Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


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Our art helps us recall the fact that You are  beyond nothing, something, open, close, bliss, agony, knowledge, ignorance, and all other dualities. By constantly recalling the mystery of your infinite integrity, our consciousness is purified.  As this happens our consciousness is becoming cleaner and we are better able and pure enough to follow Your ever- more righteous guidance.  This leads eventually to conscious union with You.






 This Art is our “Soul Food,” spiritual food, through which we realize the self and the self’s source. You, the Ultimate, Ever Higher Self, Pure Consciousness, are this Source.


 You are the Supreme Divinity of all nature who remains unchanged and unchangeable throughout the vicissitudes of the cosmic creation, maintainance, and dissolution.  Thank You for helping us resuscitate our lower consciousness to Your Omnipresent Divine Reality. 




 Thank You evermore for enlightening us to the art of worshiping You by fixing our mind on You through our Art.  Thus, gradually we are attaining our ultimate goal, Divine Spiritual, Pure Consciousness.




Supreme Being of all,  You are the radiance, the spiritual effulgence, the light which bestows wisdom, the remover of sins and ignorance, the source of all glory. You are our Divine Reality, within and beyond the consciousness of all. 




By submitting all we think, feel, will, say, and do to You, the Most Righteous Diety of our best understanding, we are getting our troublesome matters settled.  It is this spiritual practice that revives our lower consciousness to our original Infinite Silence of Pure Consciousness.


As we practice the art of surrendering our thinking, feeling, and doing to You, we realize a gradually improvement in the quality of our consciousness.  We are more loving and kind in our interactions with all sentient beings.




  Our art helps us to contemplate You. This leads to Meditating on You, The indivisible, undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, with great love and respect. The more we meditate on You, the Most Righteous, Supreme Deity of our best understanding, the more we experience You at the beginning of our consciousness.




Meditating on You through our art is part of our  spiritual practice.  It nourishes, purifies and revives our lower awareness back to our original  pure nature of eternal life of infinite union with You.

    Infinite freedom, true liberation, is Absolute; It is realized as we purify our awareness and are beyond I, AM, AUM, and Silence.

You, Infinite Freedom, are also beyond unconsciousness, consciousness, coming, going,  rising, falling, knowledge, ignorance, enlightenment, experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss.  You are the Supreme Witnesser of all witnessing.


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