Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 5

We think of You, we  concentrate on You, we meditate on You 

as the common foundation of all.  We meditate on You as 

Now, the Supreme Witness of Everything;  

this includes Sound, Air, Ether, Silence, Space, Nothing; the 

Sun, Moon, Stars, and the Cosmic Manifestations.

Eternal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient,  
everything, all thought emanates from You and eventually is 
reabsorbed into You.  You are the  Supreme Absorber, the 
Master Controller, the One who lifts us out of the illusions 
of  Maya.  

You, and only You, are the Greatest stress reliever.  
Certainly You are the only One worthy of  our deepest reverence and  greatest  Love.  The more we associate with You, the source of  love, the more we manifest this Love Supreme. 

We can fall down  into Your illusory energy if we are distracted and attracted by the illusory beauty of the 
material world and forget You.  Nonetheless, constant  
remembrance of You brings us back up again into the Oneness of  Your glorious presence.  Thank You for helping us remember You and thus rise beyond Maya's treacherousness.

Thank You for guiding us in the rebirth, the reawakening, the 
cleaning up and sobering up of our lower consciousness into 
our best self. You are our real leader, our Over Soul, our 
Supreme Being.  You are our Best Self,  our Divine Solution.  
  Thank You thousands of times over.  We are truly grateful.

None to be worshipped but You, Supreme, Quintessence of 

Being.  We face nor bow down to stones,  pictures nor 

any other kind of images, pillars, and no particular places 

nor directions.  There is no direction nor location where 

You,  our Supreme, Omnipresent Spirit, are not.  

As the Witness of all perceptions, You are our focal point.  

If  we feel another focal point, or point of unity, other than 

You is needed, Your Silence is our focal point. Verily,  Images 

and perceptions, get in the way of our 

inner vision and experience of You, our Supreme Being, 

beyond form and formless.

Beyond the so-called real and the unreal, this wisdom, based 

on the purification of the Pineal gland and consciousness, has 

its roots in always thinking of You.

  Keeping our mind fixed on You works.  It is freeing our 

consciousness from so much of suffering caused by lack of  

knowledge of Self, and  distractions that lead us away from 

the experience of  You.

The cause of this problem of  suffering is identifying the self 

and others as material, mental, intellectual, or ego, zombies; 

the walking dead. 

We look to You, our Supreme Being, and get new, yet 

ancient, education and solutions for our new and age 

old problems of suffering.

For many of us, Birth is suffering, growth is suffering, 

sickness is suffering, old-age is suffering, and death is 


Suffering can come through drougths, floods, 

tornados, hurricanes, fires, cold, snow, mudslides, cyclones, 

and a host of others causes and calamities. We are rising out 

of Maya, suffering, and staying out of it, by always thinking 

of  You.

You are the All Seeing, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and 

Omniscient One; transcending time, space, all limitations and

circumstances, You are our Eternal, Divinity. We depend on 

You, and You alone, for our freedom, justice, independence, 

and welfare. 

You are our eternal Divinity, our best self, the experiential 

knower within who removes all doubt. You are the infinite 

love at the foundation of all consciousness.  Thank You for 

accepting our humble submissions.  Thank You for teaching 

us how to still our mind and keep wicked thoughts out of our 

consciousness by always thinking of You.

You are the Source of our intelligence, creativity, and energy.

 Supreme Consciousness, ever Pure, within and without 

any impurities. You are one indivisible, complete whole, 

pervading and transcending all living entities. May we never 

forget and always remember You. 

  You are the One Supreme Presence within the self and 

everything else. So many presences emanate from You, yet 

You remain eternally the same complete balance.  Thank You 

for directing us to reclaim our past and to respect the 

resurrecting wisdom of our most righteous ancestors. 


You saturate and surpass all material, mental, intellectual, 

and spiritual worlds. Fixing the mind on You, the most pure 

and perfect,  purifies our consciousness. To the extent our 

lower consciousness is purified, we experience the Infinite  

Freedom of  You, Eternal Tranquility. 

We regain this natural clean consciousness and right spirit to 

the degree our Pineal gland is cleansed of material 

contamination. This cleanliness arises from You, the Source 

of the consciousness that flows down through the 

Pineal gland. 

You are our original, pure, spiritual foundation, the Source of 

all consciousness. You, Supreme Spirit, saturate and 

go beyond the limits of every atom, proton, neutron, 

subatomic particle, wave, and most subtle vibratory 


You, the Source of all life, are everywhere, within 

everything. Thank You for teaching us how to be in harmony 

with You, Nature's Divinity.  Thank You.  We are grateful to 

You for engaging us evermore in Your 

Transcendental Loving Service.

When we are so fortunate as to be able to remember You in 

all we do, we are in  constant association with You. By 

persistent association with You we become evermore quiet 

and still within.  

Gradually, we realize You are our source, the foundation 

from which infinitely magnanimous Love, and omnipresent 

understanding emanates.

  You, are our eternal leadership. Source of all Truth, 

Righteousness, Love, and Peace,  May we forever keep our 

minds fixed on You. This is the basis of the transformation of 

our lower consciousness from suffering to bliss, bringing it by 

night and day into full consciousness with You.  

We will continue to sober lower consciousness to its original,

eternal position, pervading and transcending, bliss, and 

knowledge, as long as we continue to focus the mind on You 

in all we think, feel, will, say, and do. 

You, Supreme Spirit, are the Source of all sobriety, morality, 

and law. It is to You and You alone that we offer these 

humble poems of praise and thanksgiving. This spiritual 

practice helps us fix our mind on You, the Source of all Purity 

and Grace.

 Thank You for awakening lower consciousness to the 

importance of hearing, chanting, being conscious of the 

silence, and surrendering to You, the Source of all the Arts 

and Sciences. This spiritual practice sobers lower 

consciousness and brings us forth by night and day into Your 

Everlasting, Omnipresent, Divinity. 

We are consciousness.  Always thinking of You surrenders 

our lower consciousness, and consciously associates it with 

You. This gradually brings forth Your Divinity from within 

consciousness which it pervades and transcends. 

Your Divinity is the transformer.  It is the only power that 

can really bring about the most positive change we need at 

the at the foundation of our consciousness. It is the basis of 

 positive the revolutionary change we need for the edification 

of all levels of our consciousness.

Thank You for teaching us how to be conscious of the silence 

and the self as spirit, how to chant Your holy names, and how 

to submit all to You in loving service. In this way we are in 

constant remembrance of You. 

It is through this remembrance of  You that our lower 

consciousness is purified, and it is sobered to its 

original position of Pure Awareness. This is spiritual 

revolution.  It brings more purity, spiritual prosperity, 

security, and peace into our otherwise dreadful life 

of struggling with the illusionary energy, Maya.

Moreover, as we more critically deconstruct and reconstruct 

the knowledge uncovered as a result of this surrendering 

process, the deeper we come into the truth about the nature 

of life, the self, and You, the Supreme Life of all that lives. 

 You are our Supreme Being.  You never come, go, nor 

change. Wassociate with You, through the surrendering 

process, offering all to You.  The more our lower 

consciousness sobers up, by virtue of Your association, we 

experience the fact that we too, as spirit, never come, go, nor 


Pervading and transcending all names, gods, and images, 

You are Pure Awareness.  Our deepest voice, our 

Supreme Leader, and our greatest influence is You. The 

ultimate purpose and goal of our life, our true liberation from 

all illusory energy is You, the only reality. 

Thank You for teaching us the submission 

process. Consequently, we are bringing more light to our 

traditional beliefs.  Realizing more deeply the truth of who 

we really are, who You are, and the fact that You are right 

here as our ever higher consciousness, we function ever better 

in mundane activities. 


The experience that You are our Inseparable Supreme Self 

causes us to strive more diligently  in our spiritual practice, 

knowing that this purifies our Pineal Gland and 


 You are the Most Trustworthy and Pure,  It is this 

 purification of Your association that enables us to 

experience You as the Highest Self.  Experiencing this as the 

Self, Supreme Being of all, we ever more 

confidently follow Your most righteous lead back to You.


We escape the dense, dangerous illusions of internal and
existence by gaining greater experience of You as the
Awareness within all awareness. This is accomplished by the cleansing process of surrendering all to You. For us, this is the real, the most beneficial aim of life; our Divine Solution.

Thank You for awakening us to the importance of  hearing, 

chanting, being conscious of the Great Silence, and 

submitting all to You, the  Source of all Illumination.

By surrendering to You we purify our Pineal and thus cleanse 

our consciousness to higher levels of illumination. Gradually 

we experience You, the Source of all being at the source of the 

consciousness within  and beyond our Pineal gland.

The more our  Pineal gland  and consciousness are purified 

the greater our ability to follow Your righteous  guidance.  As 

this happens, our most virtuous consciousness 

blossoms forth. 

The more we are purified by Your association, the more we manifest internal and external cleanliness.  This cleanliness promotes our original fortitude.  Forbearance, self restraint, honesty, purity, and control of our own mind are virtues that come with fortitude. 

 Discipline of the senses, discernment, truthfulness, compassion, charity, empathy, and love for all sentient  beings, come with purity of consciousness.  This consciousness is a direct consequence of always thinking of You, the  Purest, the Best Association.

No doubt, to the extent we can remember You, to that 

degree  we rise from the seductive temptations that 

entrap us in the sufferings of Maya.  

The more we stay out of the seductive tricks of Maya by 

fixing our mind on You, the more we manifest 

 various degrees of  the bliss and comprehension of Your 

infinite glory. 

You are the Source of ever deepening and evermore beautiful 

silence. Thank You for awakening us to the importance of  

hearing about You, speaking about Your goodness, mercy and 

Your over greatness over all.  

Being conscious of the silence, and submitting all to You, we 

really experience our consciousness being purified of anger, 

lust, and greed.  This is our ancient method 

of coming back to You.  No doubt, remembering You is the 

key to our salvation.