Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                            Meditation 5 




We can meditate on You by calling out one or more of Your numerous names. To the degree our consciousness is cleaned of ego identification by Meditation on You, the Source of  Superior Kindness and the Greatest Peace, we rewaken in Your Omnipresence. Thank You, for revealing to us how peace of mind and transformation of our nature, from barbarian, to human, to Divine, is attained by meditating on You.  





Meditation is a spiritual tool for fixing the mind on You.  The means and the end are synonymous in this method of meditation.  We are fixing the consciousness on You by fixing the mind on You, the Most Pure.  Through association with You we gradually purify our consciousness of the diseases of anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness and envy.




 Fixing the mind on You, The Supreme Unity within all Beings, purifies the consciousness and returns us to our original position of love, compassion, charity,  saneness, serenity, and wellwishing. Thus, we regain our wholeness, respect and love for all.  Above all benefits, we gain conscious union with You again.



We can meditate on You by meditating on You as the Supreme Witness of Silence. Thank You for showing us how to bring the mind back under the control of the Self  by Meditating on You, The Highest, Most Powerful Self.  This, to us, is the quintessence of  mindfullness and self-purification.



The way out of the suffering caused by ignorance of Self is living a life centered in You.  It is ignorance of our eternal relationship with You, the  Supreme Self  of all sentient beings, that causes us to desire the external objects.  Attractive though they are, they are simply traps, there for the illusory consumption of  the insatiable senses.




The way out of those traps, Maya, the way not to get involved with those traps, is to fix the mind on You, the source of the strength of  all illusory energy, the traps.  Futile attempts to satify the insatiable senses is one of the major causes of our entrapment in the illusory worlds of suffering.  Always thinking of You is the way out of Maya.



When unsatisfied, these insatiable desires for sense gratification causes anger, which causes many other problems due to its delusional effect on the mind.  The way out of the never ending illusion is to fix our mind in meditation on You.  In this way  ignorance, the cause of suffering, is destroyed by You, the Supreme Purifier, Enlightener, and Spiritual Preceptor.



We Meditate on You by being consciousness of the rising and falling of the chest as the air enters and exits.  Gradually we see that the so-called "Self " as ego, intellect, mind, and body are superimpositions on Consciousness. They do not exist. In reality, You, and You alone are the Source of ego, mind, all intelligence and consciousness.  You alone exist; all else is illusion.



 We can meditate on You as the Eternal Silence.  The greater our meditation on You in this way, the more we see the True Self as Eternal, Pure Awareness.  Beyond all dualities, this Pure Awareness pervades and transcends acceptance, rejection, happiness and despair, lost and gain, victory and defeat.



Pure Awareness truly is transcendental to ego, intellect, mind, body, and senses.  As the consciousness is purified by Meditation on You, all lower, specious identifications are eliminated and we are situated consciously in union with You, Supreme Awareness, again.

You are the Eternal, Supreme Unity, in all the temporary diversity of life.  We meditate on You and become  purified of all desires for revenge, liberation, and salvation.  You are the Supreme Witness of salvation and liberation.  Your law is the law of Karma.  By meditation on You the consciousness is purified and we are less inclined to make bad Karma and more inclined to do good as an offering to You.



  Fixing the mind on You is  concentration that  leads to the Meditation.  This practice cleanses our consciousness and empowers us with the heart of love and the mind of peace.  This is the Eternal Love and Peace that transcends compassion and comparison. Thus, we transcend the clutches of ignorance that entangle us in the enigmas of the illusory worlds.

We can meditate on You by being consciousness of Now, the present moment, while we watch the air coming and going out of our nostrils.  The more our consciousness is purified, by meditating on You, the greater is our experience of  You, The Supreme Cosmic Awareness, the Source of our original inner joy and contentment.



Meditation begins with the process of seeing the self as spirit and fixing the mind on You.  The Source of all the heavens and earths have their origin in You.  Therefore, all we think, feel, will, say and do, we do as an humble offering to You.  This helps us in our feeble attempts to Meditate on You and transcend the results of good and bad Karma. 


Purifying our consciousness by Meditating on You, causes our  consciousness to renew and expand. We become free from material contamination and reawakened to our original spiritual nature. We experience inner joy, contentment, fulfillment, ever increasing  intelligence, and Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace. 




You are The Most Perfect in all respects. By surrendering all we think, feel, will, say and do to You,  we become spiritually awakened in Your Supreme Perfection and Peace.  This leads to greater meditation on You.





Meditating on You purifies our consciousness of egoism, evermore.  As this happens we are blessed at anytime with glimpses of Your exceedingly beautiful excellence. Blessed is one who has had a glimpse of You.

Your omnipresence is experienced as the Self within the self, the Supreme Conscience, within the innermost recesses of our most Righteous, most beneficial consciousness, beyond comprehension, comparison, and one's ability to describe or explain.  


 Lotus Flower Meaning 


Meditation has You, Our Higher Power, Our Permanent Self, the Supreme Healing Power, as the Ultimate Goal.  By Meditating on You, all our doors of perception are purified of suffering and albeit gradually, You are experienced at last as the Supreme Awareness within and beyond all awareness.


We can meditate on You as the Witness of  Silence.  By meditating on You, we see that it is You and You alone who are the pilot and co-pilot of our life.  You rule exclusively.  You have no partners.  All are the same in Your sight. Other than You, all of us are in need of purification of consciousness.





 Purity of consciousness, earned by meditating on You, makes us more intellectually honest for the sake of right and honor, without thought of profit, adoration or distinction.  We realize the benefits of doing all we do without harming others, as an offering to You.  Union with You is the purpose and goal of our sacrifices and austerities. 




You are the well wisher of  all.  Thank You for allowing us to meditate on You as the Witness of the Presence of Now.  Gradually we see that it is You and You alone who are the most virtuous, eternally the same, pervading and transcending all sentient beings.