Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting the Holy Names 1

We are the soul, consciousness, awareness, the Self that pervades 

this body, mind, intellect, and ego.  The Giver, the Source, of the 

Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace within this soul, 

consciousness, awareness or Self, is You,  the Source of all. 

 The more we are purified by constant association with Yo

through remembrance, the better we can deal with everything life 

brings to us with understanding, kindness, and divine Love. 

The Pineal gland is a sort of  antenna, screen, or lens through 

which we are consciously "connecting" with You, the Supreme 

Universal Spirit or Self which pervades and transcends the Pineal 


 It, the Pineal gland, directs this most subtle energy or spirit 

coming from You, the Source of all vibration, down into the 

body and throughout every subatomic particle that makes up the 

body, mind, intellect, and ego.

The more we cleanse our Pineal Gland by living our life in such a 

way that we always think of  You, the greater You manifest 

throughout our "Person".

 Cleansing this gateway to Infinite Consciousness, the Pineal 

gland, is our primary tool for raising our consciousness so 

that it manifests the Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace of  

You, here in this moment. 

Chanting one of Your numerous names, and offering 

You everything is the beginning of  cleansing our Pineal gland 

and reentering or re-manifesting Your Truth, the Everlasting, 

Omnipresent Tranquility which is always within and beyond the 

body, mind, intellect, and ego, the so-called, "us" or, "me."

To the degree our Pineal Gland and consciousness are cleansed as

a result of always thinking of You, we can hear, decipher and

follow Your Most Righteous leadership more easily. We know this

from experience. Thus, we are ever better instruments of Your

Peace, and there is a little less fear and pain in our universe. So, we

are increasingly engaged in activities that cause us to always think

of You. This is the process we are using to get our head and heart


 With purification of consciousness comes knowledge of You.

Surely, You are the Selfless, Immortal, Greatest Spirit of the

universe, the Omnipresent Reality, which exists within Itself. By

meditating on You, we free our consciousness from attachment to

the prison of delusion. The more we meditate the more we

experience the Infinite Calmness of  Peace. All of this comes as a

natural result of the purification of consciousness that results from

always thinking of You.


One of the main meditation practices we use for reviving our

original Pure Awareness consists of placing the tip of the tongue at

the softest spot at the back of the roof of the mouth. The tip of the

tongue should be facing/pointing at the bottom of the Pineal gland;

it is teamed with calling out Your Names, and meditating on

Silence, in Silence, as Silence while observing the screen of


As we persist in this practice, we experience  the

fact that our higher consciousness is slowly expressing itself as our

best self, our  original Pure Awareness. 

You are this Awareness which pervades and transcends all energy

throughout the universe. You are Divine Reality, the only reality,

ever free from delusion. We definitely raise our consciousness by

always thinking of You, concentrating on You, and meditating on

You. Thank You for inspiring us to unite with You, the Supreme

Awareness of the universe thereby having love and kindness in our

relationships with all Sentient Beings.

According to our ancestors, our knowledge, observation, and

experience, we are Eternal, Spirit Soul. This Soul is in quality One

with You, the Supreme Spirit, Soul of all. As we continue to purify

our Pineal gland by always thinking of You, our consciousness

is rising to ever higher levels. There are no limits to You, the

Supreme Consciousness of all.

You are the Master Power, the Ultimate and Supreme

Witness, dwelling within and beyond all sentient beings. It is our

experience that chanting Your Holy Names is one of the best

sacrifices we can make to purify the Pineal Gland, control the

mind, purify the consciousness, and be reestablished in our proper

spiritual identity. For us, our House of worship is anywhere there

is, Silence or noise, where we can listen or call Your Holy Name.

You are the Supreme Intelligence of the universe which creates,

maintains, and annihilates all. The more we associate with You,

by this practice of calling out Your names, meditating on silence

from the sixth chakra, and observing silence, lower consciousness

is defaced of ignorance. Thus, consciousness expresses its original

position beyond stress and strain, good and evil, and

all other dualities. It has now its original essence: The Most Pure

Oneness in harmony with the Limitless freedom of You.

You are the One, Independent, Divinity pervading and

transcending all. You are beyond thought, yet there can be no

thought without You. The more we fix our mind on You the more

we are purified and strong enough to overcome the urges of lust,

anger, and greed. Calling out Your Names is a method of fixing the

mind on You, purifying the consciousness and coming into greater

harmony with the universe.

We know from the evidence of our own consciousness cleansing 

process, lower consciousness is cleansed of all misgivings by

fixing the mind on You. This is one way we transcend the suffering

of insatiable desires for sense gratification. 


You are Pure Awareness, in and beyond Your vast and variegated

costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness. You are beyond

the mind and intelligence. In the body, You are manifesting

through the Pineal Gland. From here, You radiate energy,

intelligence, and creativity throughout the body. There can be no

thought nor imagination without You, the Source of all energy,

known as consciousness in the body.

When one critically examines this spiritual practice of calling out

Your names for consciousness purification, one sees that it is very

practical and is of enormous benefit to all. As we purify our

consciousness, we reawaken our lower awareness into ever higher

realms of consciousness. The goal is You, Infinite Awareness,

beyond consciousness, knowledge and bliss. 

Gradually, by the grace of chanting Your Holy Names and

meditating on Silence, we are healed, healthy, whole, Pure

Awareness again. We have returned to where we have always

been: Absolute Awareness, free from the illusion of

dismemberment, of coming and going; rising and falling, higher

and lower; freedom and entanglement, ignorance and


 Know Thy Self. Know Thy Self  is accomplished by first coming

to the spiritual platform, seeing the self as spirit looking out from

Infinite Spirit through the Pineal gland. From the Pineal Gland,

intelligence, creativity, and energy radiates throughout the material

body, mind, and intellect.

Seeing the Self as spirit or awareness, we engage in the spiritual

practice known as Mantra Yoga. Gradually, lower consciousness is

cleansed of anger, lust, and greed, the contaminants of


Gradually, we release all Mantras and utilize the sound of Silence 

as we would a Mantra.  Slowly, we retire to the origin, the tranquil 

bliss of Nothing, Silence.  Now we live again, we have come back 

into Bliss Awareness, also known as the Self.