Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Our Word 7


Thank You for helping us in this spiritual struggle. It is by your

grace and unlimited kindness that we remain here, in the spiritual

world, free from ignorance of Self, satisfied, and at Peace, in the

midst of the worlds of illusion.

Always thinking of You resurrects us spiritually, intellectually,

mentally, and physically. It brings stability, balance and order to

our chaotic lives. You are the Omnipresent Center and basis of all.

By the grace of our consciousness purifying and resurrecting

process of always thinking of You, we are wakening up; sobering

up, cleaning up, and standing up for the dignity and freedom of the


The light of this higher understanding awakens and raises us from

a more or less dead level. It empowers us and frees us to be our

best Self, able to honestly express ourselves for the greatest benefit

of all, for all, spiritual liberation in union with You. This is the

goal of Spirituality which pervades and transcends Religions. This

is the goal of the spiritual teachings of


We know, in light of our research, observation and experience, that

we are not matter with a soul trying to have a spiritual experience.

We are eternal spirit pervading and transcending matter. Again,

our  ultimate goal in life is eternal, conscious, union with You, our

Divine Supreme Being.

Thank You for revealing to us a way in which we all can shed the

illusion of separateness from You and unite within our selves for

the benefit of all.  

This way is rooted in various means of meditating on You: Calling

out Your Names, Submitting all to You, witnessing the Silence;

witnessing witnessing ad infinitum, and following Your will,

the way of  freedom, dignity, and Peace.

Being conscious of You at all times and places is absolutely

essential to our survival and our ability to thrive in freedom,

dignity and Peace, as individuals and as nations. 

We are beginning to see again from the one eye, the Pineal gland.

Ultimately, there is no one and no thing to observe.

There is only Beingness. There is only You, The Supreme

Observer of all and nothing; the Everlasting, Supreme Intelligence,

pervading and transcending all. In the light of this higher, Divine

knowledge, we know the Self as our own. Now, we can be our self

and accept our own as our Self.

You bring stability, balance and order to chaotic lives. Thank You

for teaching us how to love ourselves by loving You, our Supreme

Being, first. The more the Pineal gland is cleansed by Your

association, the greater is our ability to see the self as spirit, and

You as our Supreme Spirit manifesting through all the Pineal

glands. This occurs in various degrees according to the purity of

said Pineal glands.

Observing the Silence, observing You, and surrendering to You,

purifies the Pineal gland and the consciousness. This sobers us up

to You, our Eternal, Omnipresent Peace, notwithstanding the

illusions of the worlds of ignorance. This is our ancient spiritual

practice. It leads us back to the united love of You and ourselves.

Absolute, Supernatural in all respects, You pervade and transcend

nature and the cosmic manifestation. None can compare to You. 

Thank You for helping us overcome ignorance and ego by always

thinking of You. This is engaging us evermore in experiencing the

Supreme Virtue of Your Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.

You are Divine Reality, the Primeval Energy, the Life Force; the

Prana, Ultimate Pure Consciousness. Thank You for helping us to

think of You constantly, thereby purifying our Pineal gland and our

consciousness. Purified consciousness empowers us to work

assiduously to righteously solve our problems without war with 

others.  You are the only reality.  All else is illusion.

You are the Source of love, life, and all thought. Thank You for

helping us regain a positive attitude toward ourselves and our

roots. We are doing this by fixing our mind on You. This process

gradually reestablishes lower consciousness and all levels of

consciousness in Your Most Positive, Eternal, Infinite,


All other goals such as rulership of a planet, or a universe, are

impermanent and therefore not worth striving for. We follow You, 

the Greatest, Most Righteous Spirit,  who lives as The Supreme,

Tranquil, Consciousness of all. Thank You for revealing to us a

way of addressing You in a name of our own choosing.

You permeate and transcend the total beingness of all. Thank You

for helping us to distance ourselves from the temporary concept of

life and awaken our closer relationship with You, the Source of all

Virtue. All praise be to You, Supreme Love of all. This knowledge

of self and Supreme Self is the ancient knowledge, passed down

from You to master to disciple since time immemorial.

All good qualities, virtues, infinite peace of mind, calmness of

behavior, and control of lower self by higher self, have their source

in You, the greatest Self within all. Our Divinity unfolds from

within this present moment as we surrender all thinking, feeling,

willing, all praise and thanksgiving, to You.

You are the Supreme Source of all Love, closer to us than the

energy which animates this body, which we in our ignorance refer

to as the "Self". Although all souls have a modicum of

resemblance to You, none can equal the all attractive, dazzling,

beauty of Your magnificence, compassion, power, grace, and