Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                         Meditation 12




 You are the One Reality, the Supreme Truth, the foundation of our civilization, the basis of the consciousness of all manifestations. We offer our humble obeisances to You, the One Divine Spirit pervading and transcending all sentient beings throughout the Cosmos. 





Furthermore, as a consequence of fixing our mind on You and shedding the materialistic consciousness, we gain greater realization of eternity.  This experience, which is beyond dualities such as day and night,  grief and happiness, wrong and right, spirit and matter, waxes stronger and brighter constantly.



We rise out of ignorance of self, the greatest ignorance, by meditating on You as the Supreme Intelligence, Purity, and Enlightenment.

Only a mind fixed in Your service, a consciousness meditating on You, not rules of grammar, degrees, money, fame, intellectual prowessness, nor mental or physical strength, will save us at the time of old-age, disease, and/or death. 



We meditate on You as the timeless One, the Greatest Power and Seer, the One under whose power all are situated.  As a Consequence of meditating on You, we are gaining greater self confidence and an ever wider and deeper appreciation of Your Most Wonderous nature.



Meditating on You strengthens the heart/consciousness by cleansing it to its original nature of truth, self-confidence, righteousness, love, peace.   Although so subtle, as to be often barely perceptible by the senses, through our meditation, we realize You, the All pervading, Silent Witness of all.


 We are so fortunate to serve You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  Serving You is associating with You.  Associating with You cleans our consciousness.



 The more the consciousness is purified, we see You, the Eternal, All Pervasive, Most Beautiful One, present always, everywhere, looking out through everybody. 




You are known  by many names, however, no name can adequately fathom, describe, or come near to enunciating Your most excellent virtues and qualities. You are the ultimate vision of the most beautiful future in this eternal present moment. Meditating on You, The Root and Ground of all consciousness, is the nucleus of our spiritual practice. 




Through association with You, The Supreme Pure, we are restored consciously where we always were, here in the infinite stillness of Your Supreme Silence.  The more we are in this state of being, our consciousness is increasingly purified, and we are situated in ever greater states of peace.


Clouds, mountains, entities, and worlds, come and eventually go.  You, the ultimate and only reality, are always here, changeless amidst the constant change. Meditation on You, who are beyond fame, infamy, change and all other dualities, yields the  purity of our original consciousness.


The more our consciousness is purified by Meditating on You, the more the bodily concept of life,  the material contaminated life of slavery to the senses, can be transcended, and the greater is our fulltime experience of Your Eternal, Omnipresent, Mercy, Beauty and Love.




 The purpose and goal of our meditation is to realize You, who are enshrined within all beings,  embodied and disembodied, and the only one worthy of worship.