Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                     Meditation 2



This spiritual practice consists of meditating on Your Eternal Omnipresence. One of the practices that helps us in this endeavor is lovingly meditating on You constantly as Eternal Presence.  In this way we attain purity of Pineal gland. 


From purity of Pineal gland comes purity of  the Chakras and consciousness, followed by purity of mind.  Pure mind radiates pure thoughts.  Pure thinking, feeling, willing, and doing, thus follow cleanliness of the Pineal gland. 



This knowledge of Self is  not based on blind faith but on  demonstrable, repeatable,  evidence.  The Pineal gland, the gateway to the Supreme Self, can be cleansed when this Spiritual Scientific practice is applied in our daily life,.  Many already know this as a consequence of their personal practice.  The ultimate goal of this ancient practice is conscious union with You.



 Coupled with calling out Your Holy Names, this meditating  process gradually cleans the Pineal gland and in the process cleanses the consciousness of the  contaminating intoxicants:  Lust, anger, and greed.  As we  become clean and quiet again, we are evermore conscious of Your Omnipresence, pervading all designations, languages,  and species of life.


With Your purifying association, acquired through meditation on You as Supreme Consciousness, our consciousness rises from the very cold, sometimes  extreme hotness,  of anger, lust, and greed, to the natural peace of compassion, love, and charity.




By meditating on You, we become calm, quiet.  We become very serious about remaining evermore liberated from the suffering of Your illusory energy Maya.  Our liberation from Maya transcends even the three virtues of compassion, love, and charity.  Gradually,  we are  reestablished in sameness, equanimity.  We are transfigured, in Your loving presence again. 



This spiritual practice of meditating on You grants us the sacred privilege of  associating with You.  By associating with You, Universal Supreme Consciousness, our awareness is enlightened with the knowledge by which ignorance is destroyed. 



Meditating on You as all pervasive Awareness purifies our consciousness.  Purified consciousness reveals everything as the Sun light drives away darkness. Moreover, Purified consciousness further  reawakens us to union with You, here and now, in this present moment.  This is one way we wake up to our ultimate reality, and are able to come into increasing alignment with Your universal love.  Because of this we express, evermore, unselfish love for all sentient beings. 



As the  consciousness is purified through meditation on You as the Eternally Supreme Witness of all witnesses throughout the universe.  The more we do this, our consciousness is purified.  Subsequently, our ability to think, feel, will, act, and do, within the parameters of virtuousness is magnified.  We unfold our most virtuous self.



Meditation on You, by surrendering all to You reawakens us to You, the ultimate goal/purpose of our life.  This is the spiritual revolution, the nonviolent revolution of consciousness that can help us  experience our Oneness with the Omnipresent Peace of the universe.


Meditating on You as Supreme Awareness, and beginning with the understanding, I am not this body, and gradually awakening to the experience that the real "I" pervades and transcends this body is in fact a revolution in consciousness.



 There must be revolution of consciousness if there is to be real change in our life. This transformation of consciouness occurs, in the intellectual light of I  am nobody, no mind, no intellect, no ego. I am eternal spirit, beyond all concepts, names and forms, beyond the "I AM". Meditating on You as this Supreme Awareness cleans the consciousness and enables us to experience this fact.


     By Meditating on You as the Witness of the blackness and the Silence of the universe, we are born again; we sober up into our original spiritual integrity of truth, righteousness, love and peace, transcending the ego, intellect, mind, and body. 


 We meditate on You as the Source of all Consciousness, the Most Divine One, the Ultimate Intelligence of the Universe.  You are the only one fit to cling to.  You are the only One who will never leave us.  You, our Supreme Self, are the only one we can truly rely on. Thank You for showing us how to realign our consciousness with Your Supreme Will, the way of Peace.


 Knowedge of self, Divinity, culture, history, goal of life and how to achieve it, are all revealed to us as we purify our consciousness by meditating on You, The Eternal, Omnipresent, Supreme Spirit of all Spirit, the source of the Eternal Silence. 

 By Meditating on You, the Supreme  Imperishable Spirit, the  Ultimate immaterial goal, we have gotten on our own side, the spiritual side, and have begun to realize and be fulfilled in Everlasting, Omnipresent Peace.

We transform our life and validate our integrity by coming forth into experience of You through meditating on You.   We meditate on You by surrendering all to You. We meditate on You by calling out Your names, verbally and nonverbally.


By meditating on You as the Supreme Uplifting and Reforming Power, our consciousness is purified, and we regain our original calm, silent, omnipresent, pure consciousness.



 As we meditate on You as the Never Absence One, the Supreme Silence, The Ultimate Reality of all, we live in greater harmony, happiness, and peace with all sentient beings.