Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                  Meditation 1



 Thank You and praise be to You for revealing to us how to meditate on the Self above the sounds and silence.  By our spiritual practice we deprogram our consciousness from the body concept to the spiritual reality.  

 We change the foundation of our value system from material to spiritual using this Spiritual practice.  It is the beginning of the end of our material involvement, and it marks the commencement and renewal of our integrity.  Gradually, we experience the restoration of our dignity and self respect, and our reawakening to Self Identity as Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.



We, the eternally poised and calm spirit, pervading yet transcending the body, mind, intelligence and ego, shed the material illusion the more we fix our mind on You.  This leads to concentrating on You which, in its turn, leads to meditating on You.   The self purifying process that leads to greater integrity and self-respect is  the spiritual practice of fixing the mind on You.






Gradually we are able to meditate on You from the Chidakasha while being aware of the sound of consciousness, silence. The Chidakasha is the area between the ears, behind the eyes.  It is also called the doorway to infinite consciousnes, and the seat of the soul.  From this area, the Pineal Gland, consciousness is radiated throughout every cell, molecule, atom, subatomic particle, vibration, and stillness of the body. 





This spiritual  practice evolves into meditating on You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  This is how we are reawakening to our Eternal wakefulness, shedding the illusion of being away from You, coming back to You, here now, the Eternal Omnipresence,  also known as our Supreme Being.




 As we continue to Meditate on You, we refashion our natural impulses, character, way of life and moral concepts.  We are reborn, as it were, into Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace, our original nature, the eternal peace pervading and transcending the cosmic manifestation.


  Meditation on You transcends the consciousness above the temporary negatives and positives of  mundane existence.  We began to experience self as eternal spirit, in quality one with You, The Supreme Spirit of all. 



You are the source of  Omnipresent Light and Power.  As we meditate on You through our service to You, we continuously shed layers of ignorance from lower levels of consciousness.




  As we continue our spiritual practice, the lower levels of consciousness are purified and and we are gradually freed from the bewilderment caused by ignorance covering these lower levels of awareness.  Continued engagement in the self purifying process of meditating on You gradually evolves us into our original oneness with You, our Supreme Consciousness.  

We meditate on You.  Meditation on You keeps us transcending ignorance and realizing our eternal union with You, the greatest freedom, justice and equality.  This is the goal of our life, and the real business of our spiritual practice.



Meditation on You as Supreme Silence, the indestructible, immovable, presence purifies our consciousness.  It is one of the primary tools used to free us from the delusion that the body, senses, mind, intelligence, or ego, is the self.  Purification brings in its train sheding of ignorance and restoration into the realization of the self as Eternal Spirit/Soul.



Having heard about Meditation through disciplic succession and having learned about it from our personal knowledge, observation and experience, we are engaging in this spiritual discipline of always thinking of You and meditating on You. Practicing  ever more diligently, we are increasingly enjoying the self within the Self. 


Lotus flower - Hue - Vietnam



 Let us Meditate on You by chanting Your Holy Names constantly, being aware of our normal breathing, and offering everything to You.  Gradually, our consciousness is being purified, we are ever more free from the illusion of maya and are sobering up to the origin where we have always been.