Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 5

You are the Supreme Consciousness of all. We are blessed to be

always engaged in chanting Your names and glories. Additionally,

we are submitting all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, and

being ever conscious of the “sound” Your Silence. These are the

tools You have revealed to us for purifying our lower awareness

into the Pure Awareness/Consciousness of all sentient beings.

 Unoriginate One, no one is equal to nor co-eternal with You. You

are throughout all beginnings, middles and ends. Yet, You are

beyond all. Compassion, and Everlasting Love for others, who are

in reality, reflections of You, comes with purification of

consciousness. Chanting Your Holy Names is one way of purifying

our Pineal, Gland, the Gateway to Your Infinite Consciousness,

and thus raising our consciousness to ever higher levels.

Purification of existence energizes positive change. Existence

purification is facilitated by constant remembrance of You. We

remember You by calling out Your Names. This is the process of

surrender to You, our Supreme Consciousness.

Source of all opulences, Your Peace and Your Love are realized to

the degree we surrender all we think, feel, will, say, and do, to

You. Thank You for teaching us how to surrender  to You by

chanting Your Holy Names. You are our Divine identity, our

eternal Pure Awareness.

You are the One, Omnipresent, Divinity within all, Pure

Awareness, in and beyond its vast and variegated

costumes, disguises, and levels of consciousness. Thank You for

helping us see the importance of chanting Your Holy Names to

live Your Divinity within and beyond our lower levels

of awareness.

Thank You for revealing to us this ancient path of devotional

service to You. By this spiritual practice, our consciousness

gradually returns to its natural quiet and serene state.

Chanting Your Holy Names, dedicating all our activities to You,

Surrendering all to You, this spiritual practice is cleaning our

Pineal Gland. This leads to cleanliness of consciousness,

transformation of sick, materialistic consciousness into healthy, 

spiritual, consciousness. 

This is our original consciousness, healthy consciousness.

The healthier our consciousness the greater our ability to do our

duties more efficiently and altruistically as an offering to You, and

through You, for the benefit of ourselves and all sentient beings.

Real freedom is eternal, full of unlimited knowledge and bliss. 

This is attained by always thinking of You. Always thinking of

You is enhanced by chanting Your Holy Names. This helps us

become more devoted to You, worshiping You and surrendering all

to You with unselfish love, the only love there is.

As we engage in serving You, through our spiritual practice of

hearing, chanting, remembering and surrendering, we realize You

as the source of ever increasing love.

We have no desire to accumulate wealth, followers, knowledge,

nor fame. We simply are interested in being fit instruments of Your

righteous will, doing all we do as humble offerings to You.

By offering everything to You, we free ourselves from the 

repeated causes and effects of mundane existence. In the process 

we are freed from the bonds of attachment to all impermanence.

Our spiritual practice consists of always thinking of You

by surrendering all to You, chanting Your Holy Names and

meditating on The Silence. In this way we gradually realize our

transcendence to the material world and our quintessential unity

with You, our Supreme Being.

Infinite freedom, true liberation, is realized as we purify our

consciousness, thereby overcoming ego and transcending I, AM,

AUM, Silence, experiencing, and witnessing. Chanting Your Holy

Names is one way to accomplish this noble goal of consciousness


 Fixing our mind on You by constantly chanting Your Names is a

very ancient method of surrendering to You. In this way we

awaken from the ocean of ignorance and suffering, the nature of

the illusory material world, and are restored to our original eternal

nature of Pure Awareness.