Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                 Meditation 6




We can meditate on You as the Highest Power.  You are beyond Higher Power because there is no power to compare with Your Power.  You are beyond thought and intellect.  The closer we get to You consciously, the more we experience our natural fulfillment, security, and peace. Thank You for showing us a way to Self-knowledge, Self-respect, and Fearlessness. 

Actually, You, The Supreme Love of all, are the Supreme Being of  all.  You are always here.  The Spiritual practice articulated here as Our Word  helps us in our efforts to experience this reality and thus treat others as we would like to be treated, seeing You, our Supreme Self, pervading and transcending all Being.  





We meditate on You as beyond being, nonbeing and all other dualities.  Thank You for Our Word.   Thank You for empowering us to meditate on You, especially early mornings between 3A.M. and 6A.M. This spiritual practice transforms us into our very best selves.  We regain the power of our Self-respect and are edified for the benefit of ourselves as well as other  living entities.




 Meditation on You as the Omnipresent, Eternally Aware, beyond Sound and the Silence, cleanses our consciousness.  Moreover, it frees us to be sane, compassionate, and the wellwisher of allOther than on You, there is none worthy of our serious focus, praise, adoration and meditation.





We meditate on You as Eternal, Pure Consciousness, pervading and transcending every tribe, border, creed, sexual orientation, every nation, and dogma. Verily, we meditate on You pervading and transcending all vibration, and all of the most subtle, indestructible energy throughout the cosmic manifestation.  The more we meditate on You the less we grieve, rejoice, hanker or lament over the life, death, or resurrection of any living being.





By Meditating on You our consciousness is gradually becoming purified.  We are becoming more filled with loving kindness toward all sentient beings.  Increasingly we are able to hear and abide by Your Still "Small" Voice of Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace within our consciousness.





We can meditate on You as Pure Consciousness, pervading and transcending all statues, photographs, images, paintings, pictures, rivers, and streams. Through Meditation on You our consciousness is purified, we are renewed.  In the process of purification of consciousness, we turn from our wicked ways, and return to our righteous nature here, now, in this present moment.




As we meditate on You, as the Supreme Silence, The Ultimate Reality of all, our consciousness is purified.  Because of this purification of consciousness we naturally manifest our latent virtues, spoken of by Siddhartha Gautama as the Eightfold Noble path.




These virtues:  Right view, (seeing in the light of spiritual reality), right concentration, right mindfulness, right thought, right effort, right livelihood, right behavior, and right speech, follow naturally the more our Pineal gland and consciousness are cleansed of all impurities due to our always thinking of You.




We can meditate on You as Pure Consciousness, pervading and transcending all everywhere.  By meditating on You in this way and preaching only what we have practiced and realized by Meditating on You, we find we are talking less, and realizing inner joy and contentment more.  Thank You for revealing to us various methods of Meditating on You.  



 Meditating on You causes a positive transformation at the very foundation of our consciousness; simultaneously, our will aligns with Your Will, the Way of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace; thus equipped, we are of increasing value and service to You, and through You to all living beings.



We Meditate on You, by surrendering all to You. This reawakens us to You, the ultimate goal/purpose of our life.  We are born again into our original spiritual integrity, transcending the intellectual, mental, and physical,  through Your most edifying association. 



 We meditate on You, as the source of the virtues of the Eightfold Noble Path and the only one fit to cling to.  Moreover, we meditate on You as the only One who will never leave us, cannot leave us.  We meditate on You as our Supreme Self, the only one we can truly rely on. 



 By Meditating on You as the Supreme  Self, Imperishable Spirit, the  Ultimate immaterial goal, we have gotten on our own side, the spiritual side, and have begun to realize and be fulfilled in Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.



  The more we consciously unite with You, by meditating on You, the more we free ourselves from the cells of illusions, the fetters, and we attain the real goal of life:  complete, conscious, union with You. This is our original nature, our original constitutional position, the ultimate goal of our life. 


The more our consciousness is purified through meditating on You, the greater is our ability to follow righteousness in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.   Consequently, we live in greater harmony, happiness, and peace, with all sentient beings.