Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                            Meditation 8






 We meditate on You as the are timeless one within all, without beginning, middle, or end.   We Meditate on You and decolonize our minds from the delusions born out of the illusory concepts of self as ego, intellect, mind, or material body. 



Gradually, as we come to the spiritual platform, seeing the self as spirit, the consciousness shifts from the unreal to the real.  Gradually we are enlightened to see and serve You everywhere.




 We meditate on You as Everlasting, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Indivisible, Undifferentiated, Supreme and Absolute.  We meditate on You as the only One worthy of praise, adoration, worship. 

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 We meditate on You as the source of  our past, future, and our present moment. The more the consciousness is purified through Meditating on You, we do things in a decent and orderly manner; we discard the decadent and embrace the clean and edifying. 



We meditate on You as the Source of  intelligence, the powers and discriminating falculties of consciousness. The more the consciousness is purified through this spiritual practice of meditating on You, the greater is our experience of You, here and now, pervading and transcending attributes and attributeless.



 We meditate on You by seeing the self as spirit, calling out Your name and surrendering all to You. Your names are many as are the routes to You.  Our Word is one route.



 Surrendering, Offering, Submitting, and Serving are synonymous to us.  All are routes and means to fix the mind on You. They help us to associate with You.  Thus, they assist us in the practice of meditating on You for our edification, purification, and gradual, conscious, reunion with You, the Most High.



We meditate on You as the Supreme, Intelligent, Inner Pilot, the Supreme Joy and fulfillment.  No matter which term or name we use, we meditate on You as the Highest, The lowest, The Best, The Brightest, pervading and transcending all consciousness, and all dualities.  Thus we meditate on You as beyond names, forms, and personalities, the ultimate goal of our life. 

Our consciousness is purified of arrogance by meditating on You. By meditating on You, our consciousness is expanding. We are able to see  the multitudes of  species of life, death, and breath itself, existing within You, the cause of all consciousness.   

By meditating on You we are able to transcend all the dualities and maintain our equanimity during all the vicissitudes of the external, and internal worlds.  Meditating on You with devotion and love helps us regain peace of mind,  patience, mental stability, and consciousness of Your Omnipresence.

By meditating on You as The All Pervading Infinite Stillness of Being, our consciousness is purified and we are freed from all attachments to all, save You, and You alone. 


We are ever intensively meditating on You as the Source of the Divine, all pervasive Silence.  By the Grace of being able to meditate on You in this manner, the ego is being destroyed and we are being resurrected in Your likeness simultaneously.



We are meditating on You by being ever conscious of the silence, submitting everything to You and chanting Your Holy Names.  By meditating on You in this way, our consciousness is being purified of the illusory propensities for immorality while simultaneously we are regaining You, the Source of the highest morality.