Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 16

 You are the Most Righteous, the Most High, the Most Divine

Being. Surely, by always thinking of You we are purifying our

consciousness and thus freeing our environment of one more toxic

element, lack of independent intelligence.

We are empowered by Your Grace to integrate this spiritual

practice of always thinking of You into our self- educational

process. Thus, we are sobering up, raising our level of

consciousness, and realizing our original condition of fulfillment

as Infinite Peace, in quality one with You, who are in reality doing


You are the Eternal, Omnipresent Supreme Spirit, Pure

Consciousness. You are the Source of all, including the Great,

Eternal, Silence. The most noble values and necessities of life:

knowledge of Self, Supreme Being, the highest culture, complete

History, the goal of life and how to achieve it, the best ideal for

humanity and how to achieve it, are revealed to us as we meditate

on You. 

By always thinking of  You, Supreme Awareness, our

lower awareness is purified and we realize who we really are. We

are not the temporary body with a soul. We are the eternal soul

with a temporary material body.
The more the awareness is purified by always thinking of You, the

more desire is diminished, the old sin sick mind is purified out of

existence, the level of our consciousness rises higher, and we sober

up to universal improvement, and true freedom again. We see that

the true self is looking out through the Pineal gland, and sends

energy, creativity, and intelligence through the material body and

all of the elements and vibrations of which it is composed.
As we meditate on You, the lens of our Pineal gland is undergoing

cleansing, our consciousness is cleansed of impure awareness, and

gradually we are able to see and serve You in all. As a

consequence of seeing You everywhere, our consciousness is

further cleaned, polished up, and we are evermore loving and kind

toward ourselves and all sentient beings.

Praise be to You, Everlasting Pure Consciousness. The more our

mind is purified by Meditating on You, the less anger, lust, agony,

and greed are present in our lives.
We are freed from the negative consequences of ignorance of self

the more see ourselves as constant, eternal spirit, and we purify our

consciousness by Meditating on You as the Supreme, Eternal

Spirit, pervading this and all bodies throughout the Cosmic


Moreover, the more we purify our lower levels of consciousness

by fixing the mind on You the more we can share strength,

courage, and wisdom with those who want it from us.

It is not about changing "Them". It is about changing ourselves. 

We positively change ourselves, the way we look at ourselves, the

world, and our universe, when we begin to see the self as spirit

and Meditate on You as Supreme Spirit. 


We sober up lower levels of conscious using this spiritual practice. 

Consequently, our light shines with exceedingly greater luster,

we share our wisdom with those who want it from us, and

better radiate Your everlasting love for the benefit of all sentient

Submission to You, who pervades all cultures, nationalities, and

all species of life, is one of the tools we use to purify our

consciousness of ignorance of Self. The mind out from under our

control is easily corrupted, contaminated by insatiable material


Submission of all we think, feel, will, say, and do, to You,

purifies, subdues, and brings the mind under our control and

makes it our true friend. Otherwise, this very mind is our worst


Thank You for giving us the wisdom to continue submitting all we

think, feel, will, say and do to You. This spiritual practice purifies

the mind and consciousness and keeps us on the right path to reach

You, here, now, in this present moment.

You are the only reality. You endure. The temporary world of

illusion will cease tricking, confusing, and frustrating us, to the

degree we strive for lasting joy, fulfillment, and freedom in You,

the Source of the all realms of being, by always thinking of You.
 You are The Supreme Source of all purity and strength. Thank

You for showing us a path, out of the internal and external

delusions and illusions, to the contentment of our Everlasting

Transformative Love. This, to us, is the way to live totally,

consciously, in eternal life again.
 You Supreme Spirit, within and without all. Pervading and

transcending all, including the subatomic particles and all

vibratory phenomena, You are the only reality. Everything else is

illusion; it does not endure; it does not not exist; You do.