Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                     Art Gallery 3




 You are the Supreme Witness, pervading and transcending all Consciousness.  Our art helps us to think of You.  By always thinking of You we clean our consciousness, know ourselves, accept our own, and free our consciousness of the illusory mind and all thoughts connected with it. Now we are one with You, Pure awareness and the Infinite Witness of ItSelf as Pure Awareness. 




 Thank You for teaching us the art of fixing our mind on You, in so doing we free ourselves to be who we really are. In Truth we are Timeless, Spaceless, Formless,  Eternal Pure Awareness, Conscious only of  Awareness.




Our art helps us wake up and see that the universe and all the lights of the suns and other stars are within Your Pure Awareness.  All of us are reflections of You.  All forms are Your forms. You are The One Supreme Awareness,  pervading and transcending all.


Thank You, Supreme Power, for teaching us the art of worshiping You in all we think, feel, will, say and do.  By doing this we are gradually cleaned and purified again. 



In the process of Purifying our consciousness through our art, we expand our circles of compassion so that they gradually embrace all sentient beings throughout Your Cosmic manifestations.  Gradually, we return to Supreme Consciousness as You.  The Greatest Transcendence,  the infinite beauty in all, including the illusory energy, is You.



We free ourselves from the stiffling prison of ignorance and are reestablished in Your Light, The Light of  Freedom and Truth, to the degree we apply the science of utilizing the arts to help us remember You in our daily affairs.  





 You are The One, Eternal, Undifferentiated, Indivisible, The source of all wisdom, The Supreme Absolute of all.  Our art helps to purify our consciousness, thus empowering us to hear You and follow Your most compassionate guidance.


We gain mature dispassion and transcend sense object attraction to the extent our consciousness is purified by association with You.  Our art, to be truly classified as Art, must help us in this association.





 Our art lifts us, from the denseness, suffering and despair of  ignorance to the clear light of Pure Awareness.  Mature dispassion is one of the fruits of the awakening to Pure Awareness.




 We are not this material body, no matter how comely, stately and graceful.  We are in quality one with You who are the most spiritual, magnificent, beyond form and formlessness, name, classification and any sort of dualities. 




  We are the spirit soul, in quality one with You,  The Supreme Spirit Soul, The Eye of all eyes, the Ear of all ears.  Thank You for showing us how to come back to our historical and cultural roots, transcending and subduing the senses by fixing our mind on You.