Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


 Chanting 4

Wholeheartedly chanting Your Name and Glories is one of the

tools used to help in the purification of the Pineal Gland. As this

happens, the consciousness is purified. A purified consciousness

very naturally exhibits the virtues of Humility, Truth,

Righteousness, Kindness, Love, Charity, and Peace.

Our best qualities unfold as we enter deep remembrance of You

through meditation. There are many methods of meditating on

You. One of the most highly recommended in this age is the 

chanting of Your Holy Names. This purifies the Pineal Gland and

we gradually realize the fact that we are all within You and You

are within all. Nonetheless, all of our best qualities can never

contain You.

We think of You constantly by fixing the mind on You by

constantly chanting Your Holy Names and submitting all to You

constantly. Consequently, our consciousness is purified and we

naturally unfold our original freedom from ignorance, truthful

living,  humility, service and simplicity.

 Ignorance of self  is the cause of lack of respect and love for You. 

This gives rise to the sin causing brigands of anger, lust and greed.

Ever so gradually, through meditating on You, by chanting Your

Holy Names, we realize a returning to greater purity,

freedom, fulfillment and Everlasting Omnipresent Peace. We

gradually come to respect and love each other because of the

resurrection of our love for You.

 Master of all illusions and Source of all realities, You are more

subtle than the most perfect Union of Sound and Form, AUM. You

pervade and transcend Heaven, the  atoms, quarks, Maya, all

vibratory phenomena, and Silence, the infinite stillness of being. In

fact, You pervade and transcend All sounds, mundane and


We purify our Pineal Gland and hence, our consciousness of bad

qualities by always chanting Your Names, thinking of You, and

surrendering all to You. Gradually, we banish the ego and

gradually experience the Bliss of the Self. So, when we speak, if

we speak at all, it is from direct experience.
Eternal, Omnipresent, Omniscient, indweller of all, You are the

Source of all betterment. Of the great, You are the Greatest. We

concentrate on You to be cleansed, redeemed of the sin and

bondage of ignorance, while being restored to our original nature

of Absolute Pure Awareness.

 Thought is engendered by consciousness interacting with internal

and external sense objects. The basis of all creation, existing prior

to the beginning of anything, You are the Source of all thought as

well as the power of attraction in all sense objects. By praising and

thanking You, our Supreme Being, we heal ourselves from the

diseases of vanity, delusion, and self disdain caused by ignorance

of Self.

You are Divine Reality, Supernatural Being, the Primeval Energy,

the Life Force, the Prana, Ultimate Pure Consciousness. As far as

we are concerned, there is no truth higher than You. Thank You for

helping us to think of You constantly through the chanting of Your

Most Holy Names.

 You are the Source of all thought. Thank You for helping us fix

our thoughts on You, The most virtuous One. It is by thinking of

You by chanting Your Names and Glories that we purify the Pineal

Gland. Thus we return to our most virtuous consciousness,

thereby gradually reestablishing ourselves in Your Transcendence.

 We meditate on You, Ever-Present, Supreme Reality of all. You

pervade and transcend the five material elements: Earth, water,

fire, air, and ether. Thank You for teaching us how to uncover our

honor, courage, fitness, and love for all sentient beings by chanting

Your Holy Names.

You  pervade and transcend mind, intelligence, and memory. We

mediate on You, by chanting Your Holy Names with every breath. 

This is a very ancient method for edification and purification.

As the consciousness becomes more purified by chanting Your

Names, we can release all names and concentrate You and

meditate on You as the the Infinite Silence of Being, the Sound of

the Self.  The ancient method of meditation was used by

our Ancestors to purify the Pineal Gland, raise their consciousness

and hence their civilization to Divinity.

You are the Most Righteous, Impeccable, Productive, the Source

of Sophistication and Justice. Thank You for enlightening our

intelligence and leading us on this ancient and well used path to

reach You, here, now, in this moment. The more we are in

alignment with You, the more we are in harmony with the  Spirit

of  our most Righteous Ancestors.