Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                 Prayer/Study/Sacrifice 13



  Glory to You who pervade and transcend persons, species, places, spaces, and things, Supreme Soul of all the worlds. You are the source of all consciousness.  Pervading and transcending all movement and stillness, You are the Source of all that be. Thank You for Your eternally edifying association.  


 The greater our association with You, the more we realize our natural state of Pure Consciousness. You, Eternal Compassion, forgiveness and Love, are beyond action and inaction, fractions and wholes, war and peace.  Verily, You are the endless source of demons, demigods, gods, saints and sinners. Thank You for granting us the wisdom and right comprehension to study about You.

Most Unconditional Love,  You who pervade and transcend all the Heavens and Earths, all praises to You and You alone.  Thank You for showing us how to realize our intrinsic nature as consciousness, by praying to You, making nonviolent sacrifices to You and being devoted to You alone.

  You are our Supreme Consciousness;  by submitting all we think, feel, will, say and do to You we associate with You and are purified of the ignorance that keeps us bounded in the quagmire of anger, lust, and greed, the furnace of affliction. 




You are The Primordial Supreme Being who pervades and transcends everything, nothingness, darkness and light.  You are the Most Attractive One and, for me, the only real Love Supreme. The more our mind dwells on You, the greater is our association with You, and the more rapidly is the purification of our consciousness. 





 Your Divine Love is equally available to all. Thank You for allowing us to see that it is You and You alone who are eternally the same, pervading and transcending all of nature, looking out through every vibration.

 Supreme Intelligence, it is You, and You alone, who are the pilot and co-pilot of our life.  You rule exclusively.  You have no partners, no co-creators.  All are the same in Your sight. 



The more our consciousness is purified by fixing our mind on You the greater is our ability to act with our mind and intelligence perfectly controlled. Thank You for teaching us the art of fixing our mind on You. This scientific process restores our spiritual and moral integrity.  The more our spiritual and moral integrity is restored the greater is the experience of our original spiritual condition of infinite security, freedom and peace.




You, Supreme Virtuousness, are at hand, in this present moment. Thank You for teaching us how to unfold a clean heart and a righteous spirit by concentrating on You; as we do this, we emulate You increasingly better.  Thus, our life is evermore fulfilled. We live consciously in the ever increasing beauty of Your Eternal, Omnipresent, Illumination. 


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Thank You, Supreme Consciousness of the universe.  You are the source of infinite beauty and boundless blessings. You are the One, beyond zero, the greatest simplicity. Always thinking of You is resurrecting us from a more or less spiritually sick or dead state of existence and bringing forth our original, most alive, virtuous life.   


  You are the only one worthy of worship. The greater our worship of  You, and You alone, the more we recover from our sin-sick forgetfulness of You.  In addition, the more we worship You and You alone, the more we recover our limitless virtues. Thank You, Supreme Power, source of all freedom, Justice and equality, for teaching us how to worship You in all we think, feel, will, say and do.





Thank You all mighty One for allowing us the sacred privilege of remembering Your Holy Name and surrendering everything to You while  we go about our mundane affairs.  This spiritual practice unfolds our natural righteousness, decency, self-respect, and compassion for all Sentient Beings.


Constant remembrance of You keeps us totally, consciously, in the present  moment, performing our mundane tasks more efficiently with greater love and affection for You and all Sentient Beings.

All Merciful, Supreme Being of the Cosmos,  all we need is within You. You are within us and we are within You.   We experience this reality to the degree our consciousness is purified of all sense of ownership and egoism by always thinking of You.  This spiritual practice gives us the sacred privilege of changing ourselves so that we can finally be free and happy again.



You are the Heart, The Centerless Center, The Infinite Consciousness within us. Please accept our most humble, prostrate obeisance from all sides, from above and below, inside and out.


Supreme Being of all the gods and lords.  You are the radiant essence of our intelligence.  Thank You for enlightening our intelligence and leading us on the path that purifies our consciousness.





You are Supreme, pervading and transcending waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and transcendental consciousness.  The more our consciousness is purified by associating with You, the more we are self-reliant, courteous, kind and full of the enlightenment of Universal Peace and Love.


You are the source of the most perfect goodness, tranquillity and love that are pervading and transcending every negative and positive vibration.  Thank You for helping us to recognize, realize and consciously live in, Your Omnipresence.

  Everything we have seemingly been through, everything we are seemingly going through, everything we will seemingly go through, we offer unto You.  Thank You for teaching us how to love You, the Source of all love, and in the process, love ourselves and others again.


Any hopes, dreams, plans, or schemes we have or may have, we offer to You.  This enables us to think of You evermore. Nights and days may our hopes,and praise be directed to You alone.  Thank You for teaching us the demands of  Your Freedom, Your Peace, Your Love, and Your Justice, the Law of Karma.


You are the Omnipresent Light that is our path.  Your loving mercy surrounds us.  Thank You for revealing to us many methods to always think of You.  Aways thinking of You is the double edged sword that is keeping us detached from the worlds of illusion even as we earn our way through them. Thank You for keeping us forever on Your path of Truth, Righteousness, Love and Peace.