Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                     Meditation   14




We meditate on You as the eternity that pervades and transcends these present, temporary circumstances.  The more we engage in this spiritual practice, our awareness is purified and we rise above sexism, racism, tribalism and all other corruptions of  the  lower levels of consciousness.




 We meditate on You as the Infinite, Innermost core of the  Consciousness of all.  Thank You for teaching us how to wake up, rise up, clean up, and go for Self by fixing our mind on You.  This is the beginning of meditating on You.  





We meditate on You as the Source of all Happiness,  The Supreme Replenisher who can never leave us. By offering everything to You, with love and devotion, we are using our  drives, talents, skills, and the products of the objective phenomenon, the material world, to fix our mind on You. 

By meditating on You as the Omnipresent One  who pervades and transcends darkness and light, black and white, wrong and right, we are shedding layers of ignorance, resting in You, and purifying our existence.


 We meditate on You as the tranquil, bliss-filled, vibrant Consciousness which pervades and transcends all Consciousness throughout the Cosmic Manifestation.  Through this spiritual practice, which begins with always thinking of You, our consciousness is gradually purified, enriched, and expanded into Your Consciousness. 


We think about You as all the resources we will ever need in order to do all we need to do to shed the illusion of material identification. Contemplation, concentration, study, reflection, and meditation are some of the tools we apply as we aspire to shed the illusion, and experience Your eternal reality in this moment.


We are so fortunate when we are to meditate on You, to remember You, and follow You in all we think, feel,will, say, and do.  Thus we purify our consciousness by being in constant association with You.

Purifying our consciousness, dissolving ignorance so that we might follow You ever better, is our ancient spiritual practice.  Revolving around meditation on You, it peals away all layers of illusions from our consciousness, revealing at last You, all that is left after the subtlest traces of illusion have dissolved in the fire of our spiritual practice.


Meditating on You brings us back into union with  You, who are beyond glamorous, and glorious.  Mere words can only make a feeble attempt to point out Your Super Excellence. 

 We meditate on You as the One of Limitless Power, The Highest Degree of Knowledge, The Greatest Designer, Supreme Planner, and the Most Righteous,  Internal and External leader of all. 


 Offering/Submission to You, frees us from the strangulating hold of  anger, lust, and greed, the brigands.  They rob us of our loving relationship with You and thus cause us all kinds of sufferings.

Spiritual life, revolving around surrendering all to You, gives us the time, space, and peace of mind, to constantly engage our life in spiritual cultivation while we engage in our Karmic duties in the material World.



Fixing the mind on You, of limitless opulence, is the key to meditation. It is the spiritual practice that purifies, raises, expands our consciousness and brings us into conscious union with You again.

 By meditating on You, our consciousness is cleansed of the toxins of lust, anger, and greed.  As this happens, we are more aware of the silence and increasingly able to experience and relish its beauty, and oneness with You.




We are constantly chanting Your Holy Names,  remembering Your glories, and entering Your Supreme Silence.  In this way, we are Meditating on You, The Source of the Omnipresent Silence.

We are aware of Your Omnipresent Silence which is more subtle than the either, and we meditate on You as such.  Consequently, we are regaining fullness of being and our natural, eternal Peace,  This is beyond meditation.  


 We meditate on You as the Source of Omnipresent Bliss, that from whom all is born. You are beyond all dualities such as form and formlessness, life and death, duality and non-duality. 

 It is You alone who pervades and transcends all, including hell, heaven, names, forms, formlessness, and all the layers and levels of sufferings connected with the worlds of  illusion.


 The more we meditate on You, the greater is the development of our self-confidence, patience, and determination to reestablish our loving relationship with You.  You can never not be with us.  Through misuse of our minute independence, we can become intoxicate with the transient, illusory pleasures of the world and become  unconscious of You. 


As we meditate on You, we shed the lower levels of our intoxicated consciousness and return, consciously to You,  the Origin, and remain here, where we have always being, though unconscious of Your Loving Presence.  Now, as we sober up, we are becoming ever more conscious of Your Eternal, Loving, Presence.