expression of what I am - my faith, my knowledge, my being.”  John Coltrane...


Art is one of the tools of our spiritual practice. As we use this tool, purification of our consciousness gradually occurs.  This is our original pure consciousness.  Our art helps us restore it at all levels of consciousness, and we experience its peace and fulfillment in the midst of frantic and often very turbulent worlds as we progress in our Spiritual unfoldment. 

 You are the Supreme Knower and Auditor. Our art helps to purify our consciousness of all unwanted and unneeded things.  The more our consciousness is purified the more we realize we need no one other than You to pray to or confess to.  You are our Supreme Personality, closer to us than our very breath.





You know what we have thought, and done in the past and what we will think and do in the future.  When we live in this way we overcome and detach from the material world of illusion and confusion.  You are always untouched by material contamination.

Working for You under Your most righteous guidance, calling out Your Name and offering You everything, we work calmly, silently, and steadily in the middle of the material world.  We are in the world yet detached from it, in the world but not of it.    The illusion of the Self as material, mental, intellectual, or ego, is gradually dissolved.  We realize we were, and always were the Self, the Spirit, always at home everywhere.


Our art is here to move us from ignorance to enlightenment, from ego centeredness and strictly materialistic preoccupations back to the bliss of our original spiritual consciousness.








Our art demands that we live in union with You, the Supreme Consciousness of all, if we would live in harmony with each other. 

We are in harmony with the great peace of the universe, our natural condition, when we are freed from ignorance of Self by fixing our mind on You. 



















Our art is here to help us in our serious preoccupation with awakening and freeing ourselves from slavery to the senses caused by ignorance of self.



 This mistaken concept of the self is what has robbed us of our true identity. 


 We are not the body.  Nor are we the body with a soul.  We are the soul.  The ultimate goal is to engage in a spiritual practice that awakens us to true knowledge of self; from this knowledge comes true liberation, salvation from the suffering caused by the illusion of false identification of self.







Our art must help us utilize our history, and our spirituality, our culture, to transform and renew our consciousness.  This renewing of consciousness will revive our self-confidence, and resuscitate us to our original nature as eternal spirit, full of unlimited knowledge and bliss.




Our art uncovers and restores our self-confidence by showing us who we were, what we are now, and what we must do to come into our righteous glory again. 



art is for association with Supreme being and coming to life in its presence, as its presence. This, to us, is entertainment, edification, meditation and ultimately, the pathway to our Self Realization.





Our art delivers to us the natural process and progress of realizing our transcendent goal, coming back to our original pure consciousness, You, The Eternal Supreme, Omniscient, Boundlessly Intelligent, Silence, Nature's God.



You,  Supreme Spirit,  nature's God, are here prior to, during and after all cosmic manifestations.

  Our art is here to help us get ever closer to You, consciously.




You are  our Supreme Consciousness, the Supreme Deity of our greatest awareness.  Our Art must help us gain  liberation from slavery to the senses, while  resuscitating us to the greatest liberation, Supreme Consciousness. 

Art, if it is truly art, must help us awaken  our discrimination, inspire us, and lead us on the right path to reach You.  Thus it is an instrument for our liberation from the lower worlds of illusion into our Eternal Spiritual Kingdom of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace. 

You are the One, Eternal, Undifferentiated, Indivisible, Supreme Absolute pervading and transcending the foundation of all consciousness.
You are the goal of our life.  Our art is here to help us think of you continuously. Thinking of You  is the means to accomplish our goal.  Always thinking of You keeps us coming forth into the infinite freedom of Your presence by day and night. By doing this, we are increasingly equipped with more confidence in You as well as ourselves.  A realization of this Unity at the base of all diversity gives usin greater unity with each so-called "Other."  We see in reality that the "Other" is You.
Our art strenghtens and solidifies our integrity because it helps us withdraw our mind from wordly thinking, feeling, willing and doing.
Constantly remembering You, the Source of the forces of nature, through our art, makes us stronger in our determination to be in consciousness union with You, the Supreme Treasure within the consciousness of all.  

Because our art empowers us to be holy and pure in thought, words, and deeds, the ultimate goal of our art and life is union with You,
 the Best Diffuser of Joy, Happiness and Contentment.  You are the Source of all Holiness and Purity.