Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                           Meditation 15




When we truly worship, everything is offered to You with love and devotion.  As we progress in this discipline we find that we enjoy meditating on You evermore.  Thus is the lower consciousness purified and we realize that the mind, troubled or calm, is part of the illusion.  Peace, purity of consciousness, is our original state of existence.

 We meditate on You as You pervade and transcend all stages of darkness and light. Thank You for teaching us how to meditate on You by keeping Your Holy Name in our consciousness at all times. Thank You for teaching us how to Surrender to You, and how to follow Your righteousness lead out of lower consciousness with its vast and variegated illusions.




The more our consciousness is purified by meditating on You, we able to see and serve You in each other as well as become detached from the illusory entanglements.




   We meditate on You as the Supreme Unity, the centerless center, omnipresent, pervading and transcending the diversity of the cosmic Manifestation. 



 You are more subtle than the either and the silence.  We meditate on You as the eternal presence overlooking the consciousness of all. The more we meditate on You in this way, we reawaken and are blessed with glimpses of You in each other.  We gradually realize, there is no "Other".  There is only "You" within and without various forms. 




Seeing that it is You within and without various forms of "The other", we serve You exclusively through meditation on You.  Becoming aware of You as our Eternal, internal and external, Most Righteous guide, gradually we become again, living expressions of Your Precious, Eternal, Selfless, Love Supreme.  


 We  Praise You. We submit to You continuously.  You are our Supreme Being, the Source of Supreme Love.  You are the Source of self and its realization.  Thank You, for revealing to us, through Your association,  via meditation, our One True Self. 




 Due to meditating on You, we are going  inside, looking out, and experiencing a modicum of Your infinite freedom. Consequently, we are increasingly fulfilled, realizing You, The Omnipresent, reservoir of All Pleasure, as the  basis of all consciousness, inside and out. 


      In our poverty of intelligence we were striving after the illusion, the finite, that which does not exist. By the spiritual practice of meditating on You, we are experiencing the fact that You  are the Infinite, the only reality, all else is illusion, Maya.  


 You are  within and beyond all  bodily designations, all religions, colors, and species of life. Thank You for revealing to us the process of meditating on You  this is an ancient spiritual practice of worship far beyond rituals. 




 Thank You for helping us be our best selves by meditating on You.  This practice is enabling us to make a purer contribution to the betterment of our universe. 



The more we meditate on You as the changeless You are the Eternal One at the foundation of nature, the world, the universe.  , and most of all, , pervading and transcending all, the more our total existence is integrated, centered and balanced, the more we are in harmony You.