Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 11


Self knowledge is the greatest knowledge. Chanting Your Holy

Names frees our lower consciousness from the anguish resulting

from ignorance of self. One of the tools for regaining

Self-knowledge is chanting Your Holy names. It is knowledge of

Self that enables us to recover from ignorance. Moreover,  it

restores us to our original, healthy, spiritual consciousness.

 Chanting Your Holy Names is one age-old spiritual tool

for cleansing the consciousness of anger, lust, greed, illusion,

madness, and envy. The more these brigands are eradicated, the

greater the light of the Self shines through all levels of


The more the consciousness is intoxicated the greater the

self-ignorance. The more the consciousness is sobered up as a

result of Your enlightening association, the greater is knowledge

and enjoyment of the Everlasting, Omnipresent Self.

Thank You for Your mercy upon us. You are Supreme Divinity

who pervades and simultaneously are beyond waking, sleeping,

dreaming, deep sleep throughout the universe, the universe itself

and all other levels of consciousness. Chanting Your Holy names

is one way of associating with You and experiencing a modicum

of  Your Omnipresent Divinity.
Your Holy Names are cleansing our consciousness. To the extent

this happens, the mind is calmed, the senses are restrained, we

transcend bodily identification, ego, and desires, and are gradually 

reestablished in our eternal, spiritual, reality.

You are the Source of the goodness and love that are present

throughout every positive vibration. Thank You for enlightening us

to the fact that if we have time to breathe, we have time to

meditate in the silence calling out Your Holy Names. Thank You

for helping us to realize You, and to live in Your presence through

the purifying practice of calling out Your Holy names in silent


 Unoriginate One, Your reign of power and glory pervades and

transcends the heavens and the entire cosmic manifestation. You

are beyond past, present, and future. Please accept our obeisance.

 Thank You for providing us a blueprint for transcending the

misleading designations of material identification.


Your Holy Names help keep the mind in the present moment,

mindful, consciously aware of the particulars, while

simultaneously purifying it of distracting thoughts. These kind of

thoughts are detrimental to spiritual advancement.

All glories to the chanting of Your Holy Names. They help rein in

our thoughts from ceaseless wanderings in the ghastly forests of

delusion while bringing us back to Your shelter and protection.

We have beheld cosmic visions, and experienced ecstatic

vibratory unity of blissful being, however, up until this point, 

other than You, we have experienced nothing more beautiful nor

beneficial as Your Magnificent Holy Names.

Chanting Your Holy Names helps us to always think of  You, by

fixing the mind on You. This awakens us and empowers us to

wake up, stand up  clean up, reclaim our original identity, and 

come back to You, here, now, in this moment.   

We offer You our life, our every breath. Everything we have been

through, everything we are going through, everything we will go

through, we offer unto You. Thank You for giving us knowledge

of  the advantages of offering all to You. Thank You for showing

us our history, our spirituality, our Self and the Supreme Benefits 

of chanting Your Holy Names and offering You everything.

We offer You our hopes, our dreams our plans, our schemes. We

offer You our nights our days our hopes, our praise. Everything we

have, we bring as an offering to You. Thank You for allowing us

the intelligence to offer everything to You in the chanting of Your

Holy Names.

You are here before the beginning, during the middle and You

pervade and transcend the end of the Cosmic Manifestations. As

we chant Your names and offer everything to You, we reawaken to

You, our original spiritual awareness. Please accept our humble

offerings of praise and thanksgiving.
Our awareness is purified by this spiritual practice of chanting

Your names and offering all to You. As we do this, we began to

have true knowledge, observation, and experience of the true

spiritual Self, You.
Purification of consciousness awakens remembrance of You

as our Divine Source. This, spiritual practice based on always

thinking of You, is also known as self-purification or


Our spiritual pathology and its negative, destructive, psychological

and physical symptoms disappear as our consciousness is purified

by chanting Your Holy Names and offering You everything.


Thank You for teaching us how to think, do, and be positive, thus

improving our lives, by purifying the consciousness. The

beginning of consciousness purification is first fixing the mind on

You by always thinking of You. This can be done by chanting Your

Holy Names. 

The way of transformation through purification of consciousness is

accomplished by chanting Your Holy Names. You are the Supreme

Pure. By associating with You through the chanting of Your Holy

Names, with love and devotion, our consciousness is purified.


Thank You for teaching us how to merge the ego into the Self by

fixing the mind on You through the purificatory process of

chanting Your Holy Names.

Thank You for inspiring us to seek You within our innermost

consciousness. Thank You ever more for teaching us how to see

You evermore through meditating on Your Holy Name.

  This spiritual practice of chanting Your Holy Names helps us

realize and live inwardly as unaffected and motionless as You, the

Unmoved Mover, the Creator, Maintainer, and Annihilator of all,

save You, the Supreme, Eternal, Spirit of all.