Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 13

The Most Pure, Most Righteous, the Infinite Consciousness, 

which pervades and transcends the beginnings, middles, and 

ends of all Cosmic Manifestations, this Thou art;  the 

Supreme Witness of  the Blackness of Space within which the 

cosmic manifestations come and go.  The more we meditate on 

You, the more we are purified of unrighteousness.

The problems we have are rooted in our misidentifying 

the self to be of a particular material designation such as 

race, creed, color, religion sex, species of life, or 

whatever.  That basic ignorance is caused by 

contamination, also known as calcification, of the 

lens of the Pineal gland.  

As a consequence of the calcification of the Pineal 

gland, Supreme Consciousness is  not channelling clearly, 

abundantly, through the Pineal gland and from the Pineal 

gland, throughout the body, senses, mind, intellect, and ego. 

True resurrection, eternal liberation is spiritual. It is freedom 

from lust,  anger, and greed;  It is resurrection from the

bodily concept of life. thank You for teaching us to think 

independently and critically with You, the Greatest Truth, as 

the Main and Supreme Goal.

We must be free.  Freedom is our  birthright, and it is the 

birthright of all existence.  All have their individual Karma.  

However,  knowledge, observation, and experience  is teaching 

us a way to freedom from the wheel of cause and effect, 

reaping and sowing, Karma.  

Submitting all to you, our suffering too, helps us to transcend 

the law of  Karma, cause and effect, and be reestablished in 

our eternal, tranquil relationship with You.  Always  thinking 

of You,  the most free,  pure,  and just; calling out Your name, 

and submitting everything, purifies our Pineal gland 

of  calcification.

We remain firmly adhering to You through our spiritual practice of calling out Your name and offering to You everything.  Slowly, but surely, our consciousness is being purified.  We are really being born again.   

Our nature, once dominated by the most subtle opponent, ego, now identifies as spirit, energy,  awareness, or consciousness, in quality one with You, the Supreme Consciousness,  Awareness,  Energy,  Awareness, or Spirit of all.   

As our consciousness is purified, through Your association, it  is transforming from devil to angel, to Divine.  We are  rising, from the spiritually dead, bodily identification, back to our Divine Spiritual nature,  Your "Self":   Eternity, Knowledge, and Blissful  Tranquility.

This purification process, coupled with seeing the self as spirit or consciousness permeating and transcending the body, cleanses our consciousness and lifts us from the muck and misery of material existence.  Thank You for helping us hold fast to You through constant remembrance of You, alone.

You, the hidden One, to those of calcified Pineal gland,  pervade 

and transcend all names, forms, and formlessness.  The ultimate 

goal of our life  is conscious reunion with You, the Eternal, 

Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Irreducible, One, who is in the world 

and simultaneously beyond the world.

 "Soulness", consciousness, or spirituality can be experienced to 

the degree the Pineal gland is decalcified and the consciousness is 

cleansed of desires.  This decalcification and consciousness 

cleansing process is done through the spiritual practice of, 

somehow or other, always thinking of  You,  the Source of all 

Righteous Intelligence.  This is the purified intelligence that leads 

us back to You.

Blessed is the day when we heard You  advise us to always 

think of You.   Offering to You everything  and calling out 

Your name are the primary tools we use to always think of 

You.  In this manner, we are holding fast to You.

We can bear witness that this spiritual practice , always  

thinking of You, is  freeing us from the heavy burden of

anger, lust, and greed, the heartless enslavers of the ego,

intellect, mind, and body.

One without a second, You are the Supreme  source of  all 

personalities throughout our Cosmic  Manifestations.  Verily, 

You are here before the Triple Blackness which is here before 

the Galaxies come  in to play.  Thank You for accepting our 

humble  praise and thanksgiving.

Our True Identity has no designation.   Eternal  

Spirit/Soul/Consciousness/ Energy/,  It looks like no thing, but 

is just like You.  We know from within that we look like You. 

 You are our Supreme Being/Consciousness. 

Calcification of the Pineal gland causes us to lose discernment.  
Consequently, we lose our true identity and identify the Self as

body, mind, intelligence or ego, or someone/something else 


 As result of the misidentification of the true Being, 

we  strive in vain to attain joy and fulfillment through the 

senses, body, mind, intellect, or the ego.  Thank You for 

helping us  to hold on to You alone.

You, our Supreme Spirit/Being, are our Original Ancestor, the 

Source of all DNA. The real solution to our problems lies in 

experiencing You, the Supreme Self as eternal spirit or 

consciousness channeling through all Pineal glands. Throughout 

the Cosmic Manifestations, it is You, Pure Awareness alone, who 

reigns Supreme.

You who pervade and transcend all forms, shapes, and 

attributes are here; watching this,  right now.  The place we 

are looking from is the place from which we are seeing this.  

However, from where You are looking from,  even "This" can 

absorb into insignificance, into the Triple Shining Blackness, 

and that can dissolve into Nothing.  Nevertheless, You remain  

eternally the same, changeless, Infinitely Pure Awareness, the

One and only reality of all.

The more we engage in activities  that decalcify the Pineal

gland, the more  we experience the fact that You, our

Supreme Being alone, are Monarch of the Cosmic


You, the Supreme Source of all states of  awareness,

contaminated or pure, pervade, and are always transcendental

to the birth, growth, old age, disease, and death of all

planetary systems.   Thank You for relieving us of  the fear

of  those five inevitables of life in the material worlds. 

Hari Om Tat Sat (Sanskrit: हरिः ओम् तत् सत्, Harihi Aum Tat Sat) Om Tat Sat can be translated to mean the 'Supreme Absolute Truth', or more literally 'all that is'. Om refers to the original primeval word of the Supreme Infinite Spirit. Tat refers to 'that', or 'all that is'.

Thank you for helping us praise You, thank you, call out You 

name in all circumstances and bow to You alone.  These practices 

help us to remember You.  It  is through remembering  You that 

our Pineal gland is decalcified, the ego is effaced, and we enter 

Your Eternal Spiritual Kingdom of Omnipresent  Peace, here, in 

this moment.

Everlastingomnipresentpeace.com reminds us of a spiritual

practice that purifies the lens of the Pineal gland, thus allowing us

to experience the self as the righteous energy, creativity, and

intelligence, manifesting through this gland situated near the

middle of the brain.   

Tracing the origin of this energy flowing  through the Pineal 

gland, we see that it is You, the source of all energy, intelligence, 

and creativity, who are the Source of this power flow.

Looking from within, we see that You,  the place we were looking

for, the place we are coming back to, are the place

we  are ultimately  looking from:  the Eternal, Deep,  

Undisturbable, Pure Awareness of all.

As we  continue to engage in this offering of spiritual practice, we 

experience increasingly, our quiet mind, and our original inner joy 

and fulfillment.  Thus, we come back to You, the Source of  our 

substance, our strength, our centeredness of being, and our 

Eternal, Omnipresent, Peace.  

The more our consciousness is purified via the Purification of the

lens of the Pineal gland, we exit, back out of the illusory worlds.  

We fell in, we back out through constant remembrance  of  You.

Those worlds are of birth, old-age, disease, death, and rebirth are  

places  of more or less the suffering of hell, cold or hot, where 

repeated birth and death are taking place.

We reenter evermore the eternal spiritual world, our Nation of

Peace, here and now, as our consciousness is purified  through

constant remembrance of You.  Thank You for helping us 

become ever stronger adhered to You by seeing and glorifying 

You in all circumstances.

Some of the benefits of this purification and transformation of

consciousness is a return to our original

wholeness, courageousness, and Infinite calmness.

This re-spiritualization process is a spiritual practice that helps us

shed layers of ignorance and selfishness from our Pineal gland. 

This purifies  our consciousness anger, lust, and greed.  Those are

the enemies that make our life miserable in so many ways.

 As the consciousness is purified, the temporary mind within it is

also purified. To the degree that this happens, we very naturally

shun evil, do good, want for others what we want for ourselves,

and continue to purify our consciousness by properly nourishing

the Pineal gland and thus cleansing its lens. 

Cleansing the lens of the Pineal gland empowers us to

overcome the illusion of stability in the material world. The

major instrument in cleansing this gland, through which

consciousness channels, is the spiritual practice of always

thinking of You, the Most Pure.  This is how we are taking 

refuge in You  from the wiles of Maya.

Other Pineal cleansing agents are clean, mineral rich spring

water, clean, green foods, sunlight, and meditating in silence,

and in the blackness.  Very beneficial also, is sitting the body in

the light of the sun, specially the early morning Sun. 

Occasionally one can expose the area  between the closed eyes to 

the Sun.  Gradually, moving from the forehead, one can allow the 

early morning spring rays to shine directly at the baby's soft spot at 
the crown of the head directly above and on the Pineal gland

We meditate from the head between the ears and behind the eyes, 

the Chidakasa, the sixth Chakra, the area between the two halves 

of  the brain known as the Pineal Gland. We meditate as who we 

are, the energy flowing through the Pineal gland from its Source, 

You, The Supreme Consciousness, Supreme Being of all.  

You are within and beyond I, AM, AUM, silence,

unconsciousness, all consciousness, knowledge, ignorance,

experiencing, witnessing, misery and bliss. Gradually, by this

purification process, of always thinking of You, lower

consciousness rises to its original level of Infinity, conscious

reunion with You, our Supreme Being.


You are our Eternal, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Eternal, Supreme

Being. It is to You alone we come for approbation, refuge,

strength, fulfillment, freedom, contentment and peace. We

beseech none other. In fact, in the final analysis, there is only

You. All else is the illusion, Maya, which is also pervaded and

transcended by You who are above, within and eternally beyond

all names and forms.

We are making Spiritual advancement by seeing the self as spirit

and always thinking of You. In the light of our knowledge,

observation, and experience, we know that always thinking of You

is a purifying process. We can extrapolate from this that

our humble attempts to write in praise and thanksgiving to You

will continue to improve as we continue to fix our mind on You,

the Most Intelligent.

A lotus flower can be born in muck, mire, mud or water, grows in

these elements and rises up to stand above them unsoiled.  So can

we, seemingly born in the illusory worlds, raised in the  worlds,

having overcome the material world, by fixing our mind on You,

live uncontaminated by Maya, the illusory worlds of birth,

suffering, death, and rebirth.

Aum is Your original, primeval, word.  Most High,  

Higher Power,  Most virtuous, Supreme Being,  Most 

Pure, The Greatest and Most Powerful are some of Your  

names and attributes.   Surely, You are within and beyond all 

names and  attributes.