Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                                Art Gallery 4






You are the Supreme Power that animates this body.  You are the indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute. Thank You, for teaching us the art of worshiping You in all we think, feel, will, say and do. It is this spiritual practice that enables layers of ignorance to be pealed from our lower consciousness revealing You who pervades and transcends all thought.



 You,  Supreme Consciousness, pervade and transcend the five material elements from which this body is made.  This spiritual practice of always thinking of You nourishes and purifies our consciousness back to its original pure nature of conscious union with You, the Self.  



You are the Supreme Spirit, who pervades and transcends the cosmic manifestation.  Our life is in You, Source of the Universe.  By associating with art that teaches us the importance of offering everything to You, with love and devotion, we are learning and practicing the art and science of fixing our mind on You; by doing this our consciousness is cleansed of all its materialistic barbarism.  Gradually, we experience You, "This"  which pervades and transcends all awareness.








 Our art is for entertainment, education, edification, and ultimately, the stripping away of all layers of ignorance from lower consciousness, ultimate liberation in You. The more ignorance is pealed away as a result of association with You, the Most Pure, the greater and more frequently is our experience of You, the Supreme Awareness of all.



















This experience of the Eternal Oneness of You is to us, Self-Realization; it is realization of this Supreme Self which is beyond form and formlessness, impersonal and personal, comings and goings, highs and lows, rich and poor, open and close, and all other dualities.  It is Supreme Being at the foundation of all being, Our Supreme Awareness of Awareness, ad infinitum.





















       Thank You for blessing us by revealing the art of studying about You, thinking about You, and Meditating on You.  By engaging in this spiritual practice  our lower consciousness is brought back into alignment with its original condition of infinite tranquillity, knowledge, and bliss.  Thus, we experience who is the everlasting "I".  It is the original "I" that exists as the infinite awareness of all awareness, the Infinite Awareness of Being. 




All fears and insecurities are gradually removed as we purify our consciousness by meditating on You.  This practice strengthens us to deal victoriously with the illusions of the external and internal worlds.  






  In the process of meditating and purifying our consciousness, we reawaken our natural love and compassion for all sentient beings.  Thank You for revealing to us how to Meditate on You. 




We are healed, healthy, absolute awareness, whole again as our consciousness is purified by always thinking of You as the Silence Itself.  This silence is very much alive.  It is the source of intelligence, creativity,  and all consciousness.





Through the Silence we can remain where we have always been, here, now, beyond past, present, and future. We are this Self, this Eternal, Pure Awareness, beyond all desires.