Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 13

You are Supreme Awareness  Itself, the Most Pure, Most 

Righteous, the Infinite Consciousness, which 

pervades and transcends the beginnings, middles, and 

ends of all Cosmic Manifestations.  This Thou art.  Moreover, 

You are the Source of the love we are seeking in the  external 


As we purify and develop our intelligence by always  

thinking of You, we discover that the only relationship that 

exists is our eternal, loving relationship with You.  All else is 

lust, illusion, it  has no endurance, it does not exist.   

  The more we meditate on You, the more we are purified of unrighteousness;  we are more cultivated in turms of taste, intelligence, creativity, mental acumen, and physical health.  Thank You for teaching us how to use whatever we have, no matter how  insignificant, in Your service.  This is submission to You.  It helps us in our efforts to always think of You and be purified.

The problems we have are rooted in our misidentifying 

the self to be of a particular material designation such as 

race, creed, color, religion sex, species of life, or 

whatever.   Due to that basic ignorance, we are striving in

vain trying to enjoy life in the flesh while entrapped in Maya.

That ignorance of self is caused by contamination, also 

known as calcification, of the lens of the Pineal gland.  This 

 led to forgetfulness of You and the fact that Your everlasting 

 bliss is within.  We could not remember that the gateway to 

this Infinite Consciousness  of You is our Third eye, the 

Pineal Gland. 

                                                                                  Ashtavakra gita

We really had forgotten this ancient knowledge of Self.  As a

result, we could not remember what we were supposed 

to think in order to experience Your loving presence, and as a 

result, most of our thoughts were negative. 

 We did not know what we were suppose to do in order  to be 

in complete harmony with You, Pure Awareness, the Source 

of the intelligent life of positivity, freedom and bliss. 

 We, in our ignorance of  Self, had forgotten You and 

were sinking lower and lower, deeper and deeper, getting 

evermore entangled, in the abyss of names and forms, 

ignorance and suffering,  Maya.  

We did not remember that we had to sacrifice in order to get 

out of hell.  Gradually we remembered that the best, highest, 

and greatest sacrifice is to remember You in all we think, feel, 

will, feel, say, and do.

At an earlier time in the evolution of our consciousness, we 

were just lost to knowledge of our self and where we  

belonged.  Somewhere between heaven and hell, mostly  

 in hell, we were trying to have fun and fulfillment, and 

finding none. 

 Wwere just tumbling around in Maya, in vain 

and deep frustration, trying to find the bliss of  Heaven in 

temporary, physical thrills, mistaking them for fulfillment.

We were undeveloped spiritually, intellectually, mentally, and 

physically, unsure of a way out, or if there was 

way out of hell

 Most of the time, we did not even know we 

were in hell.  We definitely did not consider that the 

Kingdom of Heaven just might be within our own 


 Thank You for meeting us in hell and telling us to always 

think of You and become Your devotee.  We believed You, 

tried  it, and it works.  We have been rising out of hell since 

applying Your compassionate advice.

 We, in our ignorance of  Self, had forgotten You and 

were sinking lower and lower, deeper and deeper, getting 

evermore entangled, in the abyss of names and forms, 

ignorance and suffering,  Maya.  

We did not remember that we had to sacrifice in order to get 

out of hell.  Gradually we remembered that the best, highest, 

and greatest sacrifice is to remember You in all we think, feel, 

will, feel, say, and do.

   Always thinking of  You is raising us out of Maya into 

Your Righteous likeness again.  Hence, our individual 

and social conditions are being cleansed and refined.

  The more our consciousness is cleansed,  the greater is our 

healthy spiritual, intellectual, mental, and physical 


We are rising, being elevated from the lowest 

levels of hell to ever higher states of excellence of 

consciousness and awareness, refinement and  development. 

 The power behind and in front of our rise is our 

commitment to, and application of, the process of always 

thinking of You.

Thank You, the Source of Supreme Wisdom, for resurrecting us from a more or less dead level of consciousness to everlasting life.  True resurrection, eternal liberation is spiritual.
True resurrection is rising out of Maya to freedom from lust, anger, and greed;  It is resurrection from the bodily concept of life and freedom from the pain of Maya. Thank You for teaching us to think independently, critically, and gratefully.

You, the Greatest Truth, are the Main and Supreme Goal of our thinking, feeling, willing, and doing.  Thus, by always thinking of You, we are rising from the death and destruction of Maya to the bliss of the Self.   

We must be free.  Freedom is our  birthright, and it is the 
birthright of all existence.  All have their individual Karma.  
However, through  knowledge, observation, and experience we are realizing that constant remembrance of You is teaching us a way to freedom from the wheel of cause and effect, reaping and sowing, Karma.  

Submitting all to you, our suffering too, helps us to transcend 
the law of  Karma, cause and effect.  Slowly, we are liberated and are reestablished in our eternal, tranquil relationship with You.  We see that this is being accomplished by the logical spiritual practical of remembering You while  we do what we do.  

Always  thinking of You,  the most free,  pure, and just; calling out Your name, and submitting everything, purifies our Pineal gland of  calcification.  Gradually, we experience freedom from the  of domination and slavery to the senses, including the mind, and liberation from the madness of Maya, Your illusory energy.

We remain firmly adhering to You through our spiritual practice of calling out Your name and offering to You everything.  Slowly, but surely, our consciousness is being purified.  We are really being born again.   

Our nature, now identifies as what it really is, spirit.  Once dominated by the most subtle opponent, ego, identifyng as physical, mental, intellect, or ego, now our nature has returned to its proper spiritual identity, now it can rest and relax.  

Seeing itself as energy,  awareness, or consciousness, in quality one with You, our nature, continues engaging in the remembrance of You, the self-purifying process. As a result, we more easily travel on the straight path to conscious union with You. 

The more we engage in thinking of You, we are purified and we see, ever more clearly, that our real business, our best duty, is to return to You, the Source.  You are the only one worthy of returning to, for You are the One Supreme Awareness,  Energy,  Soul, or Spirit, of all.   

As our consciousness is purified, through Your association, it  is transforming from devil to angel, to Divine.  We are  rising, from the spiritually dead, bodily identification, back to our Divine Spiritual nature,  Your "Self":   Eternity, Knowledge, and Blissful Tranquility.

This purification process, coupled with seeing the self as spirit or consciousness, beyond subject and object, permeating and transcending the body, is truly revolutionary.  It cleanses, reorganizes, and redirects conation, affection, and cognition, the three parts of consciousness called mind.  

Purifying the guiding principle of consciousness called intellect, this self-purifying activity frees us of false self knowledge, the self identifying concept called ego.  In the exercise of purifying our consciousness, this spiritual practice of remembering You lifts us from the muck and misery of existence in Maya. 

 Thank You for helping us hold fast to You through stress, strains, and constant pain.  We have been able to do this by our spiritual practice of constantly remembering You.  Surely this is the art and science that has brought us through.  This is the state of consciousness that is helping us work together, to get ever closer to You.

You are the Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Irreducible, 

One, who art in the world and simultaneously beyond the it.

Called the hidden One, by those of  calcified Pineal Gland,

 You pervade and transcend all names, dualities, forms, 

and formlessness.  The ultimate goal of our life  is conscious 

reunion with You.

You are the Source of all Righteous Intelligence.

Soulness, consciousness, or spirituality can be experienced 

to the degree the Pineal gland is decalcified and the 

consciousness is cleansed of all desires, including the desire to 

come back to You.  

This decalcification, desirelessness and consciousness 

purification  process are a consequence of our spiritual 

practice of, somehow or other, by all practical means, 

always thinking of  You.  This purifies our intelligence and 

leads us straight back to You. Gradually the  experience 

dawns on us that it is impossible to ever be separate from You.

Blessed is the day when we heard You  advise us to always think of You.   Offering to You everything  and calling out Your name are the primary tools we use to always think of  You.  Always thinking of You is definitely cleansing and raising our consciousness/awareness to a more compassionate, Divine level.

 Utilizing the method of always thinking of You, we are holding fast to You.  We can bear witness that this process works for our greatest good. Therefore, we are determined to persevere in this spiritual practice of always thinking of You.

As we practice always remembering You, we are experiencing the fact that lust, anger, and greed, the heartless enslavers of the ego, intellect, mind, and body, are gradually dissolving from our life.  We can testify from our personal observation and experience that this spiritual practice is working. It is reestablishing us in our original nature of truth, righteousness, love, freedom and peace.  

We and others can testify from our knowledge, observation, and experience, that this spiritual practice of always thinking of You really works.  Undoubtedly, it is freeing us from the heavy Karma of anger, lust, and greed, and we are evermore experiencing a returning to our natural state of Imperturbable Peace.

One without a second, You are the Supreme  source of  all 

personalities throughout our Cosmic  Manifestations.  Verily, 

You are here before the Triple Blackness which is here before 

the Galaxies come  in to play.  Thank You for accepting our 

humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving.

When we doubted that it was possible for someone to exist in something so small as a tiny ripple in a small pond, we tumbled over into Maya, the worlds of illusion.  

The shock of falling into Maya and calcification of the Pineal gland caused us to lose memory. Consequently, we forgot who we were, and we lost our intelligence and memory of our true identity. 

In ignorance we identified the Self as body, mind, intelligence or ego; that which we thought we could easily identify, along with everyone else, as the self. Consequently, we fell deeper into the confusion and frustrations, the bewilderments of Maya.

 As result of the misidentification of the true Being, 
we  strove in vain to attain joy and fulfillment through the senses, body, mind, intellect, or the ego.  By Your Grace and Mercy, we are  transcending that enslavement to Maya and its five brigands by always thinking of You.

                                                                        Advadhuta  Gita

Our True Identity has no designation.  It is  Eternal Spirit, Soul, Consciousness, or one  might call it Energy.
It looks like no thing, yet when we experience it, see it with our Inner eye, our Third Eye, we recognize it as You, our too long forgotten, Supreme Being.

We know from our observation and experience of You that 
we look like You, not in flesh, but in spirit.
We know from within that we look like You. You are our Ever 
Present, Supreme Being/Consciousness, the Witness of  all. 

  Thank You for helping us to hold on to You alone. You are our Home.  We are holding fast to You by increasing our remembrance of You.  We are doing this by utilizing every honorable means, recognizable and available, to help us always think of You. This is our "First class ticket Home".

You, our Supreme being, are our Original Ancestor, the source of our DNA.  The real solution to our problems lies in our remembering and experiencing You as our Most Intelligent Source of all creativity and power, past, present, and future.

Remembering how to be still and letting You abide, helps us to live a simpler and increasingly complete and fulfilled  life. You, the Supreme Self, are our eternal spirit or consciousness channeling through all Pineal glands. Throughout the Cosmic Manifestations, it is You, Pure Awareness alone, who, after all, reigns Supreme.

You who pervade and transcend all forms, shapes, and 

attributes are here; watching this,  right now.  The place we 

are looking from is the place from which we are seeing this.  

However, from where You are looking from,  even "This" can 

absorb into insignificance, into the Triple Shining Blackness, 

and that can dissolve into Nothing.  Nevertheless, You remain eternally the same, changeless, Infinitely Pure Awareness.  You are the One and only reality, the Complete and Final Witness of all, including the Triple Shining Blackness and Nothing.

The more we engage in activities  that decalcify the Pineal
gland, the more  we experience the fact that You, our
Supreme Being alone, are the Eternal Monarch of the Cosmic

You, the Supreme Source of all states of  awareness,
contaminated or pure, pervade, and are always transcendental to the birth, growth, old age, disease, and death of all planetary systems.   Thank You for relieving us of  the fear of those five inevitables of life in the material worlds. 

Thank you for helping us praise You, thank you, call out You 

name in all circumstances and bow to You alone.  These 

practices help us to remember You. 

 It is absolutely true that You have no partners nor co-equal

in purity, power, or intelligence. No one other 

than You can associate with You on Your level.  However, 

always thinking of You allows us to associate with You on our 

level and be purified of wickedness.

 It  is through remembering  You that our Pineal gland is 

purified and decalcified, and the ego is effaced. Gradually we 

are purified, and we reunite with Your Eternal, 

Spiritual Kingdom of Omnipresent Peace, here, 

in this moment.

Everlastingomnipresentpeace.com reminds us of a spiritual 

practice that purifies the lens of the Pineal gland, thus 

allowing us to experience the self as the righteous energy, 

creativity, and intelligence, manifesting through this gland 

situated near the middle of the brain.   

Tracing the origin of this energy flowing  through the         Pineal gland, we see that it is You.  The source of "I" and of     all energy, intelligence, and creativity, is You, the Source of   this power flow through the Pineal gland. 

Thank You for showing us how to be in the world 
yet simultaneously detached, to be non-conformed though seemingly in the tight grasp of Maya.

Fixing our mind on You in those circumstances and practicing remembering You in all situations empowers us to be detached.  To overcome Maya, in this, and any conditions or situations we must know how to be detached from Maya. 

 Surely, remembrance of You is our rod of  discrimination and our sword of detachment.  Thank You for showing us how to practice and use this invaluable weapon in our efforts to overcome the  world of Maya  an return to our Home, our original nature of Eternal Bliss.  

Looking from within, we see that You,  the place we were 

looking for, the place we are coming back to, are the place

we  are ultimately  looking from:  the Eternal, Deep, here, 

now, Undisturbable, Pure Awareness of all.

As we  continue to engage in this offering of spiritual 

practice, wexperience increasingly, our quiet mind, and our 

original inner joy and fulfillment.  Thus, we come back to 

You, the Source of our substance, our strength, our 

centeredness of being, and our Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace.  

The more our consciousness is purified via the Purification of 

the lens of the Pineal gland, we exit, back out of the illusory 

worlds.  We fell in, we back out through constant 

remembrance  of  You.

Those worlds are of birth, old-age, disease, death, and rebirth 

are  places of more or less the suffering.  It can be more or 

less hell, cold or hot.  Surely, those worlds are places of 

various degrees of suffering where repeated birth and 

death, and bad dreams are taking place.

We can reenter evermore the eternal spiritual world, our Nation of Peace, here and now.  This is accomplished as our consciousness is purified through constant remembrance of You.  We do this through submission, and glorification of You.  Moreover, we offer our prayers and thanksgiving to You, our very own Supreme Being.

Thank You for helping us become ever strongly adhered to You by seeing, glorifying, and submitting all to You.  Ideally, we do this in all circumstances.  In this way of we return to our original nature of Eternal, Omnipresent Peace.

Some of the benefits of this purification and transformation of

consciousness is a return to our original 

wholeness, courageousness, and Infinite calmness.  We call 

this state of Ultimate Reality, Everlasting, Omnipresent, 


This re-spiritualization process is a spiritual practice that 

helps us shed layers of ignorance and selfishness from our 

Pineal gland.  This purifies our consciousness of anger, lust, 

and greed.  Those are the enemies that make our life 

miserable in so many ways.

 As the consciousness is purified, the temporary mind within 

it is also purified. To the degree that this happens, we 

very naturally shun evil and do good.  

When we are at this level of purified consciousness we want 

for others what we want for ourselves.

  Furthermore, we continue to purify our consciousness and 

raise ourselves by the quality of thoughts we feed to our 

mind.  We do this by properly nourishing the Pineal gland 

and thus cleansing its lens by always remembering You.

Calling out Your name and offering You everything. Helps us 

remember You. This clears our organizations of village  

gossip and keeps us concentrated on the right path to union 

with You.

So, we see, always thinking of You is the basis of self-

improvement.  Cleanliness, austerity, self-control, comes with 

true self-improvement.  Community improvement is based on 

individual or self-improvement.  Universal 

improvement is based on community improvement.  So, 

everything is based ultimately on always thinking of You.

Cleansing the lens of the Pineal gland empowers us to
overcome the illusion of stability in the material world. The
major instrument in cleansing this gland, through which
consciousness channels, is the spiritual practice of always
thinking of You, the Most Pure.  This is how we are taking 
refuge in You from the wiles of Maya.

Other Pineal cleansing agents are clean, mineral rich spring
water, clean, green foods, sunlight, and meditating in silence,
and in the blackness.  Very beneficial also, is sitting the body in the light of the sun, specially the early morning Sun.  However, as far as we are concerned, the best  nutrient for the cleansing and developing the Pineal Gland is always thinking of You.

Occasionally one can expose the area  between the closed 

eyes to the Sun.  Gradually, moving from the forehead, 

one can allow the early morning spring rays to shine directly 

at the baby's soft spot at the crown of the head directly above 

and on the Pineal gland. 

We meditate from the head between the ears and behind the 

eyes, the Chidakasa, the sixth Chakra, the area between the 

two halves of  the brain known as the Pineal Gland. 

We meditate as who we are, the energy flowing through the 

Pineal gland from its Source, You, The Supreme 

Consciousness, Supreme Being of all, are always present. You 

can never leave us although we can forget You.

You are within and beyond I, AM, AUM, silence,

unconsciousness, all consciousness, knowledge, ignorance,

experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss. Gradually, by this

purification process, of always thinking of You, lower

consciousness rises to its original level of Infinity, conscious

reunion with You, our Supreme Being.


You are our Eternal, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Eternal, 

Supreme Being. It is to You alone we come to You 

for approbation, refuge, strength, fulfillment, freedom, 

contentment and peace. 

We beseech none other than You.  In fact, in the final 

analysis, there is only You.  All else is the illusion, Maya, 

which is also pervaded and transcended by You who are 

above, within and eternally beyond all names and forms.

We are making Spiritual advancement by seeing the self 

as spirit and always thinking of You. In the light of our 

knowledge, observation, and experience, we know that always 

thinking of You is a purifying process. 

We can extrapolate from the above that our humble attempts 

to write in praise and thanksgiving to You will continue to 

improve as we continue to fix our mind on You, the Most 


A lotus flower can be born in muck, mire, mud or water, grows in these elements and rises up to stand above them unsoiled.  We are seemingly born  and raised in the illusory worlds.  However, constant remembering You is raising us to ever greater levels  of excellence.

 However, being blessed with the good Karma 

to know about always remembering You and applying this 

technique, we are overcoming the worlds of illusion.  

Increasingly, overcoming the illusory worlds by 

fixing our mind on You, we are living evermore 

uncontaminated by Maya, the illusory worlds of birth, 

suffering, death, and rebirth.

Aum is Your original, primeval, word.  Most High,  

Higher Power,  Most virtuous, Supreme Being,  Most 

Pure, The Greatest and Most Powerful are some of Your  

names and attributes.   Surely, You are within and beyond all 

names, attributes, and dualities.