Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                        Art Gallery 7




 Source of all illusions and realities, You are infinitely more subtle than air, either and AUM, the most perfect union of sound, form and formlessness, in our experience.  You are the Knower of all knowers, the Source of sight and sound.


  You pervade and transcend all names, forms, manners, and dualities.  Our art is here to help us awaken. As we awaken our lower consciousness from its boundless ignorance and become more enlightened, we see that all comes and goes within You, and You, who pervade and transcend all space and time, are never disturbed. 


You are beyond form and formlessness, and are always here as the Most Unconditional Love. Our art helps to purify our existence.  It leads out of the temporary life of ignorance and suffering into our original, eternal position of union with You.





 All praises to You and You alone.  Thank You for showing us how to seek and see You through our art. Thus we  realize You, here, in this present moment, beyond seeking, The Eternal Witnesser of all witnessers. 





 We suffer due to impurity of consciousness caused by forgetfulness of You.  Constant remembrance of You brings us back into our original sanity of being, Eternal, Pure Consciousness who see through all Pineal glands. This is The Eternal Witnesser of all witnessing who is also the Witness of the Sound of Silence and the Infinite, Sparkling, Blackness of Space.  




Through our art we again remember, and realize You, the All Pervasive Centerless Center of all life throughout the Cosmic Manifestation.  You are known by many names and by no names at all.





You are the most righteous, the most high, and the most powerful Thank You for revealing to us the art that guides us to You,  the Eternal Witnesser of all witnessing. 





May our art forever keep our mind fixed on You, the Permanent One in the many, and the Changeless One in which the many have there creation, maintenance, and annihilation. 



You, Supreme Spirit, always exist.  None else has true existence. Other than You, there is none worthy of  worship.  It is You and You alone who are always the same, eternally pervading and transcending all of nature and its gods.


 Thank You for teaching us how to use edifying art to  have complete constructive change, transformation at the very foundation of consciousness, for our own as well as the society's greatest benefit. 


Most of us cannot, and fortunately, do not have to change our job, career, hobby, or life style in order to make real spiritual advancement. We simply have to change our consciousness, change for whom we are doing what we are doing. Instead of doing what we are doing for fruitive results, we do for You, our Divine consciousness. This is surrender, submission, offering, servingYou in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.



You are beyond belief but are directly experienceable as the Supreme Self within all consciousness.  When all we think, feel, will, say and do is done as submission to You, the clouds of ignorance are cleared from our lower consciousness. 



As ignorance of Self is cleared away through constant remembrance of You, we see You, who are always above the clouds of confusion and despair, destruction and repair.  Gradually, as we see You in the many and the many in You, the contaminants of lower consciousness are cleared away and we are,  in the clear light of our original consciousness, restored to our primeval position of union with You, the Most Righteousness One.




You are the Supreme Spiritual Master, at whose Lotus Feet other masters come to learn. Thank You for teaching us how to move to higher levels of consciousness by using our art to always think of You. 


We become more independent and confident to the extent our consciousness is purified by association with You.  Thank You for revealing to us this ancient art of  associating with You by fixing our mind on You by associating with art that helps us to engage in always thinking of You.




In meditation, as well as while engaging in activities in the material and spiritual worlds, we can consciously progress in realizing You by the practice of always thinking of You. 

In all that we think, feel, will, say, and do, we do it as an offering to You.  This is one of the ways we always think of You and in so doing, we purify our consciousness.




Thank You for helping us keep our mind always engaged in thinking of You; in this way, our mind is used to help us continue to reawaken to our eternal position of Pure Awareness, Eternal, Changeless Presence.

As a consequence of fixing our mind on You, we are expanding our consciousness and realizing the Omnipresence of Your Perfect Peace.

 We are awakening, and are learning the art of being consciously one with Your Will, the way of Perfect Peace, in all the trials and circumstances of life in the illusory worlds.  Clearly, then, when we are in harmony with Your will, the way of Perfect Peace, we can see Your everlasting beauty all around us.  We can see You in everything, everywhere.


The more we surrender all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, the greater is our realization that the cosmic manifestation is one family in  and under You.  Our art helps us in this endeavor.





   Of course there are as many ways to Supreme Consciousness as there are seekers of the way.  Our method is just this:  All that we do, all that we offer, all that we give away, all austeries that we perform, all that we think, feel, will, say and do, is done as an offering to You, our Supreme Being. 




 All of us are more or less on some sort of  battlefield in life.  We do not run from the battlefied and meditate in some secluded place.  Maya is everywhere, includeing in our ego, intellect, mind, as well as heart.  We have to battle with Maya, no one else,  Therefore, our art must help us constantly think about You, transcend Maya, and realize You, our Supreme Being/Pure Consciousness. This is our ultimate victory, victory over Your illusory energy, Maya.