Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                  Our Word  12

We think of You.  We concentrate on You.  We meditate on 

You as the Eternal, beyond unconscious and consciousness, 

form and formless, witness, witnessing, and witnessed.  

We think of You.  We concentrate on You.  We meditate on 

You as the boundless One, here before the beginning, middle, 

and end. Verily, we meditate on You  as the Zero Point, the 

Infinite Stillness of  Being, the Source of all energy and 

intelligence, beyond the nadir and the apex. 

Praise, Glorification,  and Thanksgiving, submitted to You 

alone, helps us in our efforts to constantly remember You.   

By constantly  remembering You, we are purified in 


Patience and all the other virtues come back 

to us in the wake of our purified consciousness.  Always 

thinking of You purifies our consciousness.

This association with You, the Most Pure,  is our 

purification process.  One does not have to fall for another to 

 rise.  However, to truly  rise in Divine Consciousness again, 

ones consciousness must be purified of ignorance of Self.  As 

this happens, our compassion rises beyond humanity to 

include all living entities, seen and unseen. 

The basis of  ignorance of Self  is the belief  that the self is

confined to a particular  designation of  race, creed, sex, color,

nationality, religion, or species of  life.  The true Self is Pure

Consciousness/Energy.  It is eternally free from all 

designations.  Enlightenment about the true nature of the self 

brings us back into this designation free, pure consciousness, 


Your association purifies our consciousness of ego
identification as the self.  This is identification of the self as
ego, intellect, mind, and or body.  The more we strive and
struggle to associate with you, we are
freed  from that infectious disease of ignorance of 
who we are  in Truth.  

To be free free from ignorance  of self and reunited with You is, to us,  is the Greatest benefit of, and for, all.  As we reenter our original pure state of consciousness, we experience the  fact that the true Self is always awake, free from suffering, during the awake, dreaming, deep sleep, or any states of being.

Gradually, we rewaken into our natural state of  inner 
joy and fulfillment where ignorance is blown away and out. We return beyond Nirvana to conscious reunion with You, the all Pervasive Source of the Universal Spirit.  You are the Inseparable One, the Ultimate, beyond Witness, and the Knower of  Nirvana. 

We are  submitting all to You.  Bigger than the biggest and

smaller than the smallest simultaneously, there is nothing to

compare You with.  You are the Greatest.  Thank You for

accepting our humble submissions.

You are our Supreme Being, the Supreme Witnesser looking

out through every sort of  eye.  Of all degrees of Perfection, 

You are the Perfection Supreme.  

By praising, glorifying , and submitting all to You, our 

original Divine Nature is revived.  Thank You for helping us, 

for promoting us, for inspiring us to ever greater knowledge 

and appreciation of the Self.

You are the Supreme Purifier.    Thank You, evermore, for 

teaching  us how to fix our mind on You by surrendering to 

You all we think, feel, will, say and do.   In this way, we 

eliminate the negative, that which draws us away from You, 

and accentuate the  positive, that which attracts us to You. 

 We must cleanse our consciousness of the disease of anger, 

lust, and greed. We must be purified in order to be victorious 

in this struggle to overcome, get out and stay out of Maya,  

what to speak of consciously returning to Your 

eternal loving union again.  The master key to achieving these 

most noble gains is to always think of You.

The solution to our problems is to fix our  mind on You by 

glorifying, praising, and thanking You in all we think, feel, 

will, say, and do.  This is the way we are helping ourselves  in 

our efforts to always remember You. 

You are beyond all  dualities such as father and mother, god 

and devil, right and wrong, weak and strong, him and her, 

ancestors and descendants.  The more our  consciousness  is 

purified we see, know, and understand this. We began 

purifying our consciousness by by always thinking of 


  As Pure  Consciousness or Infinite Awareness You are 

inside, outside and beyond our ability to conceive at this 

present level of our consciousness.  No matter how high or 

great is our present consciousness or awareness, You are 

higher and greater.   You are lower than  

the lowest and Higher than the Highest, simultaneously. 

No one denies that You are the Greatest.

Slowly, we see that what we think is mind are 

reactions to sense impressions, past, present or 

future/imaginary.  Thank You for allowing us to have the 

vision of You beyond the end of time, beyond the beyond.

You, Supreme Being of all  being, sentient 

and insentient, are inside of our consciousness and 

awareness.  Simultaneously, You are within and 

beyond all consciousness and awareness.  At this point, there 

is no duality.  Consciousness  and Awareness are  One.  

As the consciousness  is cleansed, we increasingly become

more intelligent, creative, and energetic, for we are returning 

to You, the Source of all creativity, intelligence, and power.  

Knowing You are the Greatest, we are  submitting to You 

our life,  breath,  love, and death.  

Everything we know, have known, will know; all 

we have been, are, or will be, we offer to Thee.  The Truth is 

here with You as You.  As our consciousness  is cleansed, as a 

result of our association with You, we experience this fact.

 We meditate  on You as Silence and as the Supreme Witness 

of this Great Silence, here now.  In order  to maintain and 

continue to reclaim this self unifying experience, we are 

hearing  about You, calling out Your name 

and Offering/Submitting all to You. 

 This spiritual practice is definitely cleansing our life of the 

consciousness polluting brigands:  Anger, lust, greed, and 

it is bringing our consciousness back to and 

beyond compassion, love, and charity.

  You are our Supreme Being.  As our consciousness is 

cleansed of  those brigands, anger, lust, and greed, 

we are empowered to live inside and outside of the universe, 

as the eternal Witness of its Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.

  We are in the universe and the universe is within us.  We are 

also the witness of all this and Nothing at all.  Nothing,  

Undifferentiated,  Indivisible, Supreme Absolute, is 

impossible without You.  It is included within You.

You, the Most Pure, are within and beyond impersonal and personal, aversion and attachment.  Remembrance of  You purifies our consciousness and keep us within the boundaries of truth, righteousness, love, and peace.  In this way, we are gradually freed from the intoxicating 
disease of self ignorance. 

 Thank You for helping us to be here, at One, with You, the natural and Eternally Existent Self.  We meditate on You as Supreme Being, in and beyond everyone, moving and immobile, throughout the universe and beyond.  You are Immovable Supreme Being of all, infinite space and all levels of consciousness are within You.

Unlimited of our humble obeisances to You alone. We are 

grateful to You for revealing to us the fact that the major 

psychological impairment at the root of our spiritual 

pathology is the mistaken belief that the self is a material, 

mental, intellectual or ego entity.   

Living in the ignorance of misidentification of the self, 

 we were overlooking the Ever-present Consciousness of You.  

The missing piece of the puzzle of our life was our 

lacking the conscious experience of You.  

                                                                                  Advadhuta  Gita

The solution to the problems of our life is our having a 

consistent and ever growing experience of  You.  We meditate 

on You as the Supreme Witness of the Totality of  

Consciousness which pervades and transcends all. 

Sentient and insentient beings, all of nature and nature's laws 

exist within Your Supreme Divinity.  As our consciousness is 

cleansed by meditation on You as the Witness of Silence, You 

can be known and experienced as the Self of the 

Self ad infinitum.

By always thinking of  You, our Supreme Being, the Totality

which pervades and transcends all consciousness,  we are 

reunited, consciously, with You.  Consequently, our public 

self, private self and core self return to Oneness of  being.  

Our integrity is now restored.  Now, we can develop from an 

eternal foundation.   This Eternal foundation is You, One 

who can never leave us, disappoint nor disintegrate in any 

way, shape, form, or fashion.

We meditate on You as the One, the Greatest, the Self Produced, Supreme Being, within all Divinity yet all Divinity together cannot contain You.  We meditate on You for illuminated intelligence, spiritual development, elevation, and total, conscious, union with You.

We are also realizing how cleanliness of the lens of the Pineal

gland empowers us to remain one with Your Perfect Peace .  

This is the Peace which pervades and transcends the 

tribulations, vicissitudes, and other circumstances of life in 

the duality worlds of illusions. 

   We think of You,  we concentrate on You,  we think of You, 

as The Supreme Intelligence of all, who are are beyond 

uncreated, created, and any other dualities. 

Thank You for teaching us, how through constant 

remembrance of You,  we can cut the knot of ignorance of self 

and truly save ourselves from the terrific cycles of birth, 

disease, old-age and death, Samsara.  

We offer You our hopes, our dreams our plans, our schemes. 

We offer You our nights our days our hopes, our praise. All 

things good, noble, honorable, and pure, everything we have, 

we bring as an offering to You. These offerings help us 

remember You.

You pervade and transcend all dualities. Your Eternal reign 

of  power and glory pervades heaven and the entire universe. 

You are  beyond past, present, and future. Thank You for 

accepting our prayer, study, and sacrifice done as an offering 

to You.

You pervade and transcend all dualities. Being ever more 

conscious of Your omnipresence purifies our consciousness. 

This keeps us totally, consciously, in the present  moment, 

performing our mundane tasks more efficiently with greater 

love and affection for You.

You pervade and transcend all names, forms, and 

consciousness.  We have no desire to accumulate followers, 

wealth, nor fame. We are endeavoring to never forget and 

always remember You in all circumstances, especially at the 

time of  death.

In conscious, semi-conscious, unconsciousness, sleeping, 

wake, or  trance state of being, we want to always remember 

to take refuge in You by calling out Your name and offering 

You everything.

Our primary goal is to return to our original position.  Before 

the fall into the temporary worlds of illusion, also known as 

Maya,  we were existing in Your bliss that is indescribable  in 

the words of this  present world.  To get back up to our 

original position, this world of bliss, we must remember You.

 It is to You and You alone that we bring these humble 

offerings of praise, gratitude, thanksgiving, and devotional 

love. This spiritual practice helps us regain our spiritual 

memory and awaken to our original, most righteous 

consciousness, You.