Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                                                      Our word  8

Decalcification of the Pineal Gland is the gateway to purification 

of consciousness, the primary qualification for union with You.  

To us, this is the ultimate goal of Yoga and best goal of life itself.

The more our consciousness is purified, the more we are kind and 

compassionate in our relations with any sentient being. We do not

mistreat them with our thoughts, words, nor deeds.  You, our most 

High, Supreme Divinity of all Divinity, pervade and transcend  the 

totality of all creation, maintenance, and annihilation.  It is You, 

Supreme Consciousness, alone, do we revere, acknowlege, and 

submit to in our relations with all sentient beings throughout Your 


Blessed are the pure of consciousness for they shall constantly

experience the Omnipresence of  You. Always thinking of You is

the main "Food" for decalcifying the Pineal gland and

 experiencing You.

We always work for You. Our work for You is our Offering, our

Service, our Submission, our Surrender, to You alone. This helps

us to always think of You. 

Through our work for You, we are working for the greatest good

of all while we work out our own salvation, with diligence.

This helps in the decalcification of the Pineal gland.
Again, this

spiritual practice helps us to always think of You.


Your Super Excellence is everywhere, including in and beyond the

material world. Certainly, mere words can only make a feeble

attempt to explain Your Omni-directional, Super Excellence.

In our original state of Pure Consciousness, we are naturally a well

wisher and a blessing to all. It is not  necessary for us to be bitter. 

In fact bitterness is poison to the one who harbors it. Nor need we 

attempt to change the unchangeable nature of Maya, the material 

world. However, we must change ourselves. We do this by always 

thinking of  You.

 You are beyond glamorous, and glorious, the Source of all 

morality.  Always thinking of You purifies the consciousness, 

raises our morality and thus assures lasting victory. 

Always thinking of You improves the quality of our spiritual life

because it decalcifies the Pineal gland. This causes the expansion

and purification of our consciousness.

 As the consciousness is cleansed and purified, the more we make

positive or good Karma. Gradually, we transcend Karma because

with purified consciousness we have enough intelligence to offer

everything to You and be purified  in the process.

Naturally, our moral standards rise in response to the purification

of the Pineal gland. We do this by concentrating evermore on You

in all we think, feel, will, say, and do.

You are Eternal Peace, and You are always here, right now.  

Wherever we go, You are always  here.  There is no where where 

You are not present here,  in this moment.

Peace, inner and outer are One, and this One  is You.  Verily, You 

are here.  There is nowhere where You are not.

Our ignorance of You, Eternal, Divine Omnipresence, is the root

and ground of our suffering. We are already here, in the Now. The

problem is our unconsciousness of Your Omnipresence. 

We have to cleanse our consciousness of lust, anger, greed,

illusion, madness, and envy, the negative qualities that are the

result of our ignorance of Self. This basic ignorance of Self is the

source of our sufferings.

Illumination, Enlightenment, Consciousness of You, is the Source

of our liberation from Your illusory energy, Maya, the chastiser. 

Always thinking of You is the sword of detachment that we use to

cut through the roots of the Banyan tree of Maya.

 Freedom from Maya and consciousness union with You, again, is

real freedom. It is eternal, full of unlimited bliss, infinite

knowledge, and total comprehension.

  We cleanse our consciousness by decalcifying the Pineal

gland. As stated and will be stated again, the main ingredient for

decalcifying the Pineal gland is to always think of You. This is the

way out of Maya, the Chastiser.

  Thank You for helping us to always think of You. Thus, with

purified consciousness we are empowered to be healthy, play safe,

and make a quiet and positive contribution to the edification of our

universe; thank You for this.

Somewhat like a child sincerely offering the vastness of the

universe a leaf, a flower, or a drop of water, we offer You our

humble praise and thanksgiving. This helps in our efforts to always

think of  You.

  Moreover, we achieve economic freedom and general well being

by keeping You in front of all we do. Thank You for helping us

enjoy and achieve success in life through joining with You,

consciously, by always thinking of You.

 This spiritual practice of always thinking of You helps us in our

efforts to learn about You. This is our method of transcending lust,

anger, and greed by purifying our consciousness through Your

purifying association. Thus, while working out our own salvation,

we are improving our lives completely, materially and spiritually. 

  In addition to always thinking of You, we must change our self 

concept from material to spiritual. Our true nature is spirit. It is the

Eternal Well Wisher who pervades and transcends all designations

of class, caste, race, religion, wealth, creed, color, etc., or species

of life.


Assuredly, we do not have to struggle trying to change the world. 

When we change our concept of the self, we change the way we

see the world. When we change the way we conceive the world,

the world we see changes.

It all starts and ends with the way we see who we are.

We are the eternal soul, free of all distinctions and

designations, dependent on no material considerations. 

This knowledge, observation and experience of Self as spirit is the

basis of our spiritual growth into the excellence of Your


Our cultural development is based on our spiritual

practice. It refines our consciousness into Your likeness again. 

Thank You for helping us achieve our maximum potential, union

with You.

The more our consciousness is purified, the better we see how 

Karma and Justice fits into the scheme of things, how life is fair.

We reap that which we have sown. Thus we maintain our peace of

mind, our equilibrium, and continue on the path of purification of

the Pineal gland and the perfection of consciousness.

Thank You for helping us build our confidence, our self-assurance,

our determination to persevere with patience

on the path of union with You.

Thank You for helping us get our understanding up and right. 

Thank You for helping us to awaken, and regain a more thorough

knowledge of Self.  Thank You for nurturing us in our spiritual


Divinity of the universe, the Source of Justice and Peace, 

our life is in You; its reason, its purpose, and its goal is You. 

By offering everything to You, with love and devotion, we fix 

our mind on You. Fixing the mind on You decalcifies the 

Pineal gland and purifies the consciousness.

To the extent our consciousness is purified, we regain our 

natural right thoughts, feeling, willing, and doing; 

sustainable development, real identity, and Justice in the 

universe. This is real. This is positive transformation of body, 

mind, intellect, and ego.  It is life transformative development; 

metamorphoses from temporary material existence to the 

eternality of the soul. 

You are the source of all purity, patience, and perseverance who

pervades and transcends all bloodlines. Thank You for helping us

to recognize You in all we think, feel, will, say, and do. Pursuing

this further, thank You for helping us to remember You in all we

offer, give away, or in the performance of austerities. In this way

we  see through the game of Maya; gradually we understand how

we transcend it by keeping our mind fixed on You. 

You are our Supreme, Eternal, Quintessence. We have confidence

in You to show us the way out of the fear, suffering, and despair of

Maya, Your illusory energy. Always thinking of You, purifies our

Pineal gland, our awareness, and brings us out of Maya, back into

conscious union with You, our Most Righteous, Virtuous, and

Strongest of the Strong. 

We depend on You, the Infinite Awareness at the core of all being.

Always thinking of You, through research, knowledge,

observation, and experience, is our winning process. It is exactly

what we are doing, right now, to solve our problems, and it is


 You are the source of thought, all clear understanding, the One at

the Source of all beings, and Justice at the core of the universe.

You are all the resources we will ever need to do whatever we

need to do, eternally.

Thorough knowledge of Self reveals that the true Self  is the

eternal, Changeless Awareness, in quality one with You, the

Supreme Awareness of all. Thank You for showing us how to

submit all to You, thereby returning to the infinite stillness and

hence, better knowing, obeying, and following Your righteous


Our determined spiritual practice, submitting all to You, enables us

to transcend Karma, the cause and effect mechanism that bestows

Justice to the worlds. Gradually, we experience Your eternal

Loving Presence here, now, as the Eternal, Changeless Awareness

which pervades and transcends all.

We are so fortunate to be able to remember You in all we think,

feel, will, say, and do. In this way, we are in constant association

with You. By persistent association with You, we gradually realize

that the source of infinitely magnanimous and omnipresent love is



 You are our most liberated State of Supreme Being. Thank You

for helping us to regain our determination and patience, and to

practically apply it in our efforts to consciously regain You, our

Supreme Being. We are doing this by always thinking of You. It is

the primary instrument for regaining our liberation from the sin

and suffering of illusion, Maya. Thus, we are reestablished in our

original life of eternity, knowledge, and bliss.

As we fix our mind on You, lower consciousness is consciously

sobered up to You, our eternal, unshakable, foundation. This is

oneness with Your Perfect Peace which pervades and transcends

all the tribulations and other dualities of life in the illusionary

worlds of less or more misery.


Constantly thinking of You, we are seeing the ephemeral nature of

material things, and the suffering that is the ultimate consequence

of chasing after, and trying to hold on eternally to, that which is



The enlightenment unfolding as a result of always

thinking of You is revealing to us the many ways we can use the

temporary material worlds to sober up and be reestablished in total

harmony with You. In this way, Maya is not bad; it can be used to

transcend suffering and Maya itself.

Thank You for showing us how to experience reunification and

fulfillment in You; consequently, we are being liberated from

Maya, the intoxicants of anger, lust, and greed. These miscreants

cause disunity and suffering in our personal and communal lives. 

They do this by meeting us where we are, attaching our attention

to illusions and then very skillfully, they lead us on the path of

illusion, confusion, and frustration.

Supreme Being of Infinite Knowledge, Intelligence, and creativity,

thank You for helping us realize that better character is formed

when the student is developing on an educational foundation based

on knowledge of You as Supreme, nameless, formless, Self-less

Self of all.

 The greater our purification of consciousness through our proper

spiritual practice, intellectual, mental, and physical diet, the greater

our experience of You as our Supreme Being. Our character is the

purer as a result of Your association. Thank You for teaching us

how to associate with You in all we do.

You are the primordial energy, the life force, the Prana. All

praise to You, Most Merciful and Completely Generous One. You

are the Source of the thought, the thinker, and the thinking.

We make our mind one pointed by fixing it on You. Thank You

for giving us the ability to gather knowledge, evidence, and

experience; thank You for allowing us to use this to support our

insight and ability to continue to grow and expand our


You are more subtler than steam, air, gas, and the

either; incomparable and indescribable. Thank You for Your

ceaseless mercy upon us. Thank You for teaching us to clean our

consciousness and follow truth, righteousness, love and

peace. Thus we are empowered to treat others as we would like to

be treated. Thank You for accepting these humble attempts to

praise and thank You, our very own Supreme Being.