Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting the Holy Names 1

You are our common ground, our common Source.  Always 

remembering You is our common means of Exodus from the 

wickedness, self-forgetfulness, and constant suffering, in 

various degrees, of Maya.  In English, Maya is known as hell.  

The secondary source of all slavery and tricks, and other 

types of sufferings, whether they be spiritual, intellectual, 

mental, or physical, is Maya. The primary source of these 

various degrees of sufferings is forgetfulness of  You.

When we doubted that any one or thing could exist in 

something so small, such small ripples, as the material world, 

we suddenly fell into that small world, Maya.  

The ultimate slavery, slave master, and consummate misery is 

Maya.  We remain in Maya because of forgetfulness of You. 

Conversely, the more we remember You, the more we 

purify our consciousness and see how to be free, and be free, 

from Maya.  Your illusory energy, Maya is 

truly the Plantation of deep, almost inescapable, misery.

When the consciousness is unclean, our thoughts 

are unclean.  Negative, unclean, harmful, deeds have their 

roots in impure thoughts.  We suffer as  a result of our 

unclean, harmful deeds to our self as well as others.  We must 

reap  that which we have sown. 

 Therefore, it is in our enlightened self interest to clean our 

consciousness so that we will be clean and strong enough an

 to treat others better than we want to be treated.  This  is a 

way we  can get out of Maya and be ever freer from suffering.

Exodus, for us, means remembering You, purifying our 

consciousness of anger, lust, and greed, and transcending 

Maya.  Unless we come out of Maya, we are doomed to 

suffering.  We are in Maya because of our impure thoughts 

and deeds.  Forgetfulness of You is the main reason 

we remain in Maya.

 Positive, clean, beneficial, liberating deeds have their  roots 

in pure thoughts.  Our thoughts become pure as our 

consciousness becomes pure.  Always thinking of You, the 

Most Pure, is our consciousness purifying process.

When the consciousness is unclean, our thoughts are 

unclean.  Negative, unclean, unbeneficial deeds have their 

roots in impure thoughts. Positive, clean, beneficial deeds 

have their  roots in pure thoughts.

 Deeds that we participate in that cause
the spiritual, 

intellectual, mental, and  physical suffering of others are 

wicked deeds.   It is not a wicked deed to defend our Nation, 

our Constitution, our life and our liberty, from all enemies, 

foreign or domestic.  This is necessary to maintain and grow our dignity, independence, freedom, justice, prosperity, and Peace.  

Nonetheless, we must move away, to the best of our ability, 

from participation in wicked deeds that deprive innocents of the same rights which we hold most dear. The more our  

consciousness is pure, the less we participate in wicked deeds, 

make bad Karma, and suffer.  The more our consciousness  

is  purified, the more we want and grant for our sibling that which we want and grant to our self.

 However, we cannot work our way out of the results of our 

own doings, Karma.  Submission to You does that. Selfish 

thoughts words, or deeds, whether they be for evil or for our 

future material well being or gain, keep us sowing and 

reaping, doing Karma, in Maya.  

 To get  out of the circle of reaping and sowing, we  must do 

all as offerings to You.  That includes defending our Nation, 

our Constitution, our Life, and our Liberty, under the Law of 

our Land.

 Surrendering all to You is our way of exodus out of Karma, 

bad or good, and sets us straight on the path of liberation, out 

of Maya, into Your Bliss, our original position.

Our suffering or joy is a direct result of our own bad or good Karma.  Other persons, things, or circumstances are simply instruments or conduits through which our own Karma  returns to us. 

 If with dirty consciousness we think, feel, will, or do, suffering will be our lot.  The converse is true when we think, feel, will, say, or do with clean or pure consciousness.

You are the Most Cultured, the Basis of all refinement and good manners. Remembering You is associating with You. Submission of all we think, feel, will, say, and do, to You is also remembering You and association with You.  Association brings assimilation. 

The more we associate with You the greater we assimilate Your purity into our consciousness.  This is the spiritual purification of consciousness which is the basis of our ancient spiritual and cultural heritage.  This is what we have been lacking and are in such desperate need of today.

We are responsible, from this lifetime or another lifetime, for 

our present condition.  Others are simply instruments 

through which our Karma has returned.  We are reaping that 

which we have sown. 

We worship You through constant remembrance of You.  We do this by prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association and meditation.  All is done with You at the center, and all is submitted, surrendered to You. 

 You are within and beyond all forms, formlessness, names, 

nothing, something, and all dualities.  Remembering You, is 

our self purification process.  It reawakens us to You.  

You are our Source, our Saviour, our Salvation, our 

Everything Good, Righteous and Holy.  You are our way of 

Exodus out of  Maya.  You are our way of return to 

You.  Thank Yofor helping us remember You in all we 

think, feel, will, say, and do.

 Utilizing this spiritual practice, we are becoming 

more devoted to You.  We are worshiping You ever more.  

Gradually we are reawakening to You.  We know this 

is true in the light of our knowledge, observation, and  


We are the soul, consciousness, awareness, the Self that 

pervades and transcends this body, mind, intellect, and ego.  

The Giver, the Source, of the Truth, Righteousness, Love, and 

Peace within this soul, consciousness, awareness or Self, is 

You,  the Source of all. 

The Pineal gland is a sort of  antenna, screen, or lens through 

which we are consciously "Connecting" with You, the 

Supreme Universal Spirit or Self which pervades and 

transcends the Pineal gland. 

 It, the Pineal gland, directs this most subtle energy or spirit 

coming from You, the Source of all vibration, down into the 

body and throughout every subatomic particle that makes up 

the body, mind, intellect, and ego.

The more we cleanse our Pineal Gland by living our life 

in such a way that we always think of  You, the greater You 

manifest throughout our "Person".

Chanting one of Your numerous names, and offering 

You everything is the beginning of  cleansing our Pineal gland 

and reentering or re-manifesting Your Truth, the Everlasting, 

Omnipresent Tranquility, which is always within and beyond 

the body, mind, intellect, and ego, the so-called, "Us" or, 


Cleansing this Seat of Consciousness, this Gateway to Infinite

Consciousness, this Pineal Gland, is our business.  It is our 

primary tool for raising our consciousness so that it manifests 

the Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace that is Its original 

                                      state of union with You.

 The more we are purified by constant association with You, 

through remembrance, the better we can deal with 

 understanding, kindness, and Divine Love, everything our 

Karma brings to us. 

To the degree our Pineal Gland and consciousness are 

cleansed as a result of always thinking of You, we can hear, 

decipher and follow Your Most Righteous leadership more 

easily. We know this from experience, supported by 

knowledge and observation. 

By meditating on You, we free our consciousness from 

attachment to the prison of delusion. The more we meditate 

the more we experience the Infinite Calmness of  our 

Eternal Peace. 

You are this Awareness which pervades and transcends all 

energy throughout the universe. You are Divine Reality, the 

only reality.  You are ever free from delusion. 

All of this experience of  Infinite Calmness comes as a natural 

result of the purification of our consciousness.  This is a 

consequence of always thinking of You.  The more we 

remember You, the less there is of spiritual, intellectual, 

mental, or physical pain in our universe.

We raise our consciousness by always thinking of 

You, concentrating on You, and meditating on You. Thank 

You for inspiring us to unite with You, the 

Supreme Awareness of the universe.  

Simultaneously, while we are uniting with You, love 

and kindness, in our relationships with all Sentient Beings, is 

being generated

According to our ancestors, our knowledge, 
observation, and experience, we are Eternal, Spirit 
Soul.  This Soul is in quality One with You, the 
Supreme Spirit, Soul of all. 

We continue to purify our Pineal gland by always thinking 
of You.  Because of this, our consciousness is rising to ever 
higher levels of compassion and tranquillity

There are no limits to Your compassion and bliss.  We think 

of You, we concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the Foremost Consciousness, the One Spirit, the One 

Soul, and the Supreme Witness of  all.

We begin helping our self by thinking of You,  

concentrating on You, and meditating on You.  This is the 

spiritual practice we are using to control our mind, purify 

our consciousness.  This purification process reestablishes us 

in our proper spiritual identity.  We begin this Self-unfolding

process by chanting Your Holy names.  

As the mind becomes increasingly still, we can slowly 

release  the name and meditate on Silence itself.  Gradually, 
we can release meditating on Silence, and meditate on You  
as  the Changeless Witness of the changing frequencies of 

 Later we can see You as the Changeless Witness of the space 
between the frequencies  of Silence.  As we meditate further, 
we are able to meditate on the Changeless Self meditating 
on Itself meditating  on all of this.

Lower consciousness is defaced of ignorance by this spiritual 

practice. Gradually, consciousness expresses its original 

position.  This indigenous situation is beyond stress 

and strain, good and evil, within and beyond 

all other dualities, and It is always here.  

Our House of worship is anywhere there is Silence.  We can 

witness it and listen to it as our meditation.  Otherwise, we 

can chant orally or silently Your Holy names as our 

meditation.  The goal is to purify our consciousness via Your 


When we are increasingly engaged in activities that cause us 

to always think of You, we are ever better instruments of 

Your PeaceThere is increasingly less fear and pain in our 

universe, the more we remember You. 

You are the Supreme Intelligence of the universe which 

creates, maintains, and annihilates all. We associate 

with You, by this practice of calling out Your names, and

meditating on silence from the sixth chakra.

You are the One, Independent, Divinity pervading and 

transcending all. You are beyond thought, yet there can be no 

thought without You. Thank You for teaching us how to abide 

in the Silence, meditating on the Silence undistractedly.

Calling out Your Names is a method of fixing the mind 

on You.  When doing this, we are purifying 

our consciousness and coming into greater harmony with 

You and the universe.

We know from the evidence of our own consciousness 

cleansing  process, lower consciousness is cleansed of all 

misgivings by fixing the mind on You. This is one way we 

transcend the suffering of insatiable desires for sense 


You are Pure Awareness, in and beyond Your vast 

and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of 

consciousness. You are beyond the mind and intelligence. In 

the body, You are manifesting through the Pineal Gland.

From the Pineal Gland, You radiate energy, intelligence, and 

creativity throughout the body. There can be no thought 

nor imagination without You, the Source of all energy, 

known as consciousness in the body.

Association with You empowers our consciousness to 

reawaken to Its original essence:  The Most Pure, Oneness in 

harmony with the Limitless Freedom of You.

Gradually, by the grace of chanting Your Holy Names and 

meditating on Silence, we are healed, healthy, whole, Pure 

Awareness again.  Thank You for helping us to purify our 

consciousness.  To the degree this is done, we fearlessly see 

awareness looking out through everybody.  

When we have begun seeing Awareness looking out through 

everybody, we are returning to where we have always

been: Absolute Awareness, free from the illusion of

dismemberment, of coming and going; rising and falling, 

higher and lower; freedom and entanglement, ignorance and


 Know Thy Self. Know Thy Self  is accomplished by first 

coming to the spiritual platform, seeing the self as spirit 

looking out from Infinite Spirit through the Pineal gland. 

From the Pineal Gland, intelligence, creativity, and energy 

radiates throughout the material body, mind, and intellect.

Seeing the Self as spirit or awareness, we engage in the 

spiritual practice known as Mantra Yoga. Gradually, lower 

consciousness is cleansed of anger, lust, and greed, the 

contaminants of consciousness.  

Gradually, we release all Mantras and utilize the sound of 

Silence as we would a Mantra.  If the consciousness tries to 

entertain thought, we bring it back to the frequencies of 

Silence.  Slowly, the consciousness retires to Its origin, the 

tranquil bliss of Nothing, Silence.  Now we live again, we have 

come back into Bliss Awareness, also known as the Self. 

The more we fix our mind on You the more we are purified of 

evil thoughts.  What follows is the power to resist, 

overcome and purify the consciousness contaminating, 

wicked, urges of lust, anger, and greed. 

You are the Master Power, the Ultimate and Supreme 

Witness, dwelling within and beyond all sentient beings. It 

is our experience that chanting Your Holy Names is one of the 

best sacrifices we can make to remember You and thus purify 

the Pineal Gland and consciousness.