Everlasting Omnipresent Peace



Our Word 11

Our Word is teaching us how to associate with You. This, to 

those of us who think historically and critically, is our best 

interest. It is in the best interest of our consciousness and life 

that we engage in always thinking of  You. 

You are the Supreme, Omnipresent, Witness within and 

beyond  unconsciousness and consciousness.  Aways thinking 

of  You is association with You. You are knowable.  You are 

own Supreme Being.

The simplest and best way we have found to control, clean, 

and free our consciousness and mind, simultaneously, 

 of anger, lust, and greed is to associate with You as much as 

possible.  We are doing this by calling out Your name and 

offering You everything. 

When we act with a consciousness and mind contaminated 

with anger, lust, and greed, our consciousness and mind are 

also infected with illusion, madness,  and envy.  These 

brigands are the causes of our spiritual, intellectual, mental, 

and/or physical sufferings.  This is Your law.  We reap that 

which we have  sown, unconsciously or consciously.

The effects of that which we have sown with polluted 

consciousness eventually comes back to us through other 

living beings, or some other natural phenomena such as the 

weather, earthquakes, famine, etc,. 

 The consciousness and mind, in association with You, is 

cleansed and purified.  Consequently, our life is gradually  

freed of spiritual vexations, intellectual misdirections, mental 

anxiety, and, to an increasing extent, physical pains.  Slowly 

but surely, our consciousness returns to its natural joyful, 

 fulfilled, and tranquil state.

The greatest and best way to achieve our most beneficial 

goals and achieve the optimum life, is to purify the 

consciousness by always thinking of You, who are within and 

beyond personal and personal. 

As the consciousness is purified via Your association, we free 

our time and efforts from all the rites, rituals, and 

other ceremonies that divert our attention from You.  That is 

the bosh that keeps us entangled in the 

frivolous pursuits of the egotism and illusions of the internal 

and external worlds. 

As we transcend the illusory, frivolous, pursuits by absorbing 

our consciousness in You, we gradually experience the

comfort of Your beautiful, spiritual territory of  Eternal,

Omnipresent, Silence/Peace.

Thank You for being here as the Source of  Silence, our    

self-reliance, and confidence.  You are our Built in  Security, 

our Eternal, Most  Righteous, Changeless, Deathless Leader.  

You are pervading and transcending all levels of  


Always  thinking of You and associating, if possible, with 

those who are striving to always think of You, is the master 

key for fixing consciousness in Your Transcendental, Eternal, 

Loving, Omnipresence,  again.

By Your Grace and Mercy, we are going deeper into the 

Ancient Truths presented by You. Consequently, we are 

seeing that the method of always thinking of You, keeping 

You at the forefront of our mind, is an Ancient, Spiritual 

Practice that truly cleanses our Pineal gland and 


As a consequence of Pineal dedrossing, our consciousness is 

being purified of ignorance of self and the contaminating 

influence of lust, anger, and greed, the all tempting 

and destroying, sinful enemies of 

the worlds.

Increasingly we are thinking, saying, and doing everything in

remembrance You. As a result of always thinking of You, the 

Most Pure, our consciousness is being purified and the 

enslavers:  anger, lust, greed, illusion, madness, and envy, are 

dissolving from our consciousness. 

Thank You for teaching us the importance of

looking deeper into our History and our Ancient Spirituality. 

It is here that we are discovering solutions to our 

contemporary problems.

By molding our lives so that we increasingly think of  You in 

all circumstances, is the best way that we can help ourselves 

and do the most good for our community.  We are finding 

ourselves and our  calling.  You are inspiring us to develop a 

skill and career we like and makes us independent, 

highly productive citizens of our nations.

Following the above further, we are transforming our lives, 

and realizing that the body, mind, intelligence, and ego are 

not the self.  These are temporary phenomena pervaded 

and transcended by Selfless, Pure Consciousness.  The sum of 

all consciousness, the Supreme Being at the base of 

all consciousness is You.

You pervade and transcend the eternal, infinite, tranquillity 

in which the cosmic manifestation has its beginning, middle, 

and end. You are One, the greatest simplicity, the Supreme 

Consciousness, the Fountainhead of all Consciousness. 

Thank you for teaching us how to Meditate on You from the 

center of the head looking out through the Pineal gland and 

looking back in to You.  This is the view from the Chidakasha 

and beyond the thousand Petal Lotus as the Witness of the 

witness, ad infinitum.

It is by meditating on You from the Pineal gland, from behind 

the closed eyes, not in front of the closed eyes, that we 

experience the microcosm as the energy flowing through the 

Pineal gland as consciousness, and You as the Source of the 

Macrocosm, the Supreme Witness and Source of the energy 

or spirit of the Universe.

This meditation from  the Chidakasha sobers us and 

raises our consciousness to ever higher levels of excellence. 

 In fact, You are the means to You, the End.  The Supreme, 

and most beneficial goal is You, the Supreme Witness, hearer 

and seer of all.  You are situated within and beyond the end 

of  time

Always thinking of You is concentration on You.  This leads 

to meditation on You.  Constantly and patiently meditating 

on You brings us back into conscious union with You, the 

highest, greatest, and best emancipation and the Greatest 

Love and Peace.

As we return to our Origin, our Divine consciousness, our 

sense of  duty and obligation naturally unfolds. We treat 

others better than we expect them to treat us them do unto 

us.  In fact, we strive to see and serve You in each other and 

each other in You. We see that our primary duty is to serve 


Our obligation is all ways think of You and thus purify our 

Pineal Gland and consequently, our consciousness.  In this 

way, we accomplish our ultimate goal, union with You, our 

Supreme Being.  

 Thank You for showing us how, through 

constant remembrance of  You, to purify our consciousness 

and emancipate ourselves from our wicked ways.  Those 

deeds keep us suffering in Maya.

Thank You Supreme Consciousness of the Universe. You are 

the Source of infinite beauty and boundless blessings. Thank 

you revealing to us who we are and where we are, both in and 

out of the material body, mind, intellect, and ego. 
 Your ancient knowledge about the self, who we are, and 

where we are has emboldened us to positively change the way 

we look at the Self.  We no longer think or believe we are a 

body breathing, or that we have a soul. If we say we have a 

soul. Who is it that has a soul? We still have not identified 

who we are.

We know from research, observation, and above all, 

experience, we are not the body. We are the indivisible, 

undifferentiated soul which pervades and transcends the 

body via the Pineal gland. This knowledge, observation, and 

experience empowers us to positively change the way we look 

upon our worlds. 

 You are Supreme Spirit, bigger than the biggest and smaller 

than the smallest, simultaneously. The Suns, Moons, all the 

Solar Systems, inquiry, analysis, reasoning, strength, courage, 

wisdom, and Right Comprehension all have their origin, 

maintenance,  and dissolution in You.  Verily, You are  within

and beyond heaven and hell.

You are Supreme Presence, manifesting as Changeless Silence 

all around, and within all sentient beings, including the earth, 

water, fire, air, and either.  The more we fix our mind on You, 

the more we cleanse the Pineal gland and are morally awake, 

righteously alive in the present moment.

Most Unconditional Love. All praises to You and You alone.  

Thank You for showing us how to make the mind one pointed

by being devoted to You and You alone. We do this, ideally, by

always thinking of You in all we do.  This is being totally 

devoted to You, our Supreme Being.

All praises to You, Supreme Soul who pervades and 

transcends the totality of all manifestation. The more we 

surrender all we think, feel, will, say and do to You, the 

greater is our realization of the cosmic creation's,  

 maintenance, and annihilation's eventual oneness with Your 

Infinite Power  and Glory. 

Undifferentiated, Supreme and Absolute, You are Indivisible, 

The Pervader and Transcender of Heaven and earth. We are 

One.  All praise be to You, Supreme Being of the cosmic 


Thank You for helping us remember and be our oneness with 

You.  Here before the beginning, during the middle, and 

after the end, You are Supreme Divinity of all common sense 

and reason.  Please accept our most humble offerings of 

praise and thanksgiving. 

It is You alone who lives eternally as the 

Source, the Supreme Consciousness of all sentient beings.  

Throughout the infinite cosmic manifestations, it is You who 

are the primary role model for how we should behave.