Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Chanting 7

You are The Most Powerful, The One Supreme Awareness who

pervades, transcends, and positively transforms beings, forms,

fashions and circumstances. You permeate and are simultaneously

beyond all thoughts, names, forms, and Religions, none can claim

exclusiveness over You. Please accept our meager attempts at

chanting Your Holy names.

You are Foremost, before the beginnings, all knowing Chief, Best

of Good Shepherds, Ultimate Inner Light and Supreme

Leader within all. Thank You for Your merciful and most righteous

guidance in the chanting of You Holy Names.

You are the Most Moral Teacher, and Paramount Righteous guide

within all sentient beings. Thank You for teaching us the chanting

of Your Holy Names, thereby rescuing us from the ocean of

illusion and giving our lives real meaning and purpose.


Thank You for helping us to chant Your Holy Names and to

understand the fact that we do not have a "Spirit" or "Soul", the

"We" is "Spirit/Soul". You are The unborn, undying,

Invincible, Supreme "Spirit/Soul" of all.

As the source of the changeless peace which is always here,

You pervade, transcend, and positively transform all beings who

sincerely strive to become conscious of You. Thank You for

helping us to chant Your Holy Names and to realize, I am no body,

going nowhere, doing nothing. I am no thing. No thing is eternal. I

am eternal spirit/ consciousness, in quality one with You, Supreme

You are the Supreme Omnipresent Spirit, the power which

animates this body, and all bodies throughout the cosmos. We are

evermore realizing, through our spiritual practice of chanting Your

Holy Names, the Omnipresence of You.

Fixing our consciousness on You, through chanting Your Holy

Names, is freeing us from the illusion of birth, death, and rebirth. 

Moreover, we are enjoying increasingly higher states of

consciousness, joy and contentment.

The illusion is called Maya. Under the influence of this energy, we

are thinking we are the material body, mind, intellect and/or ego

trying to have a spiritual experience.


We are not a physical being trying to have a spiritual experience.

We are the eternal spiritual being, who pervades and transcends the

temporary material body, mind, and, intellect. By chanting Your

Holy Names, we are fixing our mind on You. Consequently, we are

evermore disentangling from Your  web of external illusory


Gradually, as we chant Your Holy Names, we are seeing You as

the all pervasive substratum of all consciousness, the all pervasive

"Now", full of unlimited bliss and knowledge, the Source of all 

culture and refinement. You are our refuge, our strength,  our

inner-joy and contentment.

You are the source of all excellence and the most praiseworthy. We

have survived and are transcending Your laws of material nature

by fixing our mind on You through the chanting of Your Holy



ou are the Source of all that is true, noble and righteous. Our

spiritual development/rejoining with ourselves, is protected,

survives, and thrives by hearing and Chanting Your Blessed Holy

Names, even as our body breathes in and out.

You are the Most Near, the Eye of all eyes, the Ear of all ears,

the Source of all sounds, the Supreme Power of the

multidimensional universes of being. Truly You are Supreme

Being of all sentient beings throughout the cosmic manifestation.

By chanting Your Holy Names we begin to see from within and

realize You, the Source of Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace,

as our Supreme Being. In Your light we are separating from Maya

and becoming self sustaining with real identity, Eternal, Spiritual


All the beauty of the space and splendor of the

universe are almost insignificant specks of Your infinite

attractiveness. You alone are the only One truly worthy of 

adoration and worship.

 You, who are beyond all standards of comparison, are the Source

of all concepts and realizations of silence, sound, and solar

systems. May You be pleased with our humble praise through the

chanting of Your Holy Names.

You, the uncreated, are Supreme Consciousness of all. You are the

Omnipresent One, the source of all creativity, intelligence, mercy

and forgiveness. Moreover, You are the source of all thought and

intelligence, the Supreme Knower and observer in all sights,

forms, sounds and silence. Thank You for the Divine Gift of Your

Holy Names.