Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                 Art Gallery 5


 Selfless service done as an offering to You is a way of fixing the mind on You, thus purifying the lower consciousness of all misunderstanding as to the nature of the Self.  The more this is done the more we are established, consciously, in our Eternal, Pure Nature. 



The more we worship You and You alone through our art, the  cleaner is our consciousness, the more abundant are our virtues, and the more we see that all levels of consciousness have their beginning in You.


Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to recognize sacred art which empowers us to remember You by offering all to You, while we work out our Karma in the worlds of Your illusory energy, Maya. 



Our art scales off layers of ignorance from our lower consciousness.  The key instrument for achieving this is constant remembrance of You.  This is the art that dissipates clouds of ignorance between highest and lower levels of consciousness.  As this happens You, the eternal illumination who are beyond all dualities such as darkness and light, wrong and right, shine forth ever more clearly by day and night. 


By Your grace and mercy, along with  our good Karma, we are ever-more thinking of You and meditating on You as our very own Silence of Eternal Being.  Here in the presence of Silence and as Silence itself, we are performing our mundane tasks more efficiently, with greater love and affection for You and all creation.



You are the One in the many in which the many have their beginning, middle, and end.  Constantly remembering You, through art that reminds us of You, we engage in Your full time service and thus purify our existence.  Our Innermost Harmony, the Greatest Harmony which pervades and transcends all harmony is the Greatest Simplicity, You.




Because our art is centered in remembering You constantly, it purifies us from the mistaken notion that the self is body, mind, intellect, or ego. Thus we gain liberation from the illusory slavery to the senses while resuscitating our lower consciousness  to the greatest liberation, You, Unspeakable Pure Awareness.





Real art inspires us to meditate.  It raises us from the coarse dullness of ignorance, to conscious attunement with You, the highest level of  infinite spiritual refinement.

   We are not this material body, no matter how comely, stately and graceful.  We are the eternal soul, which pervades and transcends the material body, mind, intellect, and ego. 

Our art, to truly fulfill the purpose of art, must help to purify our lower consciousness from the contamination of external identification.  As this happens, the lower consciousness is freed into the reality that love, compassion, charity, fearlessness, peace,  honesty, discrimination, and detachment are some of the true qualities of our original uncontaminated consciousness. 



  We are in quality one with You, The Supreme Soul, The Eye of all eyes, the Ear of all ears, The Supreme Life of all that lives. Our art is here to remind us of You, the Most Royal Spirit, the Supreme Source of all intelligence, healing, wisdom, Love, and strength.  You pervade and transcend all bodies. 



Throughout the Cosmic Manifestation, all bodies are within You, the Most Subtle, as form on the edge of the seashore or bubbles floating in the air.  As the Source of all water, air, and either, You alone pervade and transcend all matter and spirit.




Keeping You, Pure Consciousness, as the center and ultimate goal of our lives makes ours a life of constant positivity, in ever greater harmony with the Cosmic Manifestation, as we regain ever greater, conscious union with You.




  The Spiritual Art of always thinking of You brings us into conscious association with You.  Making the mind one-pointed by concentrating on You, gradually excludes all other thoughts. We are no longer so easily pulled away from concentrating on You by the externally conditioned mind. Through association with You there is purification, assimilation and eventually  union with You, Supreme Being of all.