Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 15

 Our Word is here to assist us in our efforts to reason together, to 

cast off ignorance of Self and experience our natural fulfillment 

and peace of Being. We experience this original Being by first 

coming to the spiritual platform, seeing the self as eternal Spirit, 

Consciousness, or Awareness flowing through the Pineal gland. 
We are constantly meditating on You, the Omnipresent Silence,

 the Supreme Witness of all levels of consciousness, deeper than

the deepest and more shallow than the shallowest, within and 

beyond the personal, impersonal, and transpersonal. You are the 

One, beyond all names, forms, and levels of consciousness. There 

are probably as many ways to think of You, worship You, and

remember You, as there are waves in the sea. 

Calling out Your "Names", surrendering all we think, feel,

will, say and do to You, and listening to the "Sound  of  Silence, 

are means of always thinking of You, of fixing the mind on You, 

of meditation on You.  These are the main spiritual practices put 

forward by everlastingomnipresentpeace.com., Our 


  This is the re-spiritualization process, the soul restoration

practice You have revealed to us, thus far.  We can never thank 

You, glorify You, Praise You enough for this revelation.  Great is 

Your mercy upon us.

Meditating on You, The All Pervading Source of All Righteous

Power and Glory, our illusion is dispelled. We regain our memory,

and the realization that You, our Supreme Being, although 

 beyond all concepts, philosophical speculations, mental and 

physical manipulations, are always with us.

Far - sighted, wise, encompassing, the self- existent, prescribed aims, as propriety demands, unto the Everlasting Years". (Yajuved  40 : 8)

We keep our consciousness fixed on You by always thinking of

You, Your Names, forms, formlessness, activities, and inactivities. 

We remember those who have followed Your righteousness, those

who have endeavored to emulate Your virtuousness, and those who

have striven to live as Your Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.

Next, we meditate on You, The Most Awake One in the many, The

Deathless, Supreme Spirit who pervades and transcends all, and

who is the Source of the energy which flows through the Pineal

gland, and from this gland giving, energy, intelligence, and 

creativity to all glands and vibrations throughout the body, mind, 

intellect, and ego. 


We purify/expand our contracted, almost dried out Pineal gland,

and thus purify and expand our narrow, dirty consciousness by

associating with You. We associate with You by coming to the

spiritual platform, praying to You for You, chanting Your Holy

Names, meditating on Silence and/or fixing our mind on You by

surrendering all to You constantly.

  We are thanking and praising You, and through this praise and

thanksgiving process, we are realizing You, Supreme Spirit. 

This is the only business of Our Word.

This spiritual process of purification clears away the clouds and

layers of ignorance from the lens of our Pineal gland. 

Gradually our everlasting, constantly increasing, peace and love

for all shines forth. We are ever more in sync with You, restored to

our most positive, original position, of Everlasting,

Omnipresent, Supreme Peace, by always thinking of You.

The True Source of All Potential, is seen in our consciousness as

You, the Self,  the Ultimate Source of the Stillness that pervades 

and transcends all. You are The Supreme Witness of all creations, 

maintenances, dissolutions, and consciousness throughout the

Cosmic Manifestation.

This Peace is our most natural condition. It is Your Peace,

available to us here, now, everywhere, depending on no material

conditions or considerations. We experience this Peace the more

we think of You as You portray Yourself in the various names,

personalities, personal and impersonal manifestations, and

scriptures of the universe.

  Through meditation on You, our ability to think, feel, will, act,

and do, within the parameters of virtuousness is magnified and 

purified. We  unfold the innermost quintessence of our Supreme 

being, our most virtuous self, while meditating  in the light of 

Your  Omnipresent, Everlasting Silence. 

Submitting/Offering/Serving/Surrendering all we think, feel, will, 

say and do to You, is in practice, our process of  purifying and

expanding our consciousness. 

From the Avadhut Gita A Rendering by 
                       SpiritAwakeConversations to Awaken

"Truly, it is by the grace of God

That the knowledge of Unity arises within.

Then a man is released at last

From the great fear of life and death.

All that exists in this world of forms

Is nothing but the Self, and the Self alone.

How, then, shall the Infinite worship Itself?

Shiva is one undivided Whole!

The five subtle elements that combine to compose this world

Are as illusory as the water in a desert mirage;

To whom, then, shall I bow my head?

I, myself, am the stainless One!

Truly, all this universe is only my Self;

It is neither divided nor undivided.

How can I even assert that it exists?

I can only view it with wonder and awe!

What, then, is the heart of the highest truth,

The core of knowledge, the wisdom supreme?

It is, “I am the Self, the formless One;

By my very nature, I am pervading all.”

That one God who shines within everything,

Who is formless like the cloudless sky,

Is the pure, stainless, Self of all.

Without any doubt, that is who I am.

I’m the infinite and immutable One;

I’m pure Consciousness, without any form.

I don’t know how, or to whom,

Joy and sorrow appear in this world.

The mind is formless like the sky,

Yet it wears a million faces.

It appears as images from the past, or as worldly forms;

But it is not the Supreme Self.

I’m One; I’m all of this!

Yet I’m undifferentiated, beyond all forms.

How, then, do I regard the Self?

As both the Unmanifest and the manifest world.

You, also, are the One! Why don’t you understand?

You’re the Unchanging Self, the same within everyone.

You’re truly illimitable; you’re the all-pervading Light.

For you, how can there be any distinction between the day and the 


One comment


”You, also, are the One!”

"There is no you because there is no other than you."

SpiritAwakeConversations to Awaken

Gradually, as the impurities are cleared from the lens of the Pineal 

gland, our consciousness is cleaner, our thoughts, feelings,

willings, and doings are cleaner. We are ever more compassionate

and empathetic towards all sentient beings as our consciousness

rises to union with You, the true goal of  Yoga and the aim of our 

Spiritual  practice.  

We can never completely thank, praise, and glorify You for 

showing us how to remain fixed in tranquility in the midst of the 

the frustrations, fluctuations, and other miseries offered by 

the illusory worlds, Maya.  Thank You evermore for helping us to 

clean up our consciousness, freeing it from illusion and 

reestablishing it in Your bliss.

 You are Pure Energy, Pure Being, the Source of the Great Silence

itself. Becoming more conscious of You, we are entering and

going beyond the Great Silence, consciously reuniting with You,

Supreme Being of all being, beyond shape, sound, and silence.

We purify and expand our lower levels of consciousness by always

thinking of You. This leads to concentration and meditation on

You. Meditation on You purifies the lens of our Pineal  gland. 

Thus, our awareness is purified by using finite things and words

to help us reunite consciously with You, the One Infinite, within

and beyond all finite things.

The transformation of awareness occurs, in the intellectual light of

"I am nobody. I am eternal spirit, Your eternal servant." Thus, all

levels of awareness reawaken to You, the unborn, the undying, the

Eternal Witness, the Infinite Omnipresence, in and beyond

temporary material, mental, intellectual, and egotistical worlds.

With the help of Our Word, our consciousness is expanding from

the narrow sphere of materialism to the vast, infinite freedom of

our natural, Eternal, Spiritual Silence of Being. This state is also

known as Eternal, Pure Awareness. We cleanse our awareness by

fixing our mind on You by every possible means; thus we return to

our natural condition of eternal Truth, Righteousness, Love and

Peace, the ever well wisher of all sentient beings.