Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                     Prayer/Study/Sac 14





Purification of the Pineal  gland and consciousness brings forth our natural compassion and love for all sentient beings.  By engaging in observing the Screen of Consciousness as well as listening to/observing Silence, the Pineal gland and consciousness are Purified.  This, to us, is nonviolent  sacrifice and a very practical Sadhana, Spiritual discipline.


We offer You our hopes, our dreams our plans, our schemes.  We offer You our nights our days our hopes, our praise.  Everything we have, we bring as an offering to You.  Thank You for allowing us the intelligence to offer everything, all our prayers, studies, and sacrifices, to You. 



You are Divinity of all the lords.  You are here before the beginning, during the middle and You pervade and transcend the end.  Please accept our humble offerings of praise and thanksgiving.

Moreover, the more our consciousness is purified through Your association, the more we are free from envy and duality.  We are steady in success and failure, and  are ever more free from entanglements, although preforming acts in the illusory worlds, because are acts are done as an offering to You. Please accept, with love and devotion, our humble offerings.



Thank You for Your mercy upon us, Divinity of waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and transcendental consciousness.  By always thinking of You and engaging in our thoughtless meditation we purify our consciousness.

  Your reign of truth transcends all the heavens.  All the heavens are within You.  However, all the heavens cannot contain You.  The more we purify our consciousness by prayer, study about You, and nonviolent sacrifices made to You with devotion and love, the more we are satisfied with gain which comes of its on accord.



You are the source of thought, the One at the source of all being, the Most Pure, the Most High, the Most Powerful.  By knowledge, observation, and experience we know that You are all the resources we will ever need to do whatever we need to do to get back to You, here, now, in this present moment.

Thus it is that knowing You as the All in all, our resource and our strength, we are able to give up all sense of real proprietorship over so-called possessions and act only for the bare necessities of life.  Living in this way, we have more time to fix our mind on You.



All sentient beings are intimately connected with You who are outside the bounds of shape, form, or formlessness.  Thank You for teaching us how to approach You by prayer, study, and sacrifice to You.  By degrees we are being giving this transcendental knowledge through Your association.


We are now crossing the ocean of miseries, observing the normal flow of our breath,  observing from behind our closed eyes, listening to the silence, chanting our chosen Mantras, and surrendering all to You. 




All are within You and You are within all. However, all can never contain You.  All loving kindness, compassion, emphathy, and all auspiciousness have their source within You.  Through Your association our consciousness is becoming clean again and we evermore enjoying the contentment and endless Transcendental Peace of the Supreme  "Self" which pervades and transcends all so-called selves.




You are the source of auspiciousness, auspiciousness itself, and the possessor of auspiciousness.  The more we are purified of all misconceptions, we see that it is and is always You who are beyond mind and mantras.  Your eternal living omnipresence is always here beyond all illusions.

Pervading and transcending time and space, You contain, pervade and transcend all.  Nonetheless, even nothing cannot contain You.



  The greater the cleansing of the consciousness of all misgivings, the more we act rather than react to any thoughts or circumstances.  Fixing the mind on You, the Supreme Stillness of all, is a spiritual practice that cleanses the consciousness of misgiving and all other impurities.

 By experiencing Your Omnipresent, Perfect Peace and we are learning how to remain consciously one in all the trials and circumstances of our life.




You are the light on our path and all around us.  Please keep us forever on Your path of truth, righteousness, love and peace.  Thank You ever more for revealing this well worn path of devotional service to us.  It is a way of ever increasing inner joy, contentment, security, freedom and peace.

By constantly meditating on You we are realizing the ephemeral nature of material things, and the futile childishness of chasing after them.  You are the only One  worthy of seeking and realizing.  Verily, with You we realize and experience total fulfillment and Everlasting, Omnipresent, Peace.


  Supreme  Being of all being, thank You for showing us how universal love, freely caring, sharing, and all our  original virtues, come as our consciousness is purified.  Thank You for teaching us to have faith and trust in You, and You alone, for our Love, Justice and Peace.

To the extent our Pineal gland and consciousness  consciousness are purified of lust, anger, and greed, by virture of Your association, we are reestablished in our original nature of Divine  Consciousness.  Please accept our most humble, prostrate obeisance from all sides, from above and below, inside and out.


Supreme Consciousness, Divinity of gods, thank You for accepting our homage.  You are the Radiant Essence that enlightens our intelligence.  Thank You for Your mercy upon us.  You are Supreme Consciousness of waking, sleeping, dreaming, deep sleep and all levels of transcendental consciousness.

You are the source of the goodness and love that are pervading and transcending every positive vibration.  Thank You for helping us to realize and live in Your Omnipresence.


You, the Eternal Omnipresent One, are always here, now, in this moment.  You are the Source of our life and our constant inspiration.  By thinking of You constantly we are more than victorious in the waking and dream state of Consciousness. 

You are the only reality, the only Good , the only one we can truly depend on.  Everything else is the illusion.  Please accept our humble offerings with love and devotion.


You pervade and transcend all dualities.  Your reign of power and glory pervades heaven and the entire universe.  You are beyond past, present,  future and all nature.  Thank You for enlightening our intelligence and empowering us to seek and receive right knowledge from all points of view.

 Your reign of truth transcends all the heavens.  All the heavens are within You.  However, all the heavens cannot contain You.  Please accept, with love and devotion, our humble offerings.