Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                         Meditation 10



We Meditate on You as the Supreme Pure, who looks out through all sentient beings  It is all alive with Your consciousness.   This type of meditation purifies our consciousness thereby, enhancing our spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical health. 




In the process of meditating on You, we regain our history, make a righteous legacy, realize our true identity as eternal, spirit soul, of unlimited bliss and knowledge.  This is the realization of our full potential.



The symptoms of the material contamination of our consciousness are birth, disease, old age and death.  Our consciousness is gradually purified of this disease as we continue to quiet the mind, open the heart of compassion, and awaken to the Oneness of You by Meditating on You as Supreme Being within and beyond all being.  



Meditating on You, The Source of all radiance, spiritual effulgence and pure vibration frees our consciousness, heart, and mind from bondage to the suffering inherent in Your illusory energy.  Moreover, it magnifies our radiance and brings us back to our original consciousness of Infinite and Eternal Peace.

There is none to compare with You.  As we continue Meditating on You, we see that all sentient beings are finite, temporary bubbles of various degrees of awareness on the shore of Your Infinite Ocean of Eternal Consciousness.



Meditating on You, The Most Magnificent, as Supreme Consciousness, beyond being and nonbeing, personal and impersonal, uninfluenced by happiness and sorrow, today and tomorrow, is the point of support on which our spiritual practice turns.

  The more the consciousness is purified by meditating on You, the more we realize You, transcending all dualities such as personal and impersonal, form and formlessness.



When we meditate on You by chanting Your names, surrendering all to You, or when we listen to the silence pervading and transcending all, we are purifying our consciousness.  

 Continuing our meditating on You, our consciousness is slowly purified of all uncertainties, and the brigands: Anger, lust, and greed.  Gradually we experience the grandeur of You, The Supreme Witness of  the thinking, feeling, willing, and doings of all sentient beings. 



Universality is our our basic approach to all life. As our consciousness is stilled through Meditation on You, we slowly realize You as the Supreme Consciousness of all sentient beings through out the Cosmic Manifestation.   

  Meditating You as the Omnipresent, Eternal, Divine Silence, helps us to focus our whole being on You alone.  Persevering in our meditating on You, our consciousness is ever more purified.  Slowly we realize our oneness with You, our Supreme Being, the Supreme Oneness that pervades and transcends the Cosmic Manifestation. 





 We, the soul/consciousness, are moral, ethical and spiritual. We realize this basic truth about the self as the consciousness is purified through our spiritual practice.  This practice is centered on meditating on You.


 We meditate on You as the only permanence, the Source of the Quietness that pervades and transcends all life. You alone are the only One truly worthy of our aspirations.   Thank You for  engaging us ever more in Meditating on You. 




   Thank You for revealing to us how to meditate on You with unalloyed devotion. This is surrender.  Everything, including the meditation practice is our offering, our service, to You alone. It is an increasingly beautiful source of inner joy and fulfillment that leads us along our own pathless path of True Love.

We meditate on You as the giver of the Most Unconditional Love.  All praises to You and You alone.  Association engenders assimilation.  Submission of all to You, at all times, living as spirit and calling out Your Names, associates the mind with You through meditation on You.  This is our method of purifying our consciousness and living consciously in Your presence again.   




You are beyond names, forms, formlessness, personal or impersonal, matter, spirit.  You are the Supreme Absolute,  beyond the reach of the mind to describe.  It is to You, and You alone that we submit all of our thinking, feeling, and willing to You alone.

You are the Supreme Reality of all faiths, creeds, colors, religions, nationalities, species of life, and realities, and the Source of all compassion, joy, and fulfillment.  Thank You for accepting our humble obeisances, and meditation.





  We meditate on You as the supreme Absolute, beyond all dualities such as loss or gain, pleasure or pain, victory or defeat.  We are victorious in the mundane, dream, and spiritual worlds the more our consciousness is constantly fixed on You by always thinking of You and meditating on You ever more.