Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                 Meditation 13




We associate with You by meditating on You as the Eternal, Indivisible, Undifferentiated, One, here, now, pervading and transcending all names, words, forms, faces, and personalities.  Meditating on You in this way, we experience the fulfillment of the higher spiritualistic life with its omnipresent pleasures: eternal, ecstatic, blissful, peace.





You are the Supreme Teacher and giver of all Righteous Laws.  By association with You, through meditation on You as the Eternally Present One, our consciousness is purified of the illusion of individuality.  Meditating on You in this way,  we gradually realize the inner joy and contentment of  You, the infinitely beautiful, eternal foundation of all worlds.




Moreover, meditating on You as the basis of all integrity cleanses our life of all the bitterness and suffering caused by ignorance of Self.  Most importantly, it restores us to our original eternal consciousness, beyond darkness and light, joy and contentment.  

We purify our consciousness by meditating on You as the Eternal basis of all integrity, pervading and transcending all words, worlds, and definitions.  Meditating in this way, we gradually awaken from the dream of materialistic identification, designations, and contamination.






 As a result of meditating on You, the small, individual states of consciousness drop away and the universal consciousness is seen as below The Cosmic Self, The Supreme Awareness which remains after everything else is rejected as not existing.  At this state we are catching a glimpse of the magnificence of our true potential, the Omnipresence and Eternality of  Your Perfect Peace which is beyond knowledge and bliss.

 Association and assimilation with You, the Supreme Pure, purifies our lower awareness. The more this awareness is purified, the more we are freed from illusory slavery to  egoism and materialism. 



  Moreover, with purification of awareness comes transcendence of the ego, and evermore intelligence to use the temporary material manifestations as offerings to You.  This, we clearly see, is to our eternal spiritual benefit.


 We meditate on You as the Divine, Cosmic Power which pervades and transcends all  dualities.  Your reign of power and glory is here before, during, and after the cosmic manifestations.  Seeing and serving You within all, we honor all sentient beings within You. Thank You for showing us a way out of the confusion and  frustrations of the illusory words of ignorance.


The more our consciousness is purified by meditating on You by surrendering all to You, the less we are concerned with the mundane, and we live an increasingly pure life, full of unlimited bliss, knowedge, and love for You and all sentient beings.



 As we continue to meditate on You, we see that it it is You alone who are the source of the consciousness of all sentient beings. You are the only one worthy of love here, henceforth and forever.  Meditating upon You draws us ever consciously closer to You.


Our consciousness is cleansed of all misgivings by meditating on You;  simultaneously, we are achieving the highest goal of life, Divine Consciousness.  Thank You for helping us control our mind, keeping away all other thoughts, by Meditating on You.



 As a result of Meditating on You we are undergoing a positive, benevolent, transformation of consciousness. The more our consciousness is purified by Meditating on You, the more we see through the illusion of stability in the material world.  

  Meditating on You helps us realize that we are more than temporary lower nature, transitory material bodies, minds, intellects, and/or egos.  We are eternal spirtual soul, higher nature, in quality one with You, the Supreme spirit, pervader and transcender of everything here. 



 We meditate on You by first coming to the spiritual platform.  We are seeing the self as the witness, the consciousness, thes awareness, not the material body, the mind, the intellegence nor ego.  The self is spirit and You are Supreme Spirit. The more we are in harmony with You, the more we are in harmony with all.



  You are the master, we are the servants. You are the whole, we are the parts. You are the Self, we are the same.  All praise to You, the Most Merciful and the Most Close.  The more we meditate on you, the less we are inclined to worldly pleasures and the attraction of the senses.

We meditate on You as the Source of Truth.  There is nothing within which You are not.  You are all this and beyond.  All praises to You, Supreme Being of the cosmic manifestation.  The more we surrender all we think, feel, will, say and do, to You,  the greater is our realization of Your Supreme Peace which pervades and transcends the cosmic manifestations.