Everlasting Omnipresent Peace


                                 Prayer/Study/Sacrifice/ Service 17






You, The Eternal Infinite, pervade and transcend forms and formlessness,  the Source of intelligence and practicality, Thank You for helping us to remember You in all we do, offer, give away, and in the performance of all austerities.  It is through remembrance of You, the Most Pure and Compassionate One, that our consciousness is cleansed of resentment and the desire for revenge.


Our consiousness is purified and our Divine qualities are cultivated as a result of this spiritual practice of always remembering You.  Thus we sober up totally and are reestablished completely in our natural position above the sufferings of birth, disease, old age, and death.





You pervade, transcend, and are the witness of the blue blackness and the infinite silence of space. Doing all in remembrance of You affords us the sacred privilege of thinking of You.  Thinking of You purifies our consciousness and brings us back into conscious union with of You.


You are the Supreme Soul, source of souls and their thought, the One at the source of all being. You are all the resources we will ever need to do whatever we will ever need to do. Thank You for showing us the light of understanding that comes from You, our own Higher Being, Supreme Soul of all.  






 You are the Jewel which pervades and transcends the Lotus which exists within the consciousness of all sentient beings. By meditating on our normal breathing, being conscious of the sound of Your Silence, and keeping You at the center of all of our prayers, studies, sacrifice, and service, we become conscious of our original thoughtlessly still state of being, inside and out.  At this level our thoughts are evermore purified and quieted, and we increasingly experience Your Omnipresent Peace.


When we are so fortunate as to be able to remember You in all we do, we are in  constant association with You. Thank You for satiating our spiritual hunger.






By persistent association with You, we gradually realize You, the source of infinitely magnanimous, omnipresent clarity and love. Due to Your association, gradually the clouds of illusion fall away from our consciousness, our consciousness is cleansed of all negativity, and we see clearly again.


All sentient beings are intimately connected with You.  As we change our consciousness from material back to spiritual by always thinking of You, we change our thinking, feeling, willing and doing, bringing our consciousness back into conscious harmony with You.  





The more we engage in our spiritual practice of thinking of You, meditating on You, being conscious of our normal breathing process, and being conscious of Your Great, Eternal, Omnipresent Silence, there is purification and transformation at the very base of our consciousness. 


According to the law of cause and effect, the most positive change, remanifestation of our Divinity, occurs in our life as we fix our consciousness on You.





 Your Divine Guidance is available to help us in the restoration of our original spirituality.  We avail ourselves to it as we purify our consciousness and our actions are ever more consistent with Your teachings of Truth, Righteousness, Love, and Peace. 

 May we forever keep our minds fixed on You.  When this happens we continue to reawaken to our eternal position of infinite bliss and  knowledge.  We are all one in You.






All loving kindness and all auspiciousness have its source within You.  Forgetfulness of You keeps us in the ignorance, frustration, and purposelessness of Your external illusory world.  However, rememberance of You takes away Your illusion and we see who we have always been, the original enlightenment of Pure consciousness

 Rememberance of You purifies our awareness and frees us from the strong, bewildering and frustrating entanglements of Your external illusory energy.





 You are the source of auspiciousness, auspiciousness itself, and the possessor of auspiciousness.  

 Pervading and transcending time and space, how can anything contain You who are above and beyond space, time and other illusory changes of the mundane spheres.







When all that we think, feel, will and do is done as submission to You, we are purified of anger, lust, and greed, the contaminants of consciousness;  the mind becomes pure and peaceful, and we realize the self, above mind, matter, circumstances and behavior.

A life centered in You, the source of all wisdom and virtue, is a life in association with You.  A life in association with You is a life getting to experience its Self, again.  Moreover, through association with You, the Supreme Pure, our consciousness is purified, and we live in greater harmony with Your  Peace, Your  Love, and Your Will, the way of Peace.





As a consequence of fixing the mind on You, we are realizing the Omnipresence of Your Perfect Peace.  Most importantly, we are purifying our consciousness, a crucial prerequisite for self realization.  Furthermore,  we are getting glimpses of this greater Self.  Nonetheless, glimpses, coupled with knowledge and observation are enough to inspire us to continue to struggle to live as eternal spirit in the midst of the illusory material world.

As a consequence of being in constant remembrance of You we are learning how to remain consciously one with Your Perfect Peace, pervading and transcending, watching and understanding all the trials, tribulations, and joys of life.






By constantly thinking of You, we are realizing the  ephemeral nature of material things, and the immaturity of consciousness exhibited when we are preoccupied with their acquisition. 

 Thank You for showing us how to experience the fulfillment of You.  Consequently, we are losing our attachment to that which does not exist, Your illusory energy.





 Thank You ever more for revealing this well worn path of devotional service to us.  This means, we submit to You and You alone, all we think, feel, will, say, and do.  This helps us associate with You.  Through Your purifying association, we cleanse our Pineal gland of the contaminants of lust, anger, and greed.  This brings in its wake, purification of our consciousness into its original state of Divine Consciousness.