Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                           Meditation   3                  



Our meditation on You keeps us coming forth, sobering up into Your Eternal Omnipresence by day and night.  Our knowledge and intelligence is increased and desires cease, the more we concentrate on You, the purpose of our education, and the means and the end of our meditation.





We meditate on You by being conscious of the breath. We meditate on You by meditating on the Silence.  We meditate on You by calling out Your Names.  We meditate on You by offering You everything.  We thank You for teaching us how to think critically for ourselves about everthing, including Your existence.  We thank You for teaching us how to meditate on You, the Source of all freedom, justice, and equality.



 Thank You for showing us how to fix our mind, and intelligence on You.  This process empowers us to constantly think of You.  This constant thinking of You concentrates the mind on You. 




Concentrating the mind on You frees us from the ego and leads us straight away to  meditating on You as the Unchanging Witness of the ego, intelligence, mind, and body.  Meditating on You in this way gradually purifies our consciousness, frees us from the influence of the dualities of material life, and reunites us consciously with You again.



 We meditate on You by concentrating our mind on the "Sound" of Silence; thus, all thoughts and tensions settle out of our consciousness.  Gradually,  we experience our oneness with Your Eternal, Omnipresent Peace.  As we rest again as peace, we respect and love all as ultimately Pure Consciousness, Eternal, indescribable, undisturbable Serenity, full of unlimited bliss and knowledge.



You exist here, now, in this present moment. Fixing the mind on You, and concentrating on You by constant praise and thanksgiving, prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association and meditation-particularly meditating on the silence itself, are some of the ways we concentrate on You,  meditate on You, and associate with You. 



We silence the mind, purify the consciousness and see with equal vision by meditating on You, the Source of the light of spirituality, The Supreme Silence.  This is another of our methodologies for meditating on You and gradually returning to You.



  We meditate on You as the Supreme Awareness which pervades and transcends the Supreme Silence. By meditating on You we discover truth evermore. As we meditate on You, our spirituality matures.  We are increasingly empowered to love and be of greater service to all sentient beings, by serving You within them.  Gradually, we evolve more and more into Your presence, the presence of The Most Perfect One.



  Meditating on You purifies and frees the consciousness from the entangling webs of illusion, thus returning it to its original self-intelligent, nonbewildered state. We gradually understand and practice the science of  always thinking of You.  Increasingly, we experience some of  the joy, peace, gentleness, love, truth, righteousness and power that is the true nature of You, Pure Consciousness.


You are the  Eternally Aware Silence.  Meditaitng on You in this way, cleanses our consciousnes and frees us to be sane, and compassionate. We also Meditate on You, as the Omnipresent Source of Infinitely abundant Kindness, doing so situates us ever more strongly in our original, eternal Transcendence. 


Neither rejoicing upon receiving that with is seemingly pleasant, nor lamenting when something unpleasant enters our world is the nature of a sane and compassionate soul who is being purified through meditating on You.  In fact and deed, as our consciousness is purified by Your association, we are the ever well-wisher of all.

  We meditate on You so as to enlighten our life and realize You, the full stature of our Divinity, here, now in this present moment.  The more we do this and experience the results of meditating on You, the less we are inclined to participate in the sources of misery, trying to enjoy the objects of the senses through the temporary senses of the material body including the mind.



Meditating on You, The Everpresent Silence, effaces the ego, slowly but surely, and we are increasingly free from doubt and delusion. As we persist in this self cleansing progress, we ever so often glimpse or experience the unlimited happiness that  knowledge, observation, and experience says one experiences if one persists in concentrating on the You, the Supreme of all.

Meditation on Silence itself is one of the primary tool we use to realize You, The Supreme Tranquil, Blissful, Silence, which permeates and transcends all bodies, minds, intellects and egos.   The experiences of  You, the Infinite, the Eternal, are far beyond the delights of sense pleasures which have a beginning and end.




Meditating on You, we gradually realize You, the foundation of all elationships.  Moreover, we see that is You alone that many worship under different names.  As we continue our meditating on You as the Self within the self and simultaneously beyond selves and all self concepts, we begin to experience our universal spirituality, and our true identity as Eternal Spirit.



Surrendering all to You constantly, aids in meditating on You. By meditating on You we realize the crucial importance of protecting and serving our identity within You. We gradually see that birth, disease, old-age, death and rebirth are myths superimposed on our consciousness by contact with Your illusory material world.



It is You, within and beyond the Supreme Silence, pervading and transcending all varieties of living entities, who are the goal of our meditation and the purpose of our life.  By meditating on You, the All Purifying One without a second, our  Pineal Gland is purified, our consciousness is gradually cleansed, and we slowly lose attraction for sense pleasure.