Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                            Meditation 17




We meditate on You as the Source and Goal of Eternal, Ultimate Truth.  Real meditation is here for purifying our consciousness of the clouds of ignorance.  The more this happens, we experience the fact that the true "Self" belongs to no designation.  Pervading and transcending the ignorance of  identifying with the temporary body, mind, intellect, and ego, the  Real Self is You, the Eternal, Ultimate Truth.




 The more the consciousness is purified by meditating on You, the more can we very naturally give support, encouragement, respect, and empathy to those who need and want it for their righteous spiritual practice.  This spiritual practice revolves around serving You, the source of the consciousness of all sentient beings.






Thank You for helping us remember to offer everything to You as an aid in remembering You.  This is one of our purifying and reawakening agents that help us meditate on You.  The more we meditate on You and purify our consciousness, the more life has meaning and purpose.  Thus we reawaken/return to You and remain consciously where we have always been.



Gradually we experience the  Self deep within the Silent presence of now as IS.  Clearly we realize the blissful silence as infinite peace, our natural state of being, the Source of the Ultimate Truth, the greatest benefit, compared to whom and separated from whom there is none.



Meditating on You as the Silence Itself, brings more light and insight to our consciousness.  We gradually shake off the dream as we awaken to the reality that original Pure Consciousness never falls into illusion.  Thinking that Pure Consciousness falls into illusion is an illusion.





You are the Source of spiritual, intellectual, mental and physical, strength and Power.  By always thinking of  You, Pure, everpresent Being, we become evermore devoted to You in union with You.  Our submissions are to You, Supreme, Most Righteous, Eternally Pure, Consciousness, alone.




Devotion to You engenders worship of  You. The more we worship You with our natural love and devotion, the more we realize we are always with You. Thinking we are separated from You is an


     Real meditation is here for purifying our consciousness.  The more the consciousness is purified the more we reawaken to unselfish love for ourselves and all sentient beings.




By Meditating on You, who pervades and transcends earth, water, fire, air, mind, cosmic intelligence, and ego, our consciousness is purified. We gradually reawaken into You, where we have always been.




    Our consciousness is purified by Meditating on You, who permeates, yet ever remains beyond, darkness and light, chaos and harmony.  Thus we shine forth, out of the illusion of confinement in  illusions, realizing inner joy and serenity as our natural state of unfettered consciousness.





Thinking of You always, leads to devotion to You. Gradually, we worship You with great and transcendental faith. This practice is our consciousness purifying, sanctifying, and electrifying process.





We meditate on You as imperishable, Supreme Pure Being, beyond form and formlessness and all other dualities.  By meditating on You we gradually shed all impurities.  As this happens, faith, kindness, joy, and all other virtues shine forth naturally from the Self.






When we are remembering You our consciousness is being purified. This is the process of experiencing the ultimate goal and purpose of life, You, our Supreme Being.