Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 6

You are the Core, the Root, Ground, and Power of all beings. No

idol, no photograph, no image, no statue, no thing can be made in

Your likeness. Verily, You are the Supreme Absolute, Pure

Spirituality, more subtle than the either which is more subtle than

the air. Pervading and transcending all, there is none to compare

with You.  

Always thinking of You purifies our Pineal gland and

consciousness. Gradually we suffer less because within purified

consciousness is purified intelligence and mind.  With Purified

intelligence and dominion over our own mind, we are able to turn

from our wicked ways and gradually experience You, the

incomparable, the Most Just, the way out of  the illusions of the 


We are responsible for our present condition.  Others are merely

instruments through which our Karma returns.  Our own thinking,

feeling, willing, and doing causes us to make and suffer or 

enjoy the results of our own Karma.  Conversely, it is our 

righteous submission to You that empowers us to transcend 

Karma, good or bad, and proceed straight on the path of freedom 

to You, the Source of all intelligence, strength, goodness, and 


Verily, You are the Life of our life, the  Supreme Truth around 

whom we are uniting, and the the Supreme Love of our life. By 

our spiritual practice of always thinking of  You, we  master the 

mind, sober up, shed ignorance, and consciously connect with 

You, the Most Pure, Most Perfect Source of our being.

You are the Greatest Consciousness, the Most Pure Love, and

Most Sublime Truth of life. This consciousness is not taught

through books or people.  It it reveals itself as our consciousness is

purified and is at more sublime levels as a result of our spiritual

practice of always remembering You. 

 Wisdom demands that we strive and always remember You.  This 

is the wisest thing that we,as consciously awakening souls, are 

seeing being done through our consciousness and our conscious 


The ignorance of body identification and designations keep us in 

the morass called Maya.  It entangles us with fears and other 

spiritual vexations.  However, the more we are spiritually and 

morally strong, by virtue of  Your association, we do not allow 

the mind to drag and drop our consciousness into unrighteous 

activity which leads us into ignorance and suffering.  

Unrighteous activity is that mental, physical, intellectual or 

spiritual busyness which is unedifying to ourselves and others. 

 Unedifying thoughts and behavior keep us in bodily 

identification. It is misidentification of  the body to be the self that 

is at  the root of  fear and other sufferings.

We can return to our original state of  Pure Consciousness, 

free from slavery to the senses, including the mind, by fixing 

the mind on You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do. This 

fixing the mind on You, the all pervasive Self beyond form and 

formlessness, is our process of purification. 

The more our consciousness is purified the less we suffer. We, 

as maturing  souls, are experiencing that physical, mental, 

intellectual, or spiritual vexation  can be worse than death. 

 Maya, the illusory energy, is more or less terrorism for the 

embodied soul.  

Maya's nature is that of  the material world, a  place of 

suffering where repeated birth is constantly taking 

place.  Fixing the mind on You, our consciousness is  purified, 

we gradually stop making  bad Karma, and we are raised out 

of  Maya with its concomitant suffering. 

 In the final non-bias analysis,  we see that we are ultimately 

 responsible for our suffering.  People, places, things, or 

circumstances are merely  instruments which channel our 

Karma, good or bad, back to us.  Purification of our 

consciousness is how we really improve, uplift, do for self.

You, Pure Awareness, the Supreme Unity within our selves, 

are beyond impersonalism and personalism.   Beyond birth, 

death, monism, polytheism, manifestation and voidism,

universalism and all other dualities, You never change and

You can never leave us.  This is a fact.

 By virtue of  Your association, mind is controlled, cleaned, 

and focused evermore on You; lower awareness regains its 

union with You, its moral character, its highest Awareness; As 

this happens, simultaneously, confidence, courage and 

strength are regained. 

Yes, at last, we are the witness of the covered awareness.  Just

as the sun is never covered by the clouds, we, in quality one

with You, are  never  really covered by the illusory energy. 

The wonder is, we think we are and we struggle to come back

consciously to our primodial completeness.  At this point,

uncovering our original awareness of You is the ultimate goal

of our life.

To us, returning to conscious completeness makes the best sense

when compared and contrasted with the vast and varied choices of

suffering we are offered by the aversions and desires of Your

illusory energy.  We protect ourselves from these variegated kinds

and degrees of  suffering by taking shelter in You through constant


The beginning of this shelter taking process is engaging our mind

in always thinking of  You, the Most Attractive; the more we do 

this, the better we can control our mind.  The better we control the 

mind, the easier it is to meditate on You.  The more we meditate 

on You the more our consciousness is purified and we are cured

of consciousness depravity, soul sickness.

You bring the light of true knowledge to our traditional beliefs by

inspiring us to search deeper and more critically for the truth of

who we and You really are.  As we more critically deconstruct and

reconstruct this light of knowledge offered by You, the deeper we

go into the truth about self, life, and the nature of Supreme Being. 

We are following this ancient spiritual practice of fixing the mind

on You. In the light of our knowledge, observation, and

experience, this is the most practical process for cleansing our

consciousness, at the same time, detaching it from the 

entanglement of Maya, the illusory energy.

You are the Most Virtuous.  Always thinking of You is fixing the

mind on You by associating with You. Gradually, this association

makes all levels of our consciousness virtuous again. Thus, our

thinking, feeling, willing, and doing are once again totally edifying

for the love and welfare of the universe.  

This consciousness cleansing process is rekindling and increasing

our dormant respect and love for You, and through

You, to all sentient beings. Such an enlightening process brings in

its wake a greater appreciation of who You are and where You



Always remembering You, by calling out Your name and offering

You everything, cleans our consciousness and gives us direct

experience of  our true relationship You.   Moreover, we

understand evermore how to approach You, who we are, and the

true nature of this situation we refer to as life, and how to

gradually transcend Karma.  You are the Source of the real Love in

our life.

You are our love, entertainment, education, edification,  and our

only real inspiration to be self productive.   By thinking of  You

constantly we are ever victorious over Maya in the waking and

dream states of  Consciousness. We organize around You, the

Source of Everlasting Love, the only real Love there is.

You are the only Good, the only strength worth having, the 

ultimate goal, and the only one we can truly depend

on.  You are the only reality. Everything else is Maya, the illusion. 

Always thinking of You, in the light of Your revealed scriptures,  

Your Messengers,  Avatars, Prophets, Incarnations, Messiahs, and

our personal experience, is our way of fixing the mind on You.

Thus, we purify the Pineal gland and, via it, consciousness.

 The Supreme, Divine Ground of all Being, You, the Most 

Gracious, within and beyond these Cosmic Manifestations, are the 

 only reality.  Everything else is temporary, Maya, the illusion. 

Always thinking of You, submitting all to You,  is our way out of 

Maya. Please accept our humble offerings of 

gratitude and love.

The Source of all loving kindness, all auspiciousness, all power 

and glory, is You. You are all mighty in all respects. 

Although all are within You and You are within all, all can never

contain You.  All have their source within You.  It is through our

purifying association of submitting all to You that we take control

of our lives and begin to experience  You, the Everlasting Source 

of true love, kindness, and all

auspiciousness .

You are the source of all auspiciousness, auspiciousness itself, and

the possessor of auspiciousness. Pervading and transcending time

space, and all consciousness, how can anything contain You. 

Definitely, You are Love itself and the only one who loves us 

naturally, completely,  unconditionally.

You are the Most Excellent, Supreme Spiritual leader, the greatest

Spiritual Master to whom other masters come to learn.  Our

innermost urge to do right is driven by You.

Always thinking of  You,  in the light of Your revealed Scriptures,

Prophets, Sages, Saints; Incarnations, Messiahs, Preachers and

Teachers, along with our other spiritual practices, helps us come

back to our natural quiet and stillness. It is here that we can hear

and obey, most easily, Your calm, confident, and most

righteousness guidance.

Thoughts of  You, the Most Pure, associate the mind with You.

This process rids the lower consciousness of the misery of Maya. 

It does this by cleansing lower consciousness of sins committed

when it was ignorant of  Your Supreme presence within these

temporary material bodies. It did not know then how to cleanse 

itself by association with You.


You are our Supreme Friend, Parent, Sibling, Companion, and

Divinity. We regulate ourselves by always thinking of You

through our praise and thanksgiving. Thank You for showing us

how to cleanse and sharpen our intelligence by always thinking of


You who are within and beyond all shapes and forms are our 

Greatest Security. It is Your Perfect Love that frees us from fear.  

This is the Love we must have. It is the Love we are.

We experience this Love to the degree our consciousness is

purified through our association with You.  Of  anything great,

whether small or large, You are the greatest. The undisputed, Most

Perfect Source of all knowledge, purity, intelligence, creativity,

power, thought, and Love is You.

You pervade and transcend all shapes, forms, formlessness, and

varieties. In the final analysis,You are the only one deserving of

praise for any marvelous, or credible, person, place, event, or thing

done. Thank You for accepting our humble attempts to praise and

thank You. It is through these efforts that we understand who we

are and how to truly take the best care by working out our own

salvation with diligence.

Praise be to You, Supreme Awareness. You are The Super Soul of

all:  Invincible, Infinite in Capability, Intelligence, and Creativity; 

full of unlimited Knowledge and Bliss; Eternally beyond the

cycles of past, present, future. You are our All in All, beyond all,

the only One worthy of Praise. It is through our devotion to You

that we regain control over our intellect, mind, and body.

 Thank You for revealing to us the fact that our true Self is not the

ephemeral body. The true self is not the mind, intellect nor ego. It

is spirit, in quality one with You, Supreme Spirit. This is the

"Spot". You are the "Spot" where we want to be. You are the

"Spot" where we belong. You are the Supreme Being of Peace, the

"Spot" where self ignorance is vanquished by  enlightened Self  

Knowledge and we are consciously Home again.

As we study and practice this ancient spirituality of our most

righteous, intelligent, and Supreme Being-Aware ancestors, we

reclaim, rebuild, and are restored to our Original Awareness. This

is the way we repay our children, Mother, Father, siblings, our

Grandparents, our Ancestors, and descendants. 

Restoring ourselves to our original consciousness is the way we

give that which is priceless and eternal, that which is most

beneficial to our children, our descendants, and our community. 

You, are the Source of mother, father, family relations, all

ancestors, children, descendants, and  all sentient beings. When

we submit all to you, You we pay homage to all.

This spirituality of our most righteous and Supreme Being-Aware

ancestors, which You are revealing to us, consists of

calling out a name of  Yours that is most attractive to us,

Divinely centered Praise and Thanksgiving; Prayer, Study, 

Sacrifice, Service; Right Association, and Meditation. 

We come to You for Protection, Justice and Victory over the

wickedness of ignorance. Truly, we come to You for the

enlightenment of Self Knowledge and experience of You.

You are Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent; most dependable

and Supreme; Immanent, and Transcendent.

This spiritual practice begins, progresses, and ends with always

thinking of You. Beyond always thinking of You

is Meditating on You, this leads to union with You, the eternal 

One who pervades and transcends the Infinite Stillness of  Being.