Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


Praise and Thanksgiving 6

You are the Supreme Power of the internal and external spiritual

forces. By surrendering all to You, The One in the many, we

function beyond desire and desirelessness and transcend the power

of these and other material and spiritual forces.

Surrendering all our activities to You is working for You and 

becoming completely absorbed in You. As we are absorbed in You,

all selfish concerns are left behind as we return to our original

steadiness, uprightness, and purity of consciousness.
You are the Source of Truth, Justice, Righteousness, Peace,

Security, and Freedom. True spirituality, engendered by

surrendering to You, gradually blossoms and cleanses the Pineal

Gland. In so doing the ego, the "I am this body; I am this mind; I

am this intellect," is cleansed from our consciousness.

 Simultaneously, we are resurrecting into our Original, Eternal

Consciousness of Infinite Comprehension and Bliss.

 You are the Supreme Being of the spiritual forces which we

experience internally and externally. By surrendering all to You we

are clarifying our consciousness and casting off impurities.
You are the goal and purpose of true education. Thank You for

showing us how to purify our consciousness of desire,

desirelessness, and all traces of ego by surrendering all to You.

Thank You for showing us how to break the cycle of suffering and

expand our consciousness by surrendering all to You. In this way,

the ego is seen as really nonexistent, zero, and we realize Your

We offer You our hopes, our dreams, our plans, our schemes. We

offer You our nights our days our hopes and our praise. Thus, we

realize increasing contentment, inner joy, and fulfillment.


Thank You All Mighty One for allowing us the sacred privilege of

remembering Your Holy Name, and surrendering everything to

You. Thus we tap into Your unlimited reservoir of energy,

intelligence and creativity. This helps us better manage mundane

affairs while we consciously reunite with You.

Remembering You keeps us totally, consciously, in the present 

moment, performing our mundane tasks more efficiently with

greater love and true affection for You.


All Merciful, Supreme Being of the cosmos, all we have ever

needed, all we need now, and all we will ever need is You. 

Spiritual intelligence demands that we use every means and

resource at our command to come back into consciousness of You.
You are the Heart of all hearts, The Centerless Centerpoint point,

and The Infinite Awareness within consciousness. Please accept

our most humble, prostrate obeisance from all sides, from above

and below, inside and out.

Everything we have, we bring as an offering to You. Thank You

for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything to You, and

thus have increasing realization of Your Omnipresence.
Thank You, for helping us detach from the delusions of the

physical and spiritual worlds, and the impersonal and personal

concepts of ultimate reality, through constant submission to You.

 Offering all to You empowers us to always think of You. 

Thinking of You is remembering You. Remembering You restores

us to our former greatness of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and

Peace, Cleanliness, Austerity, and Self-control.
Remembrance of You, Omnipresent Peace, is the Source of our

spiritual health, stability, power, and dominion over our otherwise

restless mind.

The more our consciousness is edified and purified submitting

everything to You, Supreme Love of all the worlds, we are able to

see and serve You in each other.

You are life, our every breath, beyond birth and death. Everything

we have been through, everything we are going through,

everything we will go through, we humbly offer to You, The

Source of our Power, History, Arts and Sciences.


 Thank You for accepting our homage. You are the Most

Enlightened Source of all intelligence. By fixing our mind on You,

we are empowered to wake up, rise up, stand up, and

clean up. Thank You for enlightening our intelligence and leading

us, gently, kindly, and powerfully, on the right path to reach You.