Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                  Meditation 7


Through meditating on You as the Unlimited Silence, we see a way to remain discriminative and detached from the confusion, violence and dispair of the illusory existences. Thank You for showing us a way out from under the intoxication, oppression and slavery of sense gratification.

   We meditate on You, and You alone, as the ground of all being  as well as the goal and purpose of all life.   Meditating on You as This, our consciousness is purified and we become more kind, loving, and forgiving, our original constitutional position as Eternal Pure Consciousness.





We meditate on You as the Always Here.  We  meditate on You as all around us and within us, in this present moment, in this eternity of Thisness.  Meditating on You as This and here, our consciousness is purified and we gradually realize our original nature of Eternal Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace, beyond full and empty.





We Meditate on You, as the Innermost Reality of all.  Thus we realize our original, natural state of equanimity, inner peace, happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction.  


We meditate on You pervading and transcending all concepts and experiences of Silence itself.  This technique also purifies the consciousness.  Moreover, we meditate on You as the Eternal Here and Now as our Greatest  Consciousness witnessing all consciousness. 





 You are The Eternal Source of  The Greatest Silence.  You are our Dear-most Friend, Most Righteous Guide and Supreme Being. We meditate on You, pervading and transcending the Silence and all energy. Gradually, we are experiencing  Your Eternal Omnipresence,

We meditate on You, as permeating and transcending The all Pervasive Slience and Stillness Itself.  We Meditate on You as the Greatest Being, beyond the personal and impersonal concepts of Ultimate Reality.




Meditating on You, the consciousness/heart is increasingly cleansed and infused with its natural condition of compassion, love, and charity toward all.  We are already awake.  We just have to cleanse our consciousness to experience the true beauty of You, eternally here now, in this present moment.




Meditating on You, as the most austere, the Supreme Silence, we see that You are here before the beginning, during the middle, and after the end. 

 Meditating on You, our consciousness is gradually cleansed of negativity.  We gradually see that You really are The Source, the Resurrector,  the Supreme, Most Righteous Power of all that exists.



Meditating on You, The Infinitely Vast, Most Wise and Majestic, lifts us to ever greater, more glorious, tranquil and enlightened states of existence.


     You, who are full of Unlimited Grace and Beauty. We Meditate on You by listening to  Omnipresent Silence, the most constant and stately presence under and within You.