Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting the Holy Names 3

Thanks be to Your Holy names for waking us, picking us up,

cleaning us, turning us around, and leading us on the right path to

reach You. All glories to the chanting of Your Holy Names. 

Chanting Your Holy Names is a key to cleansing all levels of

consciousness to its original purity and strength.

The more we chant Your Holy Names the greater our love 

and devotion to You. This association with You gradually frees

us from the control of the senses and insatiable desires.  

Gradually, we are extricated and uplifted from Maya, Your 

illusory energy, a very uncomfortable predicament.

The more we are purified by chanting Your Holy Names, our 

mind is freed from the shackles of Maya and we return to 

consciousness as the Eternal, Witness.

In reality, that which never ends, we are the Infinite, Nameless, 

Silence.  Crying out Your name continuously,  we reawaken to 

this Eternal Self, this Omnipresent Supreme Being who is beyond 

all names and forms, and is always here.   

Finding  its Self.  The prodigal son, or daughter returns Home, 

liberated back into the Eternal Bliss of the Self.  Now it 

is now qualified to quietly radiate enlightenment for the liberation 

and salvation of all sentient beings.

The greater our devotion to You the more we are fulfilled,

seemingly alone yet never lonely. This spiritual practice draws us

ever more into the consciousness of Your Loving Omnipresence,

thus we are evermore satisfied and at our original Peace.

     We deliver ourselves from the ignorance of material existence

by chanting Your Holy Names. This is effective because it helps

us remember You, the Most Enlightened.  You are the Source of 

the Righteousness, Love, Peace, and Truth with which we can 

elevate ourselves  from ignorant brute to Eternal Divinity.

You, the Most Pure, are the Source of the power of the totality of 

nature.  Any kind of  Divinity has its origin in You.Your Names 

are the purifying association we need for the cleansing of our 

consciousness.  By chanting them, we are  freeing our selves from 

the slavery and suffering of selfishness and gradually we returning 

to the Divine Freedom of Your Omnipresence.

You are the Imperishable Source of dignity, generosity, humility,

and all edifying qualities. The more we chant Your Names

and submit everything to You, the more we are in Eternal,

Transcendental Consciousness, the Light within and beyond, 

 the sound of silence and the blackness of space.

We are consciousness looking out through the Pineal gland. You 

are the Most Exalted in all ways, the Incorruptible, the Supreme 

Being looking out through all consciousness, Pineal glands, et al.. 

We increase our confidence in ourselves and raise the self  by the 

Self  by chanting Your Holy Name.  No doubt, chanting Your 

Most Holy Names/Names is one of the most constructive forces 

we have for our self- development.

The actual purpose of life is to clean up our lower consciousness

and return to complete Pure consciousness, our original nature. 

Thank You for inspiring us to chant Your Holy Names constantly. 

This spiritual practice purifies the Pineal Gland which in turn,

cleanses the consciousness. Gradually, returning to You, the

greatest and sole purpose of life, is accomplished.

Lack of consciousness of You is the root cause of the disturbances

in our life. Thank You for inspiring us to chant Your Holy Names. 

We transcend the illusory material world and its

intrinsic sufferings when we are chanting Your Holy Names.

Chanting Your Holy Names and surrendering all to You, we rise

above the goodness, passion, and ignorance of our past, present,

and future.

Chanting Your Holy Names is surrendering to You. Thus, we see.

You are the Supreme Eye of all eyes and Ultimate Ear of all

ears. You are the Supreme Intelligence without whom, there is no

intellect. Thank You for inspiring us to chant Your Holy Names.

 The well wisher of all, You pervade and transcend the known and

the unknown. Chanting Your Holy Names, we are surrendering to

You and coming back to Now.  Being consciously with You is our

original state of pure spiritual existence. Chanting Your Holy

Names and Surrendering all to You, we are enlightened, 

conscious, and liberated from the pains of mortality, 

immortality and all sorts of  dualities of existence.

Chanting Your Holy Names, and surrendering all our thoughts,

words, and deeds to You, is a spiritual activity that truly purifies

our  existence. To the degree our consciousness is purified, we rise

above petty, superficial differences and realize that all sentient

beings, are united in You. Your Eternal Kingdom permeates and

transcends all sentient beings, the Heavens and the Earth. Your

Kingdom is Here, Now at hand. Chanting Your Holy Names helps

us realize this fact of life.


You are the Indivisible, Undifferentiated, ‚Ä®Supreme Absolute. You 

are the One who is beyond cognition. Without You there is no 

thinking, feeling, willing, nor doing. Glorifying You by Chanting 

Your Holy Names and submitting all to You is our main business. 

Constantly thinking of is the foundation of our business. This 

leads to meditating on You.  Gradually we return to 

consciousness of  You, the Source of all Glory.  This is a 

return to Home, back to the Source, conscious union with You.

Our sickness is spiritual.  The roots of this sickness are grounded 

in our forgetfulness of You.  Remembrance of You is the healing, 

the recalling process.  We, the self is not just a material body, 

mind, intellect, or ego.

 We are  spiritual beings who have fallen under the spell of 

Your external illusory energy.  Chanting Your Holy names helps 

us regain our memory, our  freedom, our wellness and our sanity. 

Gradually we experience the fact that our roots are really 

grounded in You.  We are here, looking out from You through

 the Pineal gland, the Third Eye. 

We are here, now, always and forever, looking, listening, from

within, above and below.  The body, mind, intellect, and ego that  

You pervade and transcend.  We are the eternal soul, in quality 

one with You, the Supreme Soul, within and beyond the Totality 

of  the consciousness of all.

The deep, dense, pit of illusion, wherein we are thinking we are

temporary material things, can be overcome using the awakening

power of Your Holy Names.  Thank You for empowering our 

aspirations and redirecting us to ever greater levels of excellence.


We can cut through the illusion of thinking we can attain lasting

joy and fulfillment from material things by chanting Your Holy

Names. Thank You for inspiring us to chant Your Holy Names

with every breath. This is a primary step in surrendering to You.

Thus, the consciousness is cleansed and we are more inclined to

hurt never and to help ever while our inclination to meditate on

You increases. 

Since we have begun chanting Your Holy Names more seriously,

we are realizing purification of conscious. This has awaken us to

reconsidered the objective of our life. We have changed it from

material acquisition to spiritual realization of You.

By seriously chanting Your Holy Names we have undergone a

transformation at the base of our consciousness. We are

now realizing an increasingly greater satisfaction and peace, within

and without.
As we continue to call out Your Holy name with every breath,

whether in silence or in sound, we are realizing more spiritual,

intellectual, mental, and physical cleanliness, and comfort. Thank

You for loving memories of You; They inspire us to chant Your

Holy names and to further meditate on You with every breath.


 Memories of You are reawakening us to the fact that the real self

is not made of earth and will not return to earth; it is eternal spirit,

immortal, unlimitedly blissful, of infinite knowledge. It is

eternally  pervading and transcending heaven and earth.

Calling out Your Holy Names in silence, in a whisper, or loudly

is cleaning us up and restoring us to our original pure

consciousness; consequently, we are increasingly more truthful in

all our dealings, more merciful toward all sentient beings, and

more mentally and physically disciplined. All glories to that

spiritual activity which entails chanting Your Holy Names

Your Holy names are beyond all fear, doubt, prejudice, pride,

darkness and light. They offer spiritual shelter and

complete purification to all who take shelter in them. Chanting

Your Holy Names helps us realize the serene, omnipresent and

inexhaustible peace that is our original spiritual nature. For us, the

soul, there is no old age, disease, nor death. There is only

Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. Chanting Your Holy Names helps

us become calm and quiet and cognizant of Your Everlasting,

Omnipresent, Beauty.