Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                              Meditation  4



  Meditation is here for purifying our consciousness  and bringing us back into conscious union with You.  Real meditation is meditation on You.  We can meditate on You as the Witness of the Witness within all consciousness.   As we meditate on You our consciousness is purified by virtue of associating with You, the Most Pure.   



   We meditate on You and are increasingly able to experience our real position which is transcendental to the insatiable urges of the senses to enjoy their objects. As far as we know, no one has attained liberation in the Supreme Consciousness while still being a slave to the demands of the insatiable senses.




 The objects of the eyes are forms.  The objects of the nose are smells. The objects of the tongue are tastes.  The objects of the mind, in forgetfulness of You, are acquisitions for sense gratification, lamentations for the experiences that one had, and hankerings for the experiences that one hopes will be one's lot in the future.




The purification that comes as a result of meditation on You empowers us to transcend the forces of desire and repulsion, two sides of the same coin of attraction for the illusory worlds.  Thank You, for showing us how to meditate on You for our well being, as well as for the well being of all sentient beings throughout the universes.  




We can never thank and praise You enough for showing us how to Meditate on You.  We can meditate on You as the Supreme Witness of Silence.  Meditating on You in this way affords us the privilege of associating with Supreme Stillness and thus becoming more still and quiet inside and out.  The more we are still and quiet, free from thoughts, the more we can avail ourselves to Your Most Beneficial,  Calm and Quiet Leadership.






Meditating on You as the Infinite Eye of consciousness at the source of all consciousness is another way of meditating on You.  This method of meditation also brings us back into consciousness with You.  Harmony with Your will, the way of  the Infinite Peace which pervades this and other universes throughout these cosmic Manifestations, is Consciousness with You. 




 Meditation on You is the master key to the door which leads to our our spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical purification and liberation.  The more we progress in this spiritual discipline of meditating on You, the more we experience the innate happiness within and the infinite illumination that is the Source of all being. 


The more the consciousness is purified through Meditation on You, the more we overcome attachments and designations affilated with the temporary material body, mind, intellect, and ego; We experience our natural state of consciousness beyond duality and doubt.

In the light of knowledge, observation, and experience, we know that we know what we know: Your Love is my Love.  My love is Your Love.  Love is spiritual.  It is the eternal spiritual relationship we have with You alone.

The consciousness can be purified, and we can regain ever higher, more sublime levels of existence by meditating on You.  This meditation process includes surrendering to You, chanting Your Holy Names, and being ever conscious of Your Silence. 



This spiritual discipline of meditating on You gradually frees us from anger, lust, greed and all material desires.  Our consciousness is purified and we are tasting the spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical bliss of You.


By meditating on You we are consecrated.  The consciousness is purified, the bondage to desire is broken and we realize our own enlightenment, Divine-Consciousness, Perfection in You.  This is the goal of our movement.  It is a building up process, from lower brute consciousness to our original state of divine Consciousness.



The more we meditate on You and thus purify our consciousness, the greater our ability to control the ego, intelligence, mind, and senses.  Gradually we transcend desire, fear, and anger.  Slowly being purified and retiring into the Infinite Silence of Your Being, we evermore experience the fact that our real happiness and total joy are within Your Eternal Omnipresence. 


 The more the consciousness is purified by Meditating on You, who are beyond dark and light, we are realizing the Eternal Omnipresence of Your Perfect Peace.  We are realizing You, pervading and transcending all names, forms, places and things. Hence, the consciousness is purified and we are exceedingly less inclined to indulge in violence in thought, word, or deed toward any sentient being.



As we Meditate on You, Supreme Consciousness, by chanting Your Holy Names, surrendering all to You and being conscious of You as the Eternal, All-pervasive Silence, our consciousness is gradually purified.  Meditating on You we overcome ill-manneredness and ungratefulness, and realize You, our Supreme Consciousness, as our One aim, our common destiny, and our One true Love.





Meditating on You is providing us with answers we need to know about ourselves, as well others.  It has revealed to us the goal of life and how to attain it, and the best ideal for humanity and how to achieve it. To the degree our consciousness is purified by meditating on You, the greater is our patient perseverance to regain You, from whom we can never be separated.