Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                               Meditation 18




  As a consequence of meditating on You, we increasingly behave in a polite, even-tempered, and self-controlled manner; the lower consciousness is being purified and we are reawakening to our our original Pure consciousness.


 Moreover,   meditating on You as a consequence of being absorbed in thoughts of You, our consciousness is purified of the denseness of illusion, our natural self-control and discipline are coming more into play, and we are gradually freed from all cravings, including the craving for liberation.  We realize the fact that we as eternal soul, are always liberated.






 The more we meditate on You the more we behave in a state of  complete transcendence of sense domination.  Moreover, the more we meditate on You our consciousness is purified of lust, anger, and greed. 





Gradually, as the consciousness is purified, we see that the quality of our life is a result of our thoughts.  The life we live "Today" is a result of our thinking, feeling, willing and doing "Yesterday".  The life we will live "Tomorrow" is the product of our thinking "Today".  Meditating on You, the Most Pure, purifies our thoughts and brings us back to the consciousness beyond thoughts.




 Meditating on You, the Highest and most Pure Consciousness, is far beyond dialectical exchange between various schools of philosophers.

 We comprehend the various levels of presence and consciousness the more our consciousness is purified by meditating on You.  Gradually we see the self as consciousness/spirit and You as the all pervasive Divine Spirit/Consciousness of all levels of consciousness/ presence.




You pervade and transcend all things, forms and worlds, spiritual and material.  Burgeoning spirituality is engendered by always meditating on You. 

Gradually enlightenment blossoms, sheds ignorance, and our lower consciousness reawakens into our original union with You, The Over Self, Pure Consciousness, The Source of  Eternal Bliss and Knowledge.   



 Always thinking of You is central and vital to our spiritual practice.  It concentrates the mind on You. Concentration of the mind on You is the beginning of meditation on You and realizing You as Pure Consciousness.        



We meditate on You as the Radiance, the Spiritual Effulgence, the Eternal Light that bestows wisdom.  As we increase our meditation on You, we continue to increase our self-purification.  This leads to union, awakening to the Ever-Presence of You.  This gives real meaning and purpose to our life.



 We are liberated from the illusion of psychiatrically disordered state of sub-consciousness as our consciousness is purified by fixing our mind on You. Our rise into higher consciousness does not depend on the fall of someone else.  Our rise depends on always thinking of You.



 The way out of the suffering is to fix our mind onYou by offering everything to You. Gradually, discrimination is awakened, humility shines forth, renunciation blossoms and we Meditate on You alone as the inner most and outermost Self within and without the self. 



Burgeoning spirituality, engendered by always thinking of You gradually blossoms and awakens us into our original Pure State of Eternal Bliss and Knowledge.    



Peace sign, May Peace Prevail on Earth


Realization of You, the greatest intelligence, the Over Soul of the cosmos, is the ultimate value and the only thing worthy of striving for.  There is nothing more priceless nor precious than You. You are the only One worthy of praise,  adoration and meditation. 






As a consequence of being absorbed in thoughts  of You, we are gradually liberated from the train of suffering that follows materially contaminated consciousness and are gradually reestablished in the bliss and knowledge that comes as the illusory selves are shed. 




Meditating, Seeking You, the Great Here and Nowness, The Greatest Truth is, to us, the highest virtue; the source of the greatest virtues i.e., Justice, Temperance, Wisdom, and Courage.  Meditating on You as "This", gradually spiritually resuscitates us to Your Omnipresent, Supreme Being.