Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 14

You are Supreme Spirit, in and beyond the Cosmic manifestations, 

ancestors, DNA, vibratory phenomena, the infinite tranquillity of 

being, form and formlessness.  You are the Supreme Constancy, 

the ultimate Witness who maintains all balance within all. 

By Your Grace, inspiration and association, we are able to 

remain at equilibrium.   Thank You for Your original 

 primeval word  Aum.  We see You within Aum and Aum 

within You.  Verily, You are in everything and everything is 

within You.

There can no image of  You,  nor do we need an image as a focal 

point.  There is nowhere to be found where You are not.  Verily, 

You are  everywhere.  The more we think of You, our lower

consciousness is constantly returning to its internal and external

aliveness, uprightness, consistency and cleanliness.  You pervade 

and transcend the sun, moon, and stars.

You are everywhere what need is there for  pilgrimage? You

pervade and transcend all minds. We reach You, who are 

always here everywhere, by always thinking of You. 

Surrendering all to You is the central point of our spiritual 

purification practice.

The matchless, unspeakable beauty of You is experienceable

by seeing the self looking out through the Pineal gland, as well

as by meditating on blackness, the light of the early 

morning sun, chanting one of Your many names, and/or being 

conscious/meditating on the normal breathing process.

When we are chanting Your holy names, we are praying for

Your guidance and meditating on You simultaneously.  We

can improve ourselves physically, mentally, intellectually, and

spiritually by keeping,  You at the center of all we do.  This is

watering the root of the tree of life.  This is our ancient

purifying process.

There is no need for us  to mutilate the body, or to shed blood, to improve on what You  have  done nor to prove our loyalty to You.  You know what we are going to think before we know we are thinking.  For our own salvation and edification, we must,  somehow or other, hurting never, helping ever, remember You .

Chanting,  calling out, Your Holy names, loudly, or silently      

helps us in our efforts to  remember You.  This remembrance

purifies, strengthens, and steels our consciousness for victory over   

those vile  brigands,  anger, lust, and greed. 

Those vile brigands camouflage  themselves  in the straight

 path, or any path,  and try to  divert our attention away from

You.  If, in our weakness, or spiritual blindness, we allow  this 

to happen, we will loose our natural equlibrium and 

be pulled  down  to ever deeper levels of suffering, right here, 

right now, in this present moment.  

Hell and Paradise are at hand.  Forgetfulness of  You sinks us 

deeper  into to hell.  Remembrance ofYou lifts us into 

Paradise, here and now.  We can never thank You 

enough for inspiring us to always think of  You.  This is a way 

 we rise to ever greater  levels of stability, tranquility, and 

bliss,  Our natural states of consciousness. 

Those vile brigands, led by lust,  camouflage themselves  in the

straight  path, or any path,  and try to  divert our attention

away from You.  If, in our weakness, or spiritual,  third eye

blindness,  this is allowed  to happen, we will be pulled  down  to

ever deeper levels of suffering.

Forgetfulness of You is  the primary  cause of our suffering.

 Rememberance  of You is our third eye purifier, our lifeline,

our ever easier path out of the sin, bondage, suffering and 

 despair of Maya, Your external illusory energy. 

Thank You for teaching us how to never forget and to always

remember You.  This is the gateway to real love and  complete


It is through remembering You that we reawaken to Truth,

Righteous, Love, and Peace, our original,  infinite nature.  At

this stage of development, we increasingly, hurt never, help


  In submitting all to You, we  are remembering You,  the tap

root,  ground, and nutrition of all creation, we serve all and

love all. 

As we are becoming more adept at submitting all to You, we

see that even things  which could be distractions can be

offered to You.  By so doing, we stick firmly to You and make

spiritual progress in the face of distractions.

You are  the imperishable  One who permeates and are 

simultaneously beyond the shining velvet Blackness of 

 Infinitude which is  beyond space and time. We  can 

experience Your reality  by meditating on You 

as this ultimate witness of the Eternal, Omnipresent Silence.   

Thank You for Your blessings and protection  as we awaken to

Your eternal loving presence.  

Thank You for Your Gayatri Mantra.  Thank You for

encouraging us  to awaken our power of discrimination by

always  thinking of You.  As this happens we more readily

recognize and accept that which helps  us get to  You and

recognize that which distracts us from You.

This spiritual practice resuscitates lower consciousness from its

spiritual comatose state to its original, awake state, Pure

Awareness. Thank You for teaching us how to be still, very still,

by fixing the mind on You. Following this further, thank You for

teaching us various other techniques for quieting the lower

consciousness and sobering it up to Your infinite, blissful state of

eternal being.

You, the Eternal, Omnipotent, exist within all and within Yourself. 

You can never be contained nor contaminated by anything, visible

or invisible. Thank You for showing us how to always think of

You. Thus we know more about True Love, Spiritual Love. In this

way, we transcend Maya, and are evermore consciously one

with You again.

You, the One Divinity pervading and transcending all, are our

Omnipresent Reality, Pure Knowingness/Awareness, in and

beyond Your vast and variegated costumes, disguises, and levels of


 Infinite freedom, true liberation, is the realization of You, Pure 

Awareness, Indivisible, Supreme, and Absolute. You are realized 

as we purify and raise our present awareness from  

its identification with the body, mind, intelligence, and ego. 

You who pervade and transcend all forms, shapes, and 

attributes are here; watching this,  right now.  The place we 

are looking from is the place from which we are seeing this.  

Awareness' original position is spiritual and eternal union with

You, who are the source of the consciousness which flows through

the Pineal gland, and which we, in our ignorance, identify as the

body, mind, intellect, or the ego.

However, from where You are looking from,  even "This" can 

absorb into insignificance, into the Triple Shining Blackness, 

and that can dissolve into Nothing.  Nevertheless, You remain  

eternally the same, changeless, Infinitely Pure Awareness, the

One and only reality of all.

The purification process begins with separating spiritually, 

intellectually, mentally, and physically from the material world.  

The beginning of this separating process is changing the way we 

see the self, identifying as awareness or the spiritual observer 

looking out through the Pineal gland, thence the  temporary 

material body. 

You who pervade and transcend all forms, shapes, and 

attributes are here; watching this,  right now.  The place we 

are looking from is the place from which we are seeing this.  

  In order to reconstruct our self identity, we must deconstruct our 

self identity as body, mind, intellect, or ego.  Then, we began 

reconstructing our self identity from the spiritual platform 

 and identifying   as the eternal awareness or spirit that 

pervades, transcends, and is looking out through every vibration 

of  the temporary body,mind, intellect, and ego.