Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                               Our Word 4



You are "One", The Personal and Impersonal Noun and Pronoun. 

One by definition, known by many names, You are This.  

Changeless, Pure Awareness, You are looking out through this

body and every body, animate and inanimate, throughout the

Cosmic Manifestation.

Looking out over the cosmic manifestation within You, You are

the One without a partner nor Vice-regent. "This Is You", the

Infinite, Pure Intelligence and Awareness. Pervading, transcending

and witnessing the comings and goings of all manifestations, You

are beyond all names, forms, creations. distractions, and



One without a second, You are the Real Freedom that knows no

bounds, the Source of  Eternal, Infinite, Peace. Surrendering to

You is the Submission at the center of our purification process. It

is also the power of our spiritual resuscitation and the stabilizer

and expander of all levels of consciousness.

Thank You for awakening our discrimination, freeing us from

physical, mental, intellectual, and ego identification. This

emancipates us from anger, lust, greed, and leads us on the

Spiritual path, the right path, to reach You.

  You are the source of the greatest Self-knowledge. All names

and forms, spirit or material, have You pervading and transcending

them; therefore, for our greatest benefit, we call out Your name

and submit everything to You and You alone. There is no one

worthy of worship other than You, You are the Supreme

Consciousness of all, within all, to whom we pray and upon whom

we meditate.  


The more we engage in our spiritual practice of always thinking

of You, and submitting all to You, the more we come, consciously,

back to You and attain ever cleaner, higher and more tranquil

levels of consciousness.

 We are empowered to confidently be the Godly change we want to

see, the more we are consciously aware of You at the center of our

being. We extrapolate from past knowledge, observation, and

experience that the best is yet to come, the more we fix our mind

on You.

 We prepare for the worst; yet, expect the best by always thinking

of You. This is the engine that resurrects us. It awakens us,

pushing, pulling, drawing us back to You,

here in the eternity of...

You are the Ineffable Truth. We offer these humble hymns of

praise and thanksgiving to You so that we may fix our mind on

You. This association with You purifies our lower consciousness

and brings forth our natural pure state of no mind, and beyond

that, our original Divine Consciousness where there is no one to

see nor be.

You are the Ever-living, Infinite Consciousness of all, the One to

whom all is offered, and the only one worthy of praise and


Thank You, many times over for everything, just as it

is. Through remembering You we become holy and wise in our

thoughts, words, and actions.

Our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving purifies 

and sobers up our lower consciousness. As this sobering and

purifying process occurs, we naturally return to total

self-awareness, fearless self-knowledge and respect. 

 You are the Most Pure. Total self confidence and self-reliance,

our natural state of being, shines forth as our consciousness is

purified through association with You. Thank You for revealing to

us the intelligence to always think of  You.


We also purify and sober up our lower consciousness through the 

spiritual development practice of being ever more consciousness 

of the "Sound" of Your Silence and the awareness of Your 

Stillness, while we are always thinking of You.

Thank You for revealing this sublime spiritual practice of always  

thinking of  You. To us, it is a purification rite, a very simple to 

perform spiritual practice which helps us come back to You.

Our dedication to serving You, through our spiritual practice, is

our method of being Your good and true servant, a blessing to all

sentient beings. This is, by Your Grace and Mercy, our humble

contribution to Your Kingdom of Peace on earth and throughout

the universe.

 We are consciousness.  This spiritual purification rite brings the 

lower consciousness back into complete harmony with You, its 

original level of being. You are the Most Pure, Most High, All 

Mighty; the Supreme Being of Good, and the ultimate Perfection 

within all.


Gradually, by concentrating our mind on You, lower

consciousness attains liberation from the illusory struggles for

existence. This is  true freedom. Liberation from

the entanglements, slavery and incagements of the internal and

external worlds is the only freedom worth striving for.

Hearing about You, thinking about You, speaking about You,

remembering You, concentrating on You, submitting all to You,

and meditating on You, is our method of associating with You;

 purified intelligence demands that we have no time for anything


Association with You is the foundation of our spiritual practice. It

is bringing lower consciousness out of the unconsciousness of the

sin and bondage of ignorance. Your association re-establishes

us in our original awakened state. This is our original ecstatic bliss

state of infinite, tranquil true freedom of bliss of infinite, tranquil,


You are the Uncontainable, the repeller of illusions from all layers

of consciousness. Swinging in and swinging out, inside and

outside; coming and going, all are within You. Surely, You are the

witness of the body, mind, intelligence, ego, and all levels of


 We are not looking at You. We are looking from You our Source. 

Verily, You are the witness of the attention and the ultimate

witness of all witnessing.


We decolonize our mind and our imagination from the constant

flux of the various combinations of dualities of the illusory worlds

by fixing the mind on You.  Constant praise, thanksgiving,

prayer, study, sacrifice, service, right association, and meditation

are ways of fixing the mind on You.

History, Your revealed scriptures, and our personal experience,

attest to the fact that knowledge of You forever trumps ignorance

and all other knowledge. 

You are Supreme Consciousness, the ground of all being.  Thank

You for arming us with the comprehension, power, and

freedom to realize, through knowledge, observation, and

experience, that Your blessing of Eternal Peace is always with us,

at hand, in this moment.