Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                            Meditation 16





 Thank You for showing us how to fix our mind on You, thus empowering us to engage in the purifying process of Meditation.  This process gradually frees us from the influence of anger, lust, and greed. 

Thus, this purifying process of meditating on You is the beginning of  "Coming Forth" by day and night into our original nature, harmony with You.  This possibility is here, now, at hand.  It is You, who always exists here, now, as the Greatest, Most Ecstatic State of Consciousness. 



 Fixing our mind on You, our Supreme Being who pervades and transcends all silences, circumstances, conditions and species of life, enlightens us.  We, through this practice, transcend the morass of ignorance that entangles one in the enigmas of the material world; as this is done, we very naturally manifest the qualities of loving kindness, and forgiveness.


  You are Supreme Soul/Spirit, the eternity of this present moment, beyond dialectical interchanges,  philosophical speculation, mental reasoning, and intellectual trials and errors.   As a consequence of fixing our mind on You we, in quality one with You, in Spirit and in Truth, become purified of material contamination, shed the material illusion, and bask in our Self Radiance again. 



 As a consequence of fixing our mind on You, we are reabsorbed into our original spiritual nature. In the process of bringing our total manifestation in line with our Supreme Being, we master the senses and live an increasingly fulfilled life, glorious  free, prosperous, and ever-more peaceful. 




 Never forgetting and always remembering You frees us from material contamination, biological identification, the suffering that everyone is subject to in the material world.  All the problems of life can be traced back to this basic ignorance,  identifying the self with the transient nature of material existence.

Doing all in remembrance of You affords us the sacred privilege of thinking of You.  Thinking of You brings us back into meditation on You. This purifies our consciousness while it simultaneously brings us into union with of You.  In this way, we transcend the suffering associated with life in the material world.





We meditate on You by the slow but sure process of Devotional Service.  Devotional Service means: all that we think, feel, will, say and do, we do as an offering to You.  This is the way we purify our consciousness and avoid making more bad Karma. 

We are responsible for our own condition.  Other people, places, circumstances, and situations, are instruments through which own Karma returns to us.  We reap what we have sown.  Therefore, as we want done to ourselves, we do to others. 





 Cleanliness of consciousness is quintessential for reaping goodness and mercy.  Higher than good works is offering everything to You.  In this way, we transcend the results of all our own doing, Karma, and proceed on the straight path to conscious union with You.


 We ascend from pure philosophic thought to advanced mysticism, from "What is the meaning of this world experience?" and "What is the object of all existence?", to "Who is 'I' ?".  Is the true "I" the ego?, the slave master, or is the true "I" ultimately pure being, the source of all energy, intelligence, creativity, maintenance, and destruction?



We also purify our body, senses, mind, and intelligence by chanting Your Holy Names, being conscious of silence, and offering all thoughts, words, and deeds to You; for us, this is meditation for freedom from delusion, freedom from the encagement of material existence,  restoration to Divine realization. 




The impure propensity for lording it over material nature can  be cleaned from our consciousness by the spiritual purification practice of always remembering Your Eternal Omnipresent Silence as like unto You.


The charity of chanting Your Holy Names and relishing living in a secluded place are some of the fruits of  a heart being cleansed of material contamination by meditating on You.




Through Your grace and mercy, ones good karma, meditation, and purification, You can be known as You are, perpetually before us as our ever well wishing friend, sibling, parent and Supreme Love. 


 The more we meditate on You, and You alone, the more we recover from our sin-sick forgetfulness of You.  This sickness is manifest as our encagement in this material body, mind, intellect, and ego which are subject to some type of old age, disease, and death. 




As we awaken, by constantly surrendering to You, we realize Your and our deathless, all pervasive transcendental nature.   Thank You for helping us improve our knowledge of You by always thinking of You.


 Pervading and transcending all names, forms, manners, and dualities,  You are our Eternal Supreme Spirit. To the degree we awaken, as a result of surrendering all to You, we realize,  we do not have an eternal spirit, we are eternal spirit. 



 Never forgetting and always remembering You is the way we follow You and return to our original pure consciousness.  This Spiritual practice purifies our consciousness of the illusory mind and its train of impure thoughts. 




Our consciousness is purified and naturally sheds the illusory layers of body, mind, intellect, and ego by always thinking of  You.


 All things work together for the good of those who reawaken their dormant love for You. Their will is increasingly in harmony with Yours through the process of surrendering everything to You.  This process begins when we engage the mind in always thinking of You.