Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                Meditation 9



We meditate on You as our greatest inheritance, infinitely more precious than silver or gold,  the Source of all wealth, health, and happiness.  Verily, You are the One Eternal, Infinite Existence, who pervades and transcends all.  reating, manifesting, and all dissolving emanates from You alone.



We meditate on You as within and beyond all, including Silence.  Meditating on You in this way sheds more illumination on our traditional beliefs about everything including the purpose of  life, knowledge, travel, research, experience, and spirituality.



We meditate on You as as the all pervading transcendental, Supreme, beyond impersonality, personality, and all other dualities.  You are the One who gives purity of purpose to our otherwise impious lives. 



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 We meditate on You as the Super Soul.  There is no where for You to go. You, the Most Tranquil, of unlimited bliss, are  always everywhere as the source of the greatest Love and Peace. We meditate on You as this, Supreme Consciousness, the Source of our original Spirituality, and  the purpose of real knowledge.





In our Cuture, Spirituality entails seeing the self as consciousness, awareness, or spirit.  We are not a body, mind, intellect, or ego with a soul; we are the soul which has within it an illusory, temporary, ego, intellect, mind and body.  The real business of our life is to purify our consciousness out of the illusion and be reestablished, consciously, in Your eternal, loving presence again. 



 We meditate on You as always everywhere, the tranquil, blissful, source of the greatest love and peace. The more we meditate You in this way, our consciousness is purified.







  As a consequence of meditating on You, we are realizing enlightenment.  You, the Reservoir of all pleasure, we are experiencing as our innermost reality, the Source, the very basis and purpose of all self-cultivation for conscious reunion with You, the Greatest Consciousness, here, now, in this present moment.



We meditate on You as beyond happiness and sorrows; here now, transcending yesterdays and tomorrows. 



We meditate on You by calling out Your names, on beads, silently in our mind, on the streets, anywhere, all the time.  The more we meditate on You, we experience our original, awake, state of consciousness.  We see that we were more or less asleep, seeing through a fog, chasing illusions, thinking the dullness of consciousness was our natural, awake condition.




Meditating on You, offering all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, and calling out Your name constantly, leads to absorption in You.



 Thank You for revealing to us a methodology for increasing our wisdom and purifying our consciousness by meditating on You.



 Meditating on You, allows us more intimate association with You.  By associating with You our consciousness becomes pure, wholesome and noble again.  It is purified even as we engage in activities of a seemingly mundane nature.



As we engage in meditating on You through listening to The Silence, witnessing  the witnesser of silence, hearing of You and chanting Your Holy Names, remembering You and surrendering all to You, we realize You as the source of spiritual purification, and transformation to ever greater, more subtle and fulfilling states of consciousness.

The expansion of consciousness and the development of insight, intuition, and ever increasing love for all sentient beings, is unfolded as we meditate on You.  Guided by this enlightened insight, we move forward toward greater, conscious union in You, with enmity toward none and Divine love for all.