Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                             Meditation  11






  You, our Ineffable Supreme Spirit, are always here, You neither come nor go. You are the foundation of all purity, positivity and stability. By always thinking of You, offering everything to You, keeping our mind fixed on You, we regain our original purity, stability and positivity.





Meditation on You is our ancient and proven spiritual practice that can benefit us today. It is here for the evolution, the purification, the unfolding of our positive values, the bringing forth, by day and night, of our original spiritual consciousness.



The more the consciousness is purified by meditating on You the greater our victories in our encounters with Maya, the illusory material entanglement.  As we are purified and return to the Self, our compassion and respect for all living beings increases.  Gradually we see and serve all within You and You within all, and are evermore freed from the entangling morass and suffering of Maya.





As we continue to Meditate on You by calling out Your Name, offering everything to You, and meditating on You as the Silence Itself, we gradually come back to our self.  We see this Self as You, always, everywhere, as the tranquil, blissful, all-knowing source of ultimate Love and Peace.  No matter how high we are, You are higher still. 





We meditate on You as the imperishable One, the Source of Right and Truth.  Thereby, we cleanse our lives of fraud and deceit. The more the consciousness is purified by mediating on You, the more we realize You as our Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme Absolute, Invisible, and Attributeless, Supreme Being.  



Our consciousness is purified by Meditation on You as full of unlimited bliss and knowledge.   You pervade and transcend all atoms, subatomic particles, vibrations, and the infinite stillness of being. Through Meditation on You, we realize You within our universe and our universe within You.


Real meditation is here for purifying our consciousness and in the process bring forth our higher, better character.  The more the consciousness is purified we uncover our original pure, blissful nature.




By meditating on You, gradually, almost imperceptibly, we see that You pervade and transcend all designations and vibrations.  Thus, we manage to realize, here and now, You, the greatest, the summit of existence. 



Thank You for revealing to us his ancient way of devotional service to You. By this service our consciousness returns to its quiet and serene state.  Thus it is that we become more intelligent and sober; we purify our consciousness and accomplish our sacred mission of developing our original nature, Divine Consciousness.



  Thank You for teaching us how to meditate on You as the greatest instrument of our spiritual practice.  By this practice of fixing the mind on You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do, we gradually realize that You are the most true, noble, beautiful, righteous, clean, lovable and beautiful.  You are the foundation of the conscious of all others. Verily, You are the most excellent and praiseworthy.



 Seeing that it is You in various forms of the "Other," we serve You exclusively.  Gradually we return here to our original position of Divine Consciousness.  Thank You and Bless You for kindly  engaging us, right now, in Your transcendental loving service.




It is by serving You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do, that we are absorbing the mind in You, the source of All.  Thus serving You encourages and aids us in our efforts to always think of You.  This leads to meditating on You,  the Most Righteous  Source of  all.  In a gradual manner we regain our original integrity, our Completeness of Supreme Being.